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Common Summer Pests That Can Be Found In Your Home

Common Summer Pests

The Top Ten Summer Pests

  • Ants – Once ants are established as a colony, it can be difficult to get rid of them. There can be structure-damaging specie of ants that can work behind the scene to destroy your home.
  • Bed Bugs – Prefer dark, undisturbed areas, and are mainly active at nighttime. You should be on high alert if you’ve taken a summer vacation recently. Establishments with high turnover, such as hotels, pose a huge problem.
  • Cockroaches – These pests love, and thrive, in warm environments. They can create an unsanitary situation while posing various health threats, including the spread of disease.
  • Earwigs – Tend to feed on flowers, vegetables, and shrubs. They can also bite humans, which will feel like a pinch.
  • Raccoons – Young raccoons are born in the spring, making them a headache in the summer. Raccoons can make their way into attics and between the floors of your home.
  • Rats and Mice – Rats can colonize in attics, wall voids, and other crevices. They can carry numerous serious diseases, while also bringing fleas, lice, and ticks into your home. A single pair of mice can produce 200 offspring in just four months.
  • Spiders – Some spiders can bite humans. Removing webs in your home will help reduce infestation this summer.
  • Squirrels – Like raccoons, young squirrels are born in the spring. Squirrels can be found in dryer vents and other exhaust vents.
  • Termites – Colonies can reach numbers in the millions, and can cause expensive structural damage. They thrive in warm, humid environments.
  • Wasps, Bees, and Hornets – All can cause concern this summer, especially during backyard social gatherings and other outdoor activities. Wasps can sting multiple times. Individuals can have severe, deadly allergic reactions to stings.

Preventative Measures To Avoid Pests This Summer

There are some general guidelines you can abide by this summer to help control pests around your home. Be sure to clean up any crumbs or spills as soon as possible, and throw away food in a tightly-sealed trashcan. Never leave food, drinks or messes outside – especially when hosting a party or barbeque.

You should also inspect your home for any leaks, and clean any areas that contain standing water. While inspecting your home, also be sure to seal any openings or cervices that could provide shelter for pests and rodents. Reducing clutter in and around your home can also reduce the possibility of pests. Eliminating access points can be directly associated with the reduction of pests you’ll deal with this summer.

Specific Actions May Be Necessary

Sometimes, you may need to take specific actions in order to eliminate the pest that is bothering you this summer. If this is the case, contact us here at BUGOUT, the #1 Name in Pest Control. Schedule an appointment today, and eliminate the pests and rodents causing you trouble this summer.

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