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Common Maryland Pests To Look For During The Winter

Common Maryland Pests To Look For During The WinterMaryland residents may find that with the coming of Winter, they will also see the incoming of unwanted houseguests that are threatening to take up residence in the home. With the colder months coming shortly, we may find more rodents and insects trying to find their way into our warm homes.


Maryland Pests

The following are just a few of some of the most common pests you might be faced with during the winter months in Maryland:


Maryland is home to several types of ants, but Carpenter ants are the ones to keep an eye out for this winter. They may not seem menacing and are fairly harmless to humans; they can cause significant damage to a home.

Carpenter ants are usually hibernating during the winter months. However, if you have seen them around the home, then you will know you are faced with an infestation, and the warmer temperatures in the house are forcing them out of hibernation and causing them to become active.

Carpenter ants are big, black ants but can also be smaller with wings. Look for small piles of sawdust near the wooden structures and walls in the home, listen for rustling sounds, and look around for any evidence of rotting or collapsing wood. If any of these things are found, then you may have carpenter ants.


German cockroaches are one of the most unsettling and annoying pests to plague homeowners in Maryland. They love warm and humid places, so your home is the perfect bed and breakfast during those colder winter months. You will typically find these pests hanging around the bathroom or kitchen and may forage the pantry for food.

Cockroaches pose health risks due to the high levels of bacteria and parasites that they can bring into the home. If you suspect cockroaches, look for feces around food storage areas, a pungent or musty odor, and small cockroach egg casings. All of these are evidence that you may have a cockroach infestation that needs to be dealt with.


Another common Maryland pest this winter are rodents. From mice to squirrels you will find that they are scrambling to find shelter. However, they can be dangerous due to the diseases they carry, and they can easily contaminate your food.

Look for small pellets in the cabinets and bathrooms, coarse hair near to cracks or holes in your walls, or claw and teeth marks. If you see any of these, then you may have a rodent problem that needs to be quickly addressed.

If you fear that you have a pest problem, or you just want your home inspected to make sure you are starting on the right foot for winter, contact Bugout Termite and Pest Control today.

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