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Could The Cold Help Kill Maryland Pests?

Could The Cold Help Kill Maryland Pests? Recent freezing temperatures could bode well for pest infestations. Many pests, such as mosquitos, have adapted survival mechanisms that make them able to withstand the cold. But that doesn’t mean every pest in safe. If Maryland continues to receive winter storms, it could prove helpful come spring and summer. However, temperatures will likely need to continue to drop if there’s any hope of aiding pest infestations.


The Emerald Ash Borer


The Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native species that causes extensive damage to ash trees. The borer population has been spreading rapidly throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Maryland officials have been struggling to keep up with the spread of the borer, and often time discover borer infestations after they have already ruined a healthy ash tree.

Emerald ash borers will only be killed off, however, if temperatures drop lower than they are today. About half of the borer population will die if temperatures drop to around -20 degrees F. If Maryland happens to have a record low and temperatures drop to -30 F, nearly the entirety of the borer population will be killed off.


Maryland Pests – Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs


Another species that has become a nuisance for Marylanders, the brown marmorated stink bug does not withstand the cold nearly as well as the emerald ash borer does. Stink bugs can only handle temperatures around 0 degrees, so there is a greater chance that these bugs will be killed off at some point this winter.

However, the challenge with these pests is that they seek warmth during the winter and make their way into homes. If they are inside of your home, they will thrive no matter how cold it is outside.


Don’t Rely On Winter Temperatures


If you’re concerned about pests in your backyard, you shouldn’t have to rely on winter temperatures as means to control an infestation. Whether you are worried about vegetation, your pets, your family, or the structural integrity of your home, residents throughout the Mid-Atlantic have reason to be concerned about pests.

For that reason, it’s important to contact BugOut as soon as possible. Contacting BugOut now while the temperatures are still cold will allow us to come up with a comprehensive action plan before the weather warms and pest populations skyrocket. Although we have excelled at treating pest infestations for the past three decades, it’s much easier for us to prevent an infestation before it happens. Take time to invest in preventative pest measures and allow yourself to enjoy a summer free of the stresses of rodents and pests.

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