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Check For Old House Borers In July Or August

Old House Borer Treatment - Check In July Or AugustThe old house borer is a persistent, long-term threat to homes and other wooden structures. The adult beetle isn’t a danger directly, but its grubs grow in dead trees and can spend two to ten years slowly gnawing their way through the wood. When this happens to a dead tree out in the woods, these grubs help the tree decompose and turn back into the dirt. However, if the grubs find their way into houses, they can cause significant structural damage.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell whether your home has an old house borer infestation. The grubs spend their entire lives hiding in the wood they eat since that protects them from predators, and they don’t emerge until they reach adulthood and the time comes to mate. Mating season is in late summer, the months of July and August, and you can identify the adults by looking for a flat beetle with a furry carapace, a dark brown to black coloration with thin white lines, and two very long antennae.

If you see a lot of old house borers around your home, there are a few things you can do to deal with them. One old house borer treatment works for a lot of infestations: reduce moisture levels and waterproof your home. Borer larvae can live in wood for years, but if that wood is bone dry they’ll have much more trouble growing and surviving. This works for a lot of infestations, since every living thing needs some amount of moisture to grow and thrive. Another old house borer treatment is to inject pesticides into the infected wood.

However, if your infestation persists then the only sure way to get rid of every grub is to fumigate your home so that a pesticide gas can enter every crack, crevice, and hole inside the building. This old borer treatment should only be done under the supervision of experts like the folks who work at Bugout Termite and Pest Control. We have years of experience dealing with Maryland-area pests, and we can fumigate your home as safely and rapidly as possible.

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