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Carpenter Ants Can Weaken The Integrity Of A Structure

Carpenter ants can have a devastating impact on the structure of your home, garage, tree house, or outdoor shed. They do not gain any nutritional value from the wood, they merely use it as a nesting ground. Wet, decaying, and damaged wood are typically their first choice for a home. Just a few ants being seen does not necessarily mean that a nest is in the structure. These ants travel long distances from their nest to find food, so they could just be foraging.

Look For These Signs If You Suspect A Carpenter Ant Infestation

Infestations do not normally occur indoors, however, by following the ants you can find their entry point into the home. There may not be an infestation, but by following them, you can then seal the hole, crack, or crevice to eliminate that entry point. If multiple ants with wings, or without, are seen falling out of a door jamb, support beam, or behind a tub, contact a professional exterminator to help you eliminate the pests before more serious damage can be done.

Wood shavings, or debris, can also be a sign that carpenter ants are inhibiting the structure. They burrow into the wood, creating holes and tunnels to travel through. All of the wood that they take out has to go somewhere. Workers carry the debris to designated exit points to disperse of it. It can be thought of much in the same way as the debris beneath a carpenter bee hole. This sign can point to a carpenter ant infestation or another wood destroying pest, so all precautionary measures should be taken to ensure that your structure stays sturdy and strong.

Subtle rustling noises in the wood may be heard if these ants are present. This sign will not present itself as a mouse or rat scratching in the wall. The noises that will be heard are faint and may be almost impossible to hear without complete silence or a tool such as a stethoscope. However, given the right circumstances, this can be a major sign of something going on inside of your wood that can threaten the integrity of your structure.

Tapping on wooden surfaces may present a hollow sound. A piece of wood that has been compromised by carpenter ants has tunnels throughout it. By simply knocking on the board with your knuckle, much like you would on a door, a noticeable difference will be heard if the board is not solid anymore. Be extra careful because if too much damage has been done, the wood may break and splinter, and we do not want you to hurt yourself.

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