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Be Careful Transporting Wood This Winter

Be Careful Transporting Wood This WinterPests are often transported on wood. If homeowners are not careful, they could unknowingly be bringing pests into their home on their Christmas trees and firewood. Once inside the home, these pests can quickly multiply and wreak havoc.


Mites On A Christmas Tree


Christmas trees are known transporters of insects. In fact, there could be up to 25,000 bugs on a single live Christmas tree. Pests commonly transported in Christmas trees include


• Aphids
• Mites
• Spiders
• Adelgids
• Pine Needle Scale
• Sawflies
• Praying Mantises
• Bark Beetles


When choosing a Christmas tree, you should thoroughly examine the tree’s branches and trunk. Once you purchase the tree, leave it in your garage for a few days. As excited as your family is to put up the tree, leaving it in the garage will help kill bugs. The bugs will thrive in your home’s warm environment, so it’s important to get rid of as many of them as possible beforehand.

After letting it sit in the garage, vigorously shake the tree outside. This will help get rid of any remaining bugs. This can also help remove any loose pine needles from the tree, saving you a bit of cleanup while transporting it inside.
If you’re concerned about bugs after putting your tree in, you can put double-sided tape down around the base of your tree. Mites and other tiny bugs will stick to the tape, which will allow you to see them better and recognize that you have an infested tree.

This problem can happen to anyone. In fact, one Baltimore family recently suffered their second Christmas tree mite infestation in three years.


Firewood Is Also A Problem


If you bring firewood into your home or your backyard, you are also increasing how susceptible you are to pests. Foreign pests and diseases can easily be transported on firewood. They can cause damage to your home if brought indoors or can ruin your backyard ecosystem if left outdoors.

Termites are often found on firewood. When left near your home, they will find their way into your home’s structure. From there, they can feast for years before you realize you have a problem, causing tens of thousands in damage.


Worried About An Infestation?


By now, your Christmas tree has likely already been removed from your home, so it’s too late to take preventative measures to protect against pest invaders. If you’ve seen signs of an invasion, or would simply like an evaluation to help put your mind at ease, the professionals at BUGOUT can help. BUGOUT is the local, friendly service you can trust. We are members of the Maryland Pest Control Association and National Pest Control Association.

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