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Can Back To School Bring Bed Bugs?

Can Back To School Bring Bed Bugs?With school back in session, there are many new things that your kids will be bringing home; new ideas, new friends, and plenty of homework. Unfortunately, they might also bring home something totally unexpected: bed bugs.

Riding Into School

Bed bugs are fantastic hitchhikers. They can sneak into a backpack or briefcase and head to school with one student or teacher, only to find another mode of transportation to go home with someone else. Or, they might decide that they like school and stick around in the back of the classroom. They are small and easily overlooked if you aren’t keeping an eye out for them, and they can cause a lot of trouble if left on their own.

Possible Health Concerns

Bed bugs aren’t known to transmit disease, but their bite can be very irritating to the skin. This can cause excessive scratching, which can lead to a skin infection. Some people can have an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite that can range from mild to severe, requiring medical attention. The sheer stress of a bed bug infestation itself is enough to cause people enough excess worry to lose sleep.

Inspection Leads To Infestation Prevention

There isn’t much you can do to completely prevent your child from bringing bed bugs home from school, but you can lessen the chance that they’ll invade your home. When children get off the bus, have them empty their backpacks on the porch and inspect all items before bringing them inside. Keep backpacks in plastic storage bins with lids at home, not in or near a child’s bedroom.

Some Might Sneak By

Even if you’re diligent in searching for bed bugs on your child’s backpack and clothes, they can still sneak past you. If this happens, and you find yourself in the middle of a back-to-school gift of infestation, call us. We’ve dealt with bed bugs for many years in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. We know where to find them, and we’ll send them packing before they cause more trouble in your home.

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