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Can Cats Actually Control A Mouse Problem?

Can Cats Actually Control A Mouse ProblemIn the days before professional extermination services like BUGOUT, when there was a mouse problem, the age old solution was usually to simply get a cat. This was especially true for farms with grain silos, spread across big tracts of land. It just made more sense to keep a small, nimble, mobile predator around that would constantly patrol for prey. Continue reading

How To Find Out If You Have Bedbugs

How To Find Out If You Have BedbugsThere have been a few stories—especially out of New York—concerning themselves with bedbugs taking over homes, and infesting hotels. There’s a reason to be concerned, bedbugs aren’t like ants or spiders that are simply doing their own thing in or near your home. Bedbugs feed on humans, and while the bed is the most common area for them to inhabit (we don’t move as much, as thus make an easier meal) they can spread to many other areas of the home. Continue reading

A Wet Season Is A Mosquito Season

A Wet Season Is A Mosquito SeasonMosquitoes are one of those unpleasant aspects of life which you simply have to accept if you’re going to spend any length of time outdoors in the summer. These bloodsucking insects are everywhere, especially the further south you go, and if you go too far you’ll encounter mosquito species which can transmit malaria. Continue reading

The Dangerous Visitor: The Brown Recluse

The Dangerous Visitor The Brown RecluseThe one spider native to Maryland that is actually dangerous is the Black Widow. However, there is another much rarer, but occasional threat that comes to our state from the southwest, and that is the Brown Recluse spider. Like the Black Widow, it’s a venomous spider, however it’s not as a venomous as the Maryland native. That still doesn’t mean you can safely provoke it just for fun. There are a few things you should be careful of when it comes to this out-of-state visitor. Continue reading

What Happens If A Spider Bites?

WHAT HAPPENS IF A SPIDER BITESWhile it’s not a common occurrence, there are times when panic or simple carelessness can result in a spider being cornered and having no choice but to fight back. If this occurs, and you suffer a spider bite, what is actually going to happen? Just how much of a risk does a spider bite pose once it’s happened? Continue reading

What Happens If I Have Bees?

What Happens If I Have BeesThe bee is one of the most industrious insects in the animal kingdom, and one of the most useful to humans. The honeybee in particular is especially favored, although all bees are important to our ecosystem for pollinating flowers and ensuring the continued growth of plant life. But while seeing the occasional bee in the garden is not just harmless, but encouraging for the health of local plant life, discovering a beehive can be more of a problem, especially if you have animals or children. Continue reading

Exterminate Roaches With Professionals

exterminate roachesThe roach is one of the great survivors of the animal kingdom, with traits like its small size and short lifespan actually working in its favor when it comes to the survival of the species as a whole. It may be very easy to kill an individual roach, but collectively these insects have managed to successfully integrate into nearly every environment on Earth, including the urban environments of people. It’s not inaccurate to say that humans, with their large deposits of food and shelter all in one convenient place, have actually been helpful in nurturing the roach population, and that’s why they are one of the more challenging insects to tackle. Continue reading

How Bad Are Roaches In The Home?

exterminate roachesThe roach or cockroach is similar to the rat in that it’s been living alongside humans for as long as humans have been around. In fact, the roach is one of the most successful life forms on Earth, as it has survived more or less in its current form for hundreds of millions of years, enduring every major extinction event in history. Despite the fact that they are small and not very strong, they have one ability that makes them better survivors than most other kinds of life; they have superb adaptability and can quickly adjust to—and overcome—almost any challenge thrown their way. Continue reading

Are Spiders Actually Dangerous?

spider infestationSpiders have been a favorite target of monster and creature films thanks to the multiple eyes, eight legs and predatory nature of these creatures. When they’re blown up in size in film and television to be as big as a person, the alien nature of their appearance in comparison to ourselves and favorite pets is terrifying. But as monstrous as spiders may appear to be, in reality, most of them are quite small, and while it’s true that some of them are venomous, just how harmful are spiders to people? Continue reading

Why Are Ticks Dangerous?

Why Are Ticks DangerousUsually when we talk about pests that you bring exterminators in for, the usual suspects are roaches, termites or smaller rodents like mice and rats. Then there’s the tick, which doesn’t seem like it would be a big problem, and most of the time, it isn’t. But it’s those rare instances when an infestation becomes significant that you’ll probably want some professional help. Continue reading