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Time to Control Pests Now!

Time to Control Pests Now!One of the most important things that we can do to stay healthy is to control the population of the pesky creatures nestled under the title of “pests.” Mice, rats, termites, ants…these are just a few of the vermin that can infest our homes, business, and our lives. By controlling the spread of their populations, we can find ourselves in a much cleaner, and safer, environment

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A Tick Here And A Tick There

A Tick Here And A Tick ThereSummer in Maryland is beautiful! From ship and shore to parks and recreation, there is always something to do just outside your door. Going for a walk is not only healthy for your body, but it can be healthy for your mind as well. Whether you go for a leisurely stroll or an invigorating hike, getting out into nature is a great way to spend a summer day.

When it comes to our homes, we often daydream during the winter months of the time when we will finally get outside again in our yards again. This was a particularly rough winter for all of us here in Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties; we wondered when the snow would ever end! Continue reading

Vermin As Transmission Vectors

Vermin As Transmission VectorsAlthough Maryland residents are familiar with the type of damage that pests can do to the actual structure of the home, it can sometimes be difficult for people to remember that vermin can pose an actual health threat in many cases. While the full extent of the danger may vary based on the individual, at BUGOUT, we do feel that it is important for Maryland residents to stay aware of this fact. Continue reading

Solid Foundations In Purpose And Practice

Solid Foundations In Purpose And PracticeMany commercial structures in Baltimore County do make use of the traditional brickwork buildings as reconverted office, retail, or other industry specific space. In many ways, this is a wonderful example of urban renewal but also of repurposing infrastructure in manner that preserves history while also promoting progress. For many structural owners, maintenance tends to include improving amenities and access for modern technology, but more practical factors are also a big consideration. Continue reading

Termites In The Summer

Termites In The SummerFor homeowners in Howard County, as much as the summer can be a time to enjoy heading outdoors for relaxation, it can also be a time of taking advantage of the nice weather in order to attend to some functional concerns. Taking care of property repairs and improvements can also be ideal during this time of year since it can uncover issues with pests that are infiltrating the structure. Continue reading

Wet Winter Dangers That Linger Into Summer

Wet Winter Dangers That Linger Into SummerFor most Maryland residents, the recent dry and hot spell that has seemed to mark the official start of summer has been a welcome relief after a long winter. However, a number of early storms and high precipitation also means that Maryland residents can expect the possibility of many pests this year. At BUGOUT, we expect this to be particularly true with:

  • Rodents
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Mosquitoes

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Taking Control Of The Changing Tides

Taking Control Of The Changing TidesAt BUGOUT, our commitment to keeping Maryland residents safe from pests includes managing population control for a variety of species that are prevalent in the region. Like many other coastal areas that also have extensive marshlands, Maryland is host to a larger infiltration of mosquitoes. The brackish waterways serve as an ideal breeding and feeding ground for these pests, and this can also mean that populations can quickly rise to extreme levels. Continue reading

Keeping Nights Silent And Peaceful

Keeping Nights Silent And PeacefulAt BUGOUT, as much as we facilitate extermination and protection against pests for commercial and residential structures, many times, these actions also serve for the larger good of our community. The concern over bed bug infestations is still a major concern throughout Baltimore County and as summer time travel heats up throughout the Maryland region, these worries over unwelcome vacation souvenirs can also see a resurgence.

We also like to assure the public and the community that the care and safety of all residents is a priority, but also that the sooner these situations can be isolated and contained, the sooner the risk can also be diminished. It is also important for Maryland residents to realize bed bugs do not just come from “strange” accommodations or entirely unsanitary conditions. Continue reading

Summer Vacations Could Bring Back Bed Bugs

SUMMER VACATIONS COULD BRING BACK BED BUGSAt BUGOUT, we find that there is often a much higher incidence of bed bug infestations during the summer time, although this is not necessarily related to the warming of the weather. While isolated outbreaks of these vermin can truly happen at any time of the year, the truth is that most infestations are a result of traveling.

In Baltimore County, this can as much include residents who are returning from summer vacations and carrying the pests into the home, as it can occur from visitors who are in the region on their own vacation. This can boost the calls that we receive regarding concerns about bed bugs from one or two issues in a month to as many as a dozen instances for eradication in a week. Continue reading