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Banish The Bed Bugs

Banish The Bed BugsEver since you were a young child, someone has probably been telling you not to let the bed bugs bite. Back then, everyone thought that this was just a funny way to say goodnight, never really thinking that bed bugs would bite, if they existed at all. Continue reading

Ants In Your Pantry

Ant InfestationAfter the snowstorm we just had in Maryland, it’s tough to think about spring. We might be thinking about salt and snow shovels right now, but the weather is warming up already in many areas of the country. In fact, this has been a relatively mild winter and this means that bugs are having a heyday. Continue reading

Is Zika Virus A Problem For Maryland?

Is Zika Virus A Problem For Maryland?In the news lately there have been a lot of medical related stories pertaining to something called the Zika virus. For those who are unaware, this is an illness that originally comes from Africa and Asia, but has since moved over to South America, where it is making waves in countries like Brazil. The typical symptoms of Zika virus for adults are fever temperatures, rash, headaches, muscle pain and conjunctivitis, or “red eye.” There’s currently no vaccine or antibiotic to treat Zika infection, but fortunately for most normal adults, contracting Zika usually only results in some the above symptoms, with death or more severe symptoms being a rarity. Continue reading

How Do Mosquitos Survive The Winter?

get rid of mosquitoesIn the summer, mosquitos, particularly our more recent immigrant arrivals, the Asian Tiger Mosquito, have a large and irritating presence. They’re everywhere, biting us, our friends, family and pets. Then the temperature goes down and mosquitos disappear. As autumn and then winter arrive, we get a break, and the mosquito assault goes away. Continue reading

Beware Of Rodent Infestation In Maryland

rodent infestationThe eastern seaboard of America has experienced some of the harshest, most dramatic weather to occur in years, with a combination of high winds, heavy snow, and even flooding depending on which part of the region you live in. Unfortunately for us, Maryland was positioned to take on the brunt of this bad weather and when that happens, it can have a dramatic effect on the rodent population. Continue reading

9 Tips For Preventing Roaches And Other Pantry Pests

9 Tips For Preventing Roaches And Other Pantry PestsWhen you see a bug creeping around your kitchen or pantry, you probably just want to squish it and go on with your day. However, once you have one crawling around, you may be a risk for a whole lot more. Just killing the first one you spot won’t keep away their friends or clean out the ones that are already there. Continue reading

Know Your Pests: Thief Ants

Know Your Pests: Thief AntsAlso known as grease ants or sugar ants, thief ants are one of the smallest household ant species found worldwide, measuring around 1.5 to 2.2mm long. Their antennae have 10 segments with a two segmented club and often range in color from yellowish to brown. The name “thief” is derived from the ant’s habit of stealing larvae and pupae from neighboring colonies. Continue reading

Is It Groundhogs Day In Your Yard?

Is It Groundhogs Day In Your Yard?We all know about that groundhog’s day tradition of watching to see if a groundhog sees its shadow. This quirky holiday has been done for quite some time and even has a movie celebrating the occasion. As cute as they may be on TV, groundhogs aren’t as cute when you find them in your yard. Continue reading