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Eliminate Basement Moisture To Prevent Pests

emerald ash borer treatmentMuch like human beings, pests are dependent for their survival on three very basic things: food, shelter, and water. By making your home an inhospitable habitat for pests, one that is lacking in at least one of these three basic necessities, you can pretty much eliminate a wide array of annoying pests from your life.  Continue reading

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs, Know What Not To Do

exterminate bed bugsBedbugs are one of the most dreaded insect pests to plague Maryland homes. They are notoriously difficult to eliminate, and they can even follow you if you move. They are increasingly easy to pick up in a variety of situations, from visiting relatives to staying in hotels. However, if you do find yourself facing a bedbug infestation, here are some helpful tips to help you deal. Continue reading

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

How To Avoid Mosquito BitesMosquitoes are more than just a buzzing annoyance. These ubiquitous pests can cause serious health problems, from West Nile Virus to Dengue Fever. Because mosquitoes are found in nearly every geographic area throughout much of the year, and because they are so common in Maryland from Spring through Autumn, you should always ensure that you mosquito proof yourself as much as possible every time you go outside. This is especially true if you plan to visit heavily wooded areas, or if you plan to be outside during hours of peak mosquito activity. The following tips will help keep you and your family safe from mosquito bites. Continue reading

Autumn Means Pests Looking For A New Home

pest controlA change in seasons also means a change in the habits and lifestyles of many rodents and insects. In the case of Autumn, the signal for summer’s end now means that some pests that had been content to live and feed outside will now be looking for warmth, shelter and a reliable food source. Because of Maryland’s colder winters, this can mean only one thing; homes and other buildings in towns and cities start looking like attractive winter refuges. Continue reading

Pests Use Windows & Doors Too

Pests Use Windows & Doors TooWhen people find insects in their home, it can often seem like magic. After all, the windows and doors may be closed, and that’s usually enough to prevent everything else from gaining entry to the home, but it may not always be enough for six legged pests. This also applies to your home in Maryland. Continue reading

When Is A Spider A Pest?

When Is A Spider A PestSpiders play an important role in the ecosystem. Whether they build webs, hide under trap doors, or else hunt down their prey, spiders eat all kinds of insects, controlling their population and thus making it more likely for humans to get through a picnic without having to battle their way through a swarm of mosquitoes or fend off an army of flies. But just because spiders help us out doesn’t mean we have to accept them in our homes. Continue reading

How To Control Tick Infestation

How To Control Tick InfestationUnlike many other pests that come into the home, the Tick is not one that will start a sizable colony in some out of the way place and only make itself known months later, when the infestation is large and uncontrollable. A tick is a parasite that feeds on blood, so it requires very specific conditions in order to thrive, and is not going to be especially difficult to find in the way roaches or termites can be. You’ll know when you have a tick problem, because you will see it on yourself or animals in your home, especially if they have started to breed, as they will all move towards their food source, you and other residents of the home. Continue reading

How Dangerous Are Ticks?

 How Dangerous Are TicksTicks aren’t as expensive a problem as termites, which can ravage the wood in a home and require extensive repairs. They’re not as prolific as mice or roaches, which can quickly breed within a home and leave traces of their presence everywhere. So why are ticks a problem? Continue reading

The Termites You See Are The Tip Of The Iceberg

exterminate termitesTermites are a menace to home and property owners throughout the continental United States and beyond. Out in nature, termites perform a valuable service by consuming tree fiber and reclaiming it for the ecosystem, something which relatively few creatures are able to do. However, when they advance into houses and other wooden structures, all they do is lower property values, reduce the building’s integrity, and inspire nightmares in the owner for years to come. Continue reading