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Simple Tricks For An Effective Tick Check

Simple Tricks For An Effective Tick CheckAs summer in Maryland begins to heat up after a slow start, area residents are also starting to get back into the swing of regular yard work. Much of the initial first month of summer tends to be spent trying to keep up with out of control lawns, and bushwhacking projects that were tabled from last year. Taking these measures to keep the grass short can provide a proactive means of reducing the possibility of many pest infestations in the home, but it can also mean that residents need to brave a field of hungry ticks in order reduce overall vermin populations. Continue reading

Identifying Ticks – On The Property And In The Home

One The Property And In The HomeOn The Property And In The Home

Severna Park residents often look forward to the warmer summer months, as this beautiful area lends itself to many outdoor pursuits. Whether it is fishing in the inlets, kayaking through the marshes, or just building fun forts on the property with family, most people in the area do take extensive advantage of the natural surroundings.

For anyone who spend much time in nature, the treat of ticks and tick borne diseases can be concerning, although there are a number of measures that people can take to avoid having these parasites become a health hazard. One of the biggest can include the ability in identifying ticks in their different stages, and know the action to take should one be found on the body. Continue reading

With Pest Infestation, One Thing Leads To Another

One Thing Leads To AnotherAt BUGOUT, we find that we often provide as much palliative as preventive services to our clients. Although it would seem logical that taking steps to avoid a pest infestation in the home would be much simpler and fiscally viable, many Maryland residents also take an understandable “out of sight, out of mind” approach. It can be very difficult to address an issue that is just an unknown probability, but these possibilities can also become very costly realities. Continue reading

Simple Tips For Avoiding Ants In The Home

Simple Tips For Avoiding Ants In The HomeThe weather is warming all across Maryland, which also means that all types of residents are emerging from their homes. For people across the state, this can involve getting out and enjoying the sunshine, but other regional denizens may actually be looking to come in. Ant activity in the summer is naturally higher, but people should also remember that this is a time when ants are foraging for food for their winter stores. Continue reading

Why Vermin And Viruses Are So Terrifying

Why Vermin And Viruses Are So TerrifyingAs the summer begins to warm in Baltimore County, many residents are also preparing for what tends to be a highly active time of year for mosquitoes and other blood sucking pests. Although personal precautions can be taken to avoid ticks and even a majority of mosquito bites, these are not always sufficient in addressing the impact of diseases that are carried by these insects. Continue reading

Getting Rid of Termites

Taking The Battle To The Front LinesAcross the nation, termites are responsible for millions of dollars in structural damages every year. This includes both private residences and commercial buildings, but can also impact property and belongings in any of these spaces. Throughout Maryland, subterranean termites continue to be one of the major vermin threats that people face, and attending to this bug problem effectively can take a variety of measures. Continue reading

When Cockroaches Invade Your Home

The Things That Go Scuttling In The NightThe Things That Go Scuttling In The Night

From our experience at BUGOUT, we can tell Annapolis residents that if they actually see a cockroach, then they definitely have a problem with infestation. Although these insects are so commonly associated with more urban areas, they can become a problem in nearly any home. Once cockroaches invade your home – they become aware of shelter and a constant food source, they are also highly unlikely to just pack up and leave on their own.

Continue reading

Air And Ground Troops On The Attack

Air And Ground Troops On The AttackEnjoying a beautiful lawn throughout the spring and summer can be an aspect of pride for many residents in Glen Burnie. While the appearance of the lush grass and manicured edges can easily be admired from afar, most homeowners also greatly enjoy undertaking the tasks to keep the property lush and fragrant. Along with mowing and feeding the lawn, a number of other landscaping features may also be involved.

While these additions to the property are certainly worthwhile, they can also attract some unsavory characters to come closer to the home. In particular, wasps and hornets can become a difficult problem for many residents, and DIY methods for attending to the issue are not always appropriate. Continue reading

Not As Much Fun As The Real Circus

Not As Much Fun As The Real CircusFor many households in Severna Park, owning a dog or cat is very much a part of the family experience. These additions to the home are often treated just like members of the human family, with great attention to their needs and health. However, one of the bigger concerns that people with companion animals do face is the fact that they are also more likely to end up with fleas in the home. Continue reading

Why Do I Have A Mosquito Problem?

Why Do I Have A Mosquito Problem?With summer comes hordes of mosquitoes, and these little pests aren’t just pesky, they can be downright dangerous as well. At Bugout, we want to help you to get control over the mosquito population plaguing your property, and save you from all of those itchy and sometimes dangerous bites. The first thing to remember is that mosquitoes are attracted to water, and controlling your moisture problem is also key to controlling your mosquito problem as well.

When controlling mosquito populations around the home, it’s important to first consider if you have any standing water on your property. The obvious culprits are untreated pools and baby pools, but the things you may not think of are puddles that accumulate around your land, gutters that need to be cleaned, or piles of leaves or debris that could be holding moisture you’re not apt to see. In instances of mosquitoes, we find that it’s typically the lesser known or lesser thought of moisture problems that most often lead to mosquito populations booming in an area. Continue reading