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Pest Control: 3 Reasons The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

Pest Control: 3 Reasons The Best Offense Is A Good DefenseBy design, life is tenacious. If any given species wasn’t ready to do anything and everything to keep on living for even just a couple more hours, it would quickly go the way of the dodo. And while tenacity is usually a positive quality in humans, it also means that when you suffer from an infestation, it can be very hard for anyone, even a professional, to completely get rid of the invaders. Continue reading

Not Every Tick Hides In The Tall Grass

Not Every Tick Hides In The Tall GrassLyme disease is endemic to the state of Maryland. This bacterial infection usually masquerades as the flu during its initial stages, although it often gives itself away with a telltale “bullseye” rash. If left untreated, Lyme disease can cause arthritic pain in the joints, particularly the knees, and although this pain is most often temporary, it can happen again and again with months or even years between episodes. It can also cause neurological pain in the form of a stiff neck or a pounding headache that lasts for days. Continue reading

Are Rats Worse Than Mice?

Are Rats Worse Than Mice?When it comes to rodents infesting a home, the most common species are rats and mice. But aside from a difference in species, is there any difference in the severity of one or another? In other words, is home worse off if it has rats in it, or mice? Continue reading

What You Can Do To Prevent Bedbugs

What You Can Do To Prevent BedbugsFrom a personal comfort level, bedbugs are probably the biggest pest humans have to deal with. Few insects will attack humans while they sleep, but this is what the bedbug specializes in. When bedbugs infest a home, the situation can quickly escalate, and we strongly recommend calling BUGOUT at this point, and letting our professional teams evaluate the situation treat your home. Continue reading

How To Prepare For A BUGOUT Visit

How To Prepare For A BUGOUT VisitIf you’ve never had an exterminator consult and treat your home before, you might be wondering what the process will be like. Every home is different, and every situation will be different too, as much of an extermination procedure depends on where the infestation is, how severe it is, and what kind of insect is being dealt with. So, for example, if there’s a problem with ants and the anthill itself is somewhere in the yard, there may not even be a need to actually treat the residence itself, all the work can be done outside. Continue reading

Fleas Don’t Infest Animals, They Infest Homes

Fleas Don’t Infest Animals, They Infest HomesAdult fleas behave pretty much exactly the way you expect a flea to behave: they wait around for a nice warm-blooded mammal to come around, hop aboard, and then chow down whenever they feel hungry. Fleas generally prefer rats, cats, dogs, and other furry creatures that give them plenty of hair to hide in, but they’ve been known to infest humans every now and then as well. Continue reading

Does Your Exterior Have Drywood Termites?

Does Your Exterior Have Drywood Termites?In Maryland, the native termite hazard, the subterranean termite, can prove to be a serious problem. Thanks to its underground nature, it can survive the regional winters, and once it gets into wood, it can be a very expensive problem to treat. But while this particular species is the primary termite threat for Maryland homes, it’s not the only one. It’s a local insect because its living habits allow it to endure the local winters, but other species of termite can occasionally “hitch a ride” to Maryland from other states. It’s not that unusual; after all, the Black Widow is a local venomous spider that everyone is careful of, but the Brown Recluse occasionally crops up here when it hides in shipments from the warmer, southern states. Continue reading

Can Cats Actually Control A Mouse Problem?

Can Cats Actually Control A Mouse Problem?In the days before professional extermination services like BUGOUT, when there was a mouse problem, the age old solution was usually to simply get a cat. This was especially true for farms with grain silos, spread across big tracts of land. It just made more sense to keep a small, nimble, mobile predator around that would constantly patrol for prey. Continue reading

How To Find Out If You Have Bedbugs

How To Find Out If You Have BedbugsThere have been a few stories—especially out of New York—concerning themselves with bedbugs taking over homes, and infesting hotels. There’s a reason to be concerned, bedbugs aren’t like ants or spiders that are simply doing their own thing in or near your home. Bedbugs feed on humans, and while the bed is the most common area for them to inhabit (we don’t move as much, as thus make an easier meal) they can spread to many other areas of the home. Continue reading

A Wet Season Is A Mosquito Season

A Wet Season Is A Mosquito SeasonMosquitoes are one of those unpleasant aspects of life which you simply have to accept if you’re going to spend any length of time outdoors in the summer. These bloodsucking insects are everywhere, especially the further south you go, and if you go too far you’ll encounter mosquito species which can transmit malaria. Continue reading