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Insect And Rodent Hazards Posed To Workers During Remodeling Projects

insect-and-rodent-hazards-posed-to- workers-during-remodeling-projectsHomes need a new look and feel from time to time. Some people like to slap on a coat of paint and call it a day, while others remodel kitchens, baths, or even the entire home. Many homeowners also choose to have new additions installed. These actions allow them to make their home their own, and they contribute to beautifying the neighborhood. However, various infestations can cause workers or property owners harm, and a pest control company may be needed to eliminate the threat from the premises. Continue reading

How Do Rats Get Into My Home Or Building?

how-do-rats-get-into-my-home-or -buildingUnlike mice, rats can be quite sizable, making home and business owners puzzled as to how the rats got into their space in the first place. It’s easy to see how mice can work their way into the tiniest hole or crack on the outside of the home, but when you look at the size of some Maryland rats, the physics become a bit more unclear. What many business and building owners don’t realize, however, is that rats are able to compress and flatten themselves out quite easily, allowing them to squeeze into small spaces that one may think must be far too small to be a threat. Continue reading

How Can I Tell If My Home Has Cockroaches?

how-can-i-tell-if-my-home-has-cockroachesCockroaches are one of the sturdiest, hardiest, and most ancient pests around. Existing almost unchanged since the time of dinosaurs, evolution has been kind to cockroaches in ensuring an ability to live through just about anything. For this reason, most home and building owners feel a sense of dread simply thinking about finding the signs of a cockroach infestation, and this is one that should be left to the professionals to eradicate only. Continue reading

Hire A Reputable Annapolis Extermination Service, If For Nothing Else, Convenience

hire-a-reputable-annapolis-extermination-Service-if-for-nothing- else-convenienceFor many Maryland residents, finding a pest inside the home is like a nightmare scenario come true. Spiders, roaches, rodents, and other critters cause the hairs on the back of their neck to stand on end. As a person hears the word mouse, their mind often drifts to an image of a housewife standing on a kitchen chair, or one of an elephant running for its life. Regardless of what your take on pests is, the constant that remains the same is that they need to be prevented from commingling with humans. Of course, we know about mosquitoes transmitting diseases through blood, but numerous other insects and creatures pass along germs as well. Continue reading

Guests Staying At Your Home For The Holidays Could Result In Bed Bugs

guests-staying-your-home-for-the- holidays-could-result-in-bed-bugsMost of the people in our great nation have heard of bed bugs, but thanks to their uncanny ability to hide, not everyone has seen one up close and personally. Adults are a reddish-brown color, wingless, and have a body that is approximately 1/4″ to 3/8″ in length, which makes them nearly impossible to see. The eggs are even smaller at only about 1/32” long. However, they become laid in clusters of between ten and fifty that may make them more noticeable to the naked eye. These insects feed on blood but are not known to transmit any diseases. Their bites can leave raised welts on the skin that cause itching sensations in some people. Meanwhile, other folks may not even realize that they were being devoured as a delicacy. Continue reading

Common Misconceptions People Have About Fleas

common-misconceptions-people-have- about-fleasFleas may appear to fly as they springboard between places on your skin. However, they do not have wings. These insects have long back legs that help them jump to incredible distances. Adults are typically only about 1/16″ to 1/8″ long, which makes them hard to see. They have a dark brown to black coloring and a flat body style. Females lay four to eight eggs after each feeding, usually in pet bedding, carpeting, and other locations. If an infestation is present, regardless of how much vacuuming, mopping, or cleaning a homeowner does, the population often still seems to flourish. Continue reading

5 Fast Facts To Help You To Better Understand Cockroaches

5 Fast Facts To Help You To Better Understand Cockroaches

Along with sharks, cockroaches are one of the few creatures that have remained mostly unchanged for millions of years. This proves the sturdiness of the average cockroach, and why a professional should always be called in if you suspect a cockroach infestation has taken over your home or building. 5 fast facts to help you to better understand cockroaches are: Continue reading

4 Facts To Better Understand Termites And Termite Infestations

4-facts-to-better-understand-termites-and-termites-infestationTermite infestations can be devastating to homeowners. When left unchecked, termites an leave homes with structural damage that can cost them from into the thousands to the suitability of their home as a whole. When one spots the first signs of termites within their Maryland home, the first step they should take should be making a call to their local pest control service for proper and effective eradication. To better understand termites and the infestations that create serious damage, 4 facts about termites include: Continue reading