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Dependable Extermination Service For Your Vole Or Mole Infestation

Dependable Extermination Service For Your Vole Or Mole InfestationMoles, voles, and shrews are small mammals that persons may find in their yard every now and again. Moles and shrews mainly feed on insects and invertebrates. Shrews are small in size as they typically have a body length of between 3 and 4-inches. These little creatures hunt for bugs above ground. Shrews do not create surface tunnels. However, they have been known to seek out insects in tunnels made by a mole infestation. Continue reading

City Homes Can Still Suffer Pest Problems

Baltimore Bug Control - City Homes Can Still Suffer Pest ProblemsIf you live in an apartment or a condo in downtown Baltimore, there are a lot of pests you just don’t have to deal with. Mammals like moles and insects like aphids aren’t a worry when you don’t have a lawn, and parasites like ticks and mosquitoes are much harder to find along busy city streets. You also don’t have to worry about crickets or silverfish getting into your basement when you don’t have one. But it is still important to call Baltimore bug control to keep your home safe.  Continue reading

Check For Old House Borers In July Or August

Old House Borer Treatment - Check In July Or AugustThe old house borer is a persistent, long-term threat to homes and other wooden structures. The adult beetle isn’t a danger directly, but its grubs grow in dead trees and can spend two to ten years slowly gnawing their way through the wood. When this happens to a dead tree out in the woods, these grubs help the tree decompose and turn back into the dirt. However, if the grubs find their way into houses, they can cause significant structural damage. Continue reading

Buzzing Hives in Your Garden Keeping You Indoors?

Extermination Company - Do You Hear Buzzing Hives?Have you noticed the loud buzzing sound coming from your yard? Maybe the buzzing has gotten loud enough to warrant you having a closer look around your property to see where it is coming from. Upon closer inspection, you find that you have a tree in your yard that is filled with clusters of flowers and each of those clusters seems to have every bee and wasp in the neighborhood buzzing about excitedly. So, what do you do? Call an extermination company first to make sure it is not worse than it looks. Continue reading

Annapolis Pest Control For Your Rodent Extermination Needs

Annapolis Pest Control For Your Rodent Extermination NeedsSome people view mice as adorable little pets. They put them in a tank, nurture and love them, and give the creatures all of the food they could possibly need. However, this is not the case for everyone. Many folks don’t even want to see a sign of a mouse being in their house, including residents right here in Annapolis. They believe mice do not belong in the home, and rightfully so. Of course, there are ways for citizens to take care of the matter for themselves, but not everybody wants to deal with snap or glue traps, poison, or other methods available for handling the rodent population. If you happen to be one of these persons, contact our Annapolis pest control company for a free consultation.

Continue reading

3 Reasons To Call For Professional Pest Control

3 Reasons To Call For Professional Extermination CompanyA lot of people who own their own home like to do things like maintenance and repair work on their own. Home maintenance can teach you all kinds of useful skills, you can save money when you fix your place up yourself, and it can feel good to know you’re self-sufficient.

However, not every homeowner is up to every job. Sometimes a big job demands expert help, and if you try to tackle it yourself you’ll do a poor job that won’t last long or maybe even make the situation worse. Knowing what you can do is important, but knowing your limits is just as useful. Continue reading

What About Your Garage?

Exterminator Service For Your Home And What About Your Garage?Every home in America has a few basic priorities when it comes to health and safety. This includes making it as hard as possible for insects, arachnids, and other pest animals to find their way inside with a exterminator service. After all, few people like the idea of sharing their living space with vermin, especially when it comes to species that can spread disease like rats or cockroaches and those that drink blood like mosquitoes and bed bugs. But what about your outbuildings? Continue reading

Watch For Ticks This Summer

Tick Control Service - Watch For Ticks This SummerTicks are a constant problem, especially in a state like Maryland where the winters are mild. So long as the temperature is above the freezing point, ticks will actively seek new prey. They aren’t very picky, either, and most tick species in the state will gladly target both dogs and humans. This is why it is important to call a tick control service. Continue reading

It’s That Time Of Year Again

Pest Control Services In Maryland - It’s That Time Of Year AgainWith several weeks of warm weather chasing the winter away, it’s safe to say that spring is transitioning, and the longer, hotter, more humid days of summer are here. That means that homeowners should now prepare for what is the busiest time of the year when it comes to certain pests. On the plus side, you are less likely to encounter some pests. On the minus side, however, you may be bringing some into your own home and need pest control services in Maryland. Continue reading