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Research Hotels Thoroughly To Prevent College Students From Bringing Home Bed Bugs After Spring Break

Research Hotels Thoroughly To Prevent College Students From Bringing Home Bed Bugs After Spring BreakThe time is almost upon us again where college students nationwide will set out for a week of fun and adventure. Many high schoolers are granted much of the same freedom, so before letting your young adult head out, research their hotel thoroughly to ensure that it does not have issues. Modern technology has given people information readily available at the swipe of a finger. Apps are available that allow a person to review previous guest experiences. So, utilize the smartphone attached to your hand for more than just accessing social media, and instead, look for testimonials having to do with bed bugs to avoid the destinations. Continue reading

Rats And Mice Are Nightmares For Restaurant Owners

Rats And Mice Are Nightmares For Restaurant OwnersThere are many different ways that people get into the restaurant industry. Some people choose to go with a franchise while other folks show their true entrepreneurial spirit and build a brand from scratch. Regardless of how they get into the business, the dreams and aspirations revolve around success, not a failure. Countless things can lead to organizations getting in hot water. For instance, pest infestations result in owners getting into trouble with health department officials. Individuals often receive steep fines, and if the problem is too significant, the restaurant even becomes shut down until after the issue is addressed. Continue reading

Rats vs Mice In Your Home

 Rats vs Mice In Your HomeMost of the time if you find out you have rodents in your home, the immediate reaction is to start laying out traps and trying to get rid of them. But whether you have rats, versus whether you have mice in your home can mean very different things for how you—or a professional—is going to go about treating this pest problem. Continue reading

Professional & Store Bought Pesticides: What’s The Difference?

Professional & Store Bought Pesticides: What’s The Difference?When you decide that a pest problem is serious enough that it’s time to bring in the professionals, you’re making a decision that secures the safety, convenience and peace of mind of your family. But what is it about professional pesticide experts that makes them different? After all, an insect isn’t particularly hard to get rid of, people do it all the time. So why is it that sometimes, even when you go to the store for a can of insecticide, it’s not getting the same results as professionals with their pesticides? What do we use that you don’t? Continue reading

Pests Are Bad For Business

Pests Are Bad For BusinessNobody enjoys a pest in their home, but what about a pest in the workplace? A lot of our talk here at Bugout usually focuses on the substantial negative environmental and health impact pests can have on people trying to live quietly and safely in their home. If you have a business, can pests actually impair your ability to make a profit? Or are they just a nuisance that you can safely ignore and not spend unnecessary amounts of money on? Continue reading

Local, Friendly, And Statement: Maryland residents have local, friendly, and professional pest control available in their own backyard. Is Available To Maryland Residents

 Local, Friendly, And Professional Pest Control Is Available To Maryland ResidentsInviting exterminators, plumbers, electricians, or other members of the service industry into your home can be quite the intimidating experience. Most companies are licensed, bonded, and insured, but still, on some occasions, a shady employee might slip through the cracks of the hiring process. Aside from reading testimonials and researching online, first-time customers don’t know these businesses or the individuals working for them, from a hole in the ground. For over 30-years, our pest control technicians have been handling the extermination needs of clients in… Continue reading

DIY Pest Control Is Not Always The Best Extermination Option

 DIY Pest Control Is Not Always The Best Extermination OptionTaking a trip down any hardware or retail store’s pest control aisle can become an intimidating experience. Shelves are lined from floor to ceiling with products making claims to do varying things. Some are environmental, human, and pet-friendly while other substances may cause harm. Traditional mouse and rat traps are effective if they snap closed just right, but sometimes they only get the tail, and the rodents are able to run away. Baits and poisons are filled with attractants to lure creatures in to eat. However, this option tends to lead to them dying any and everywhere. Pungent aromas linger out from behind cabinets, drywall, and other locations, which cause homeowners to rip out the materials to find and eliminate the smell. Continue reading

Consider Professional Extermination When You Get Tired Of Finding Pests Inside

Consider Professional Extermination When You Get Tired Of Finding Pests InsideIt is not uncommon to find ants, roaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and other pests inside the home every once in awhile. There are a variety of ways that this action can happen, which include, but are not limited to, busted screens, broken siding, and gaps around plumbing or electrical pipes. Adding a regular maintenance routine to your schedule can combat many of these issues. Caulking, wood fillers, and patch kits can be obtained at almost any hardware store. In most cases, the materials for minor repairs are inexpensive, and homeowners can even save on labor by doing the work themselves. Continue reading

Ants That Act Like Termites

Carpenter Ants That Act Like Termites - Keep Your Home Pest FreeWhile termites get all the attention for being insects that can damage wood, they’re not the only ones. In fact there are bees that also choose to live in wood, and there are ants that do the same thing. Carpenter ants, as they are called, can be just as debilitating to a home as termites, but in some cases, they may be easier to spot. Continue reading

A Mouse Can Appear And Vanish In The Blink Of An Eye, So Be On The Lookout For These Tell-Tale Signs

A Mouse Can Appear And Vanish In The Blink Of An Eye, So Be On The Lookout For These Tell-Tale SignsMany times, mice sightings are nothing more than the glimpse of a gray blur running across the floor. The viewing often leaves homeowners asking themselves if they had seen anything at all. These creatures are small, light on their feet, and know how to stay well hidden, so much so, that people don’t always realize there is an issue. Mice typically have between 12 and 24 offspring per litter, which can result in the population growing to a substantial amount quickly. It is possible for a single mouse to give birth to anywhere from 144 to 244 pups each year. As you can see, property owners can get into quite the predicament in a relatively short period. Stay vigilant in your quest for a pest-free home, and hire a reputable exterminator when things get out of hand to eliminate the threat. Continue reading