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When Does A Rodent Problem Need A Pro?

When Does A Rodent Problem Need A Pro? - Rodent ProblemWe’re at that time of the year when people spend more time indoors, winter activities are taking place both inside and outside the home, and people are bundling up when they go outside. With the colder temperatures of the winter seasons, a lot of things change in our lifestyle, but it’s not just us, other mammals, like rodents, will also be adjusting to the changes. Unfortunately, some of those changes may mean targeting your home for winter shelter. Continue reading

Avoiding Hotel Bed Bugs

Avoiding Hotel Bed BugsBed bugs. That is a term you do not want to hear after the pest control company does an inspection on your home. It is also not something you want to have to worry about when you are out of the home and on vacation, but it does happen. Continue reading

A Few Insects That Are Good To Have Around

A Few Insects That Are Good To Have Around Like SpidersThere are approximately 602 common bugs, and insects that can be found in the state of Maryland and these bugs are all included in the Insect Identification database. But did you know out of those several hundred bugs, there are still a few that are good to have around? Continue reading

3 Tips For Keeping Ants Outside

3 Tips For Keeping Ants OutsideAnts are an important part of the soil ecosystem in Maryland. Ants are scavengers that look for any source of food they can digest, and between all the ant species you can find in just one area they can handle a lot. However, what you don’t want is ants that scavenge your house, especially since just one successful ant can lead to a whole swarm on your kitchen floor or in your pantry. Continue reading

3 Tips For General Pest Control

3 Tips For General Pest ControlPest creatures include all kinds of insects, arachnids, and mammals. They invade your home, hide in the walls, drink your blood, and feed on the crumbs and scraps you drop on the floor. They can be annoying, troublesome, or even spread life-threatening diseases. Continue reading

3 Pests That Love Libraries

3 Pests That Love Libraries - Pest Control InspectionsWhen it comes to the pest animals and insects that can make life hard, there are no real borders or boundaries they won’t cross. Even if you’re in something as quiet and dry as a library, pests can still be a serious danger to the building. While a library is less likely to suffer from an infestation than a house or a restaurant, there are several common pests that could infest the building. Continue reading

Remember To Store Your Pesticides Properly

Remember To Store Your Pesticides ProperlyAt Bugout Termite and Pest Control, we believe that professional inspections and pest removals are essential when you’re dealing with invasive insects, mammals, and other creatures that are on the lookout for human blood, scavenged food, wooden walls, or even just the warmth of a heated home. By the time you spot a cockroach or a mouse, chances are good that you already have a significant infestation that demands a professional’s attention if you want to completely remove all your uninvited guests.

However, we also know that homeowners don’t always want or need a pest control service to help them. Minor infestations might not need the full treatment, or maybe you have a garden and you want hungry insects to stay away from it. For these reasons, many houses have a supply of pesticide and insect repellents sitting around.

Unfortunately, not every household is storing their pesticides properly. Pesticides are complex, organic molecules: they have to be so they can target some species without harming anything else. In fact, most pesticides are also harmful to people to one degree or another, which is why you have to follow the safety instructions on the can or bottle and why many pesticides aren’t available in home improvement stores. But because pesticides are dangerous and complex, they can also be surprisingly easy to destroy.

Big changes in temperature can change the shape and nature of molecules. Most medicines have to stay at around room temperature or they might deactivate and stop being effective, and the same thing is true about pesticides. While it makes sense to keep it out in the shed or your garage with the rest of your gardening equipment, pesticides aren’t as durable as your work gloves or your shovel.

Instead, pesticides need to stay near room temperature if you want them to keep working. As such a better place to store them would be a basement utility room or a laundry room where you keep your cleaning fluids. If you do that, your pesticide supply will stay good year after year and you won’t have to wonder why it doesn’t seem to keep the bugs at bay the way it did the first time you used it. You should use pesticides sparingly because its targets can start resisting it, but either way it won’t work unless you store it properly

Don’t Let Crickets Drive You Crazy

Don’t Let Crickets Drive You CrazyOf all the insects that live in yards and parks, crickets are some of the most famous thanks to the chirping sound they can make by rubbing their wings together. In fact, you can tell the temperature outside by counting a cricket’s chirps and running the number through a simple formula. Between these noises, the cricket’s size and recognizable shape, and the fact that it’s not a parasite or very dangerous to crops, crickets are some of the most popular insects around. Continue reading

Don’t Forget About Ticks During A Winter Jog

Don’t Forget About Ticks During A Winter JogMaryland winters are relatively mild, at least compared to states further to the north. While some states freeze in December and don’t thaw until March, the average highs in central Maryland consistently stay above the freezing point, at least during some years. That’s good news for people who like to go outside when they exercise, especially when there are some nice nature trails nearby that are good for jogging. Continue reading