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Prevent Illness By Keeping Mosquitos Away

Prevent Illness By Keeping Mosquitos AwaySummertime in Maryland is a beautiful time of year. The warmer weather means plenty of time spent outdoors enjoying the day. Balmy nights mean watching the fireflies from the backyard deck. Of course, with the evening fireflies come the moat annoying evening pests: mosquitos. Continue reading

Hire A Exterminator To Rid Your Home Of Odorous Ants

Hire A Exterminator To Rid Your Home Of Odorous AntsOdorous house ants can most commonly be found living in colonies throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Not everyone will know the insects by this name though. The creatures are also regularly called sugar, stink, or even coconut ants because of the aroma they produce after becoming squished. The adults will feature a brown to black color, and the body will grow to between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch in length upon reaching maturity. These bugs are more of a nuisance than anything as they are not known to bite or spread disease. Continue reading

Hire A Pest Control Company To Eliminate Pesky Nuisances

First Impressions Matter, So Hire A Pest Control Company To Eliminate Pesky NuisancesRetail stores, fast food establishments, offices, and other types of businesses rely on word of mouth advertising to keep consumers coming back for more. Owners do their best to hire professional employees that know how to keep patrons happy. However, from time to time, other things cause the customers to run for the door and never look back. For instance, diners go out to have a good time, eat tasty food, and spend time with friends or family members, but if the party notices roaches crawling around, they will leave and likely not return to the eatery. Continue reading

Fighting The Great Rodent Invasion

Fighting The Great Rodent Invasion Maryland homes are often as beautiful as the state they’re located in, and some have histories going back decades. Whether yours is a new home or an older one, certain things are shared by any home in the region – and one of those things is a need to combat pests. Rodents in particular have always been a major issue for homeowners around the world, and Maryland is no different. Continue reading

Don’t Let The Bees Bug You

Don’t Let The Bees Bug You As spring turns into summer in Maryland, the bugs come out and do their work. You might see them in your garden, your garage, or your house. Though they can all evoke a feeling of panic (especially in those who are allergic to them), not all bees are worthy of immediate fear. Many bees, especially honeybees, are essential to life on the planet. Others, like wasps, can kill dangerous insects such as the emerald ash borer. Continue reading

Do You Have A Phobia About Spiders?

Do You Have A Phobia About Spiders?A phobia is defined as an abnormally emotional and physical response to an irrationally exaggerated fear. Three of the top five phobias are:


• Claustrophobia – The fear of being trapped in a confined space.

• Acrophobia – An unnatural fear of heights.

• Aerophobia – An abnormal fear of flying. Continue reading

Common MD Pests And The Importance Of Combating Them

Common MD Pests And The Importance Of Combating Them Maryland homeowners have plenty of different things they have to focus on when maintaining their home and keeping it in the best shape possible. One example of this is certainly the various pests that a home could end up being faced with. While Maryland winters may seem cold enough to prevent most pests, this isn’t true at all – there are numerous problem critters you’ll need to deal with. Here are some of them. Continue reading

Carpenter Ants Don’t Eat Wood, But They Can Damage Your Home

 Carpenter Ants Don't Eat Wood, But They Can Damage Your HomeWith summertime fast approaching, most people will devote their attention to fire ants, and why not? Before long, pesky mounds will be forming all over the lawn and unsuspecting travelers will receive bites. Victims are left with puss-filled red welts on the skin that sting, itch, and burn at the same time. However, there are other types of pests that Maryland homeowners should know about too. Continue reading

Become Free Of Roaches With Professional Extermination

Become Free Of Roaches With Professional ExterminationThere are three types of roach species that are most commonly found in Maryland homes, offices, and businesses. Even buildings that are kept in an immaculate state are not always safe from American, German, and Oriental roaches. For instance, regardless of how many times you wash the dishes, take out the trash, or mop the floors, if a neighboring unit has an infestation, the creepy, crawlers will inevitably find their way into your apartment or establishment. Aside from just creating an eerie, disgusting vibe, roaches can also have an adverse effect on a person’s health. When the insects are present, people may experience issues that include… Continue reading

Be On The Lookout For The American Dog Tick As Summertime Approaches

American Dog TickTemperatures outside are rising everywhere, including right here in Maryland. The warm weather is welcome after such a cold winter. It allows families, neighbors, and friends to get together outside for barbecues, pool parties, or other events. However, this time of year also seems to make grass, plants, and vegetation grow at an alarming rate. People use riding mowers, weedeaters, edgers, and even machetes to keep areas maintained, but if they neglect a location for a short period, it can become overgrown. Continue reading