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The Life Cycle Of A Flea

Annapolis Flea Control - The Life Cycles Of A FleaFleas are one of the most notorious parasites on the planet. They frequently infest dogs and cats who aren’t treated to keep them away, and they’re perfectly willing to drink human blood if they get the opportunity. However, fleas don’t live their entire lives on animals. Knowing where they do live is important to anyone who wants to fight a flea infestation. This is where Annapolis flea control experts come in.  Continue reading

The 2 Best Ways To Treat Maryland Termites

Maryland Termite Control - The 2 Best Ways To Treat ThemThere are an estimated 3,500 species of termite in the world. All of them share a few things in common: they live in colonies, produce several “castes” or types of termite, and they survive by digesting wood cellulose. There are few other animals that can digest wood, so termites are a valuable part of the woodland ecosystem but very dangerous if they happen to get into the wooden supports of a suburban house. However, each termite species can have very different living habits when you compare them. Some termites build giant mounds, others live in the wooden trees or structures they eat, and still others live in underground colonies like ants and then build tunnels that let them safely reach the wood they use for food. That’s the case in Maryland, where the dominant termite species is called the eastern subterranean termite. Because of that, there are two ways that extermination services handle Maryland termite control. Continue reading

Reliable Annapolis Flea Control When You Need It The Most

Reliable Annapolis Flea Control When You Need It The MostFleas can be a problem for people and pets everywhere, including right here in Maryland. A lot of folks believe that these insects just disappear during the winter. However, this assumption is true and false. If the tiny creatures remain outside in the cold for an extended period, frost and snow can kill them. Still, though, if an infestation happens to be indoors, they can be a problem year-round. Heck, they may even be able to survive outdoors if their host lives in a warm den. Continue reading

Problems Associated With DIY Pest Control Service

Problems Associated With DIY Pest Control ServiceMaryland is home to numerous bugs, flying insects, and rodents. There are lots of ways to take care of infestations, but do-it-yourself pest control service might not be the appropriate route to take. Why? Well, for one, the venture can be dangerous. If homeowners choose to use chemicals, they might be unsafe to utilize around humans or animals. Thus, family members and pets may obtain illnesses. Unfortunately, death could even become part of the equation as well. Continue reading

Is There Something Hiding Under Your Bed?

Maryland Exterminators - Is There Something Hiding Under Your Bed?No, this post is not about ghosts, clowns, spirits, or other things of that nature hiding under one’s bed. Rather, it is about some pesky, minuscule insects that like to feed on blood. It only fits to discuss bed bugs as plenty of people likely headed out of town at the beginning of this month for the 4th of July. Some folks drove for hours on end and probably stayed overnight with friends or family members. However, others took flights to visit various locations and slept overnight in hotels. Continue reading

Preventative Pest Control Advice To Keep Asian Tiger Mosquitoes At Bay

Preventative Pest Control Advice To Keep Asian Tiger Mosquitoes At BayUnless people have been hiding out for the last decade or so, they have at least heard a little bit about Asian Tiger Mosquitoes. According to the University of California, Riverside, the invasive species was spotted in the United States for the first time in the mid-1980s. Apparently, the pests came here via a commercial shipment of tires. However, these flying insects are capable of adapting to various climates, and they can now be found in more than 900 counties spanning across 26 states. Continue reading

Don’t Make Your Yard A Mosquito Haven

Mosquito Control - Don’t Make Your Yard A Mosquito HavenMosquitoes are some of the most annoying and dangerous insects in Maryland. They suck blood, they leave itchy welts behind, they transmit diseases, and thanks to the many wetlands of central Maryland they swarm just about everywhere. It’s enough to make many residents refuse to go outside without a handy can of bug repellant. Continue reading

Baltimore Fly Control At Its Finest

Baltimore Fly Control At Its FinestFlying insects are annoying creatures. They zoom past a person’s ear creating a buzzing sound that is almost unbearable. Perhaps, flies are the worst of all of them. Aside from harassing folks with noise, pesky house flies also land on people and pets leaving them swatting or biting at nothing as they disappear in a hurry. Besides hanging out in and around homes, these nuisances also visit places such as garbage dumps, dumpsters, trash cans, and sewers.

 Continue reading

Help Clean Up The City With Pest Control Service

Eliminate Rats - Help Clean Up The City With Pest Control ServiceIt is no secret that seeing rats and mice in Baltimore is almost a daily occurrence. These rodents are unwanted pests that continue to hang around. However, Maryland home and business owners can do something about this trend. They can hire a reliable and reputable pest control service to eradicate the creatures from their property. Together, we can clean things up and shut these politicians up for good. Just take a peek at some of the headlines in the news recently. Continue reading

Annapolis, Maryland Exterminators For When Spiders Seem To Be Lurking In Every Nook And Cranny

Annapolis, Maryland Exterminators For When Spiders Seem To Be Lurking In Every Nook And CrannyA lot of Maryland homes have basements as well as attics. These spaces can be a bit scary as they are usually dimly lit and just overall intimidating, especially to people that watch horror flicks. There always seems to be some supernatural force creating problems in the locations in those types of movies. However, this post is not going into detail about ghosts, goblins, or monsters. Instead, it will be talking about the spiders that hang out in the rooms. Continue reading