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The Big Basics Of Bed Bugs

The Big Basics Of Bed Bugs Bed bugs. Two words that can make anyone nervous if they know just a few things about these invasive pests. While not deadly and certainly not as annoying to the average person as something like mosquitoes, the reality is that these can be one of the hardest pests to manage effectively. Continue reading

The Basic Steps Towards Termite Extermination

 The Basic Steps Towards Termite Extermination Termites. Few things can create such a major issue for your home as these tiny invasive pests. But while it’s no big secret that you need to do all you can to eradicate termites for good, the reality is that most of us don’t fully know how to go about doing so. Luckily, your Maryland exterminators will have the solutions. There are a few basic steps that must be taken to ensure you eradicate termites for good. Here’s a rundown of what to expect from the process. Continue reading

Rodents And Your Maryland Home

Rodents And Your Maryland Home Nobody wants to think about it, but Maryland homeowners do have to deal with unwanted guests from time to time. Specifically, we’re talking about the small ones that are furry, that live in hidden places, and that can have a big impact on your ability to really enjoy your home to its fullest. Rodents. Continue reading

Roaches May Make Asthma Worse

Roaches May Make Asthma WorseThere are plenty of reasons to take action when you realize that your home may have a roach problem. One of the biggest risks that roaches present is that of disease. They’re capable of carrying 30 different contagions in their body that can then pass on to and infect people. So when you see roaches crawling around on food, don’t eat it or touch it with bare skin! Continue reading

Reasons To Get Extermination Service Before The Holidays Arrive

Reasons To Get Extermination Service Before The Holidays ArriveIt is already August, and the holidays are fast approaching. In what seems like the blink of an eye, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be here. Many people look forward to these festive occasions, and they plan get-togethers, functions, or dinners for their families, neighbors, and friends. However, the last things guests want to see when they come over for a visit or meal is pests running amuck. Continue reading

What Happens If You Get Rabies?

What Happens If You Get Rabies?One of the biggest fears people have when getting bitten by other mammals, such as a stray dog, a rat, or even a raccoon is that the chance of contracting rabies. Fortunately, rabies has been studied long enough by medical science that this dangerous, potentially fatal disease does have treatments, but what happens today if you are suspected of being bitten by a rabid animal? Continue reading

How Should You Handle Pets During Pest Control?

How Should You Handle Pets During Pest Control?If you’re at the point where you’re calling in the professionals to deal with a pest control problem like termites, rats, or roaches, then you don’t have much to worry about. An experienced team is on the case and will take appropriate steps to get you your home back. However, one thing you may need to consider is other members of your family, especially the four legged kind, or the ones with wings or fins. Depending on the type of treatment, you may be advised to leave your home, but what about pets? Continue reading

Pest Control Is More Complicated For Multi-Unit Dwellings

Pest Control Is More Complicated For Multi-Unit DwellingsFinding out that there are rats, roaches, or other pests in your home is never a fun or enjoyable experience. But, if you are a homeowner in a detached building, such as a split-level or bungalow, an infestation of pets is “simple” in that you are solely responsible for dealing with the situation and are also the only resident/family that is affected by the problem. Continue reading

Ignoring Mice Can Damage Your Home

 Ignoring Mice Can Damage Your HomeWhen most homeowners realize that there are mice in the house, the usual response is to try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you’ve assessed the problem early, while the population is still small, this is something you may be able to handle yourself with the strategic use of mouse traps. However, if you discover the problem much later, when the mice have firmly expanded into your home, you may need professional pest control experts to deal with the problem. Continue reading

What Ants Do You Need To Worry About?

 What Ants Do You Need To Worry About?The ant, as a single insect, is nowhere near the threat or annoyance that some other pests can be, such as wasps, hornets, mosquitos, bedbugs, or ticks. In general, ants are very small, not heavily armored, not especially aggressive and, left to their own devices, just want to scout an area, find food, bring it back to a colony and tell others about it. Continue reading