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The Proper Food Storage Can Help To Keep Unwanted Pests Away

A little bit of prevention can go a long way towards avoiding a pest infestation. A variety of different pests, from ants, to roaches to rodents like mice and rats all have a pretty predictable pattern of behavior. They are looking for warmth, shelter and most importantly, food and water. You may have inadvertently been making your home a refuge for pests you don’t want by providing an easy means for their survival. Continue reading

How Cockroaches Get Around

Roaches are a classic sign of an old and dirty home. But while they can certainly thrive in that kind of environment, a dirty home won’t always have roaches and a home that looks clean on the surface can still hide cockroaches under the appliances and in other places that are hard to reach. The best way to avoid cockroaches is by making sure they can’t get inside in the first place, and to do that you need to know how cockroaches move from one home to another. Continue reading

Beat The Bugs And Seal Your Home – Pest Control Services

Beat The Bugs And Seal Your Home - Pest Control ServicesWhen the cold winds of fall start blowing in from the north, two things happen. First of all, you turn off the air conditioner and warm up the furnace so that it’ll warm up your home when the weather really changes. But second of all, all the insects that filled the forests and swamps outside either die off or start hunting for warm places to hide from the cold or else hibernate for the winter. And for both situations, making sure your weatherproofing is up to date and in good condition will help your home. Continue reading

Bees Can Work With Wood Too

When you think of the danger bees pose to humans, you probably think of the swarms that emerge from hives when you get too close to a hive or damage it in some way. And while that’s certainly true about wild honeybee nests and other stinging, swarming insects, there are other bee species out there that can cause other problems for humans. Continue reading

Mosquito – Gut Bacteria Could Fight Malaria

Malaria is a disease caused by protozoans, a kind of single-cell organism that sets up shop in the liver and spreads out into the blood vessels from there. It’s mostly transmitted by mosquitoes, and it’s famously hard to treat: antibacterial medicines don’t work because protozoans aren’t bacteria, and normal vaccines don’t work because most vaccines are for viruses. Continue reading

Could Dogs Be The Best Rat-Killing Animal?

When it comes to rat-killing animals, most people first think of cats. And they have good reason to: cats are natural predators, and while rats are big enough to be a real threat to a cat, many wild cats learn how to take them down. But while cats can hunt mice and rats and will do so even when they aren’t hungry, dogs may actually be the better choice when it comes to controlling outside rat populations. Continue reading

Ladybugs Can Be Pests Sometimes

When talk comes around to insect pests in the home, the most common culprits are things like bedbugs, termites and ants. The ladybug is not a bug that often creeps up onto this list, and while it’s far from common, ladybugs can infest homes. But why would that be a bad thing? Continue reading

Is Your Home Exposed To Infestations And Other Pests?

A change of season means a change of pests for homeowners. Fall’s arrival signals a drop in temperature, and when that happens, a typical Maryland home can become a magnet for certain types of insects and rodents. The reason for this is simple; a home provides warmth, shelter and a possible source of food as winter sets in. Continue reading

Sometimes Ants Can Stink

The most common reaction people have to seeing ants where they’re not supposed to be is the reflexive act of just stepping on them. It’s an efficient way to deal with a large number of ants, and, in the short term, clears an area of these pests pretty quickly. Continue reading