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Is There Such A Thing As A Less Aggressive Wasps

Is There Such A Thing As A Less Aggressive WaspNamed for what they build their nests out of, mud daubers, are actually a less aggressive species of wasp. All of the different species are commonly referred to as mud daubers, nothing more or less. However, the one species that most of us are familiar with is the Sceliphron caementarium, also known as the black-and-yellow mud dauber. Continue reading

Interesting Facts About The Maryland State Insect And Their Enemy – Yellow Jackets

Interesting Facts About The Maryland State InsectYou probably know that the Maryland state flower is the Black-eyed Susan. Of course, the Baltimore oriole is the state bird, but did you know that we also have a state insect? We realize that this is an extermination blog, but giving you relevant information about any insect, rodent, or pest in the area allows us to better serve your needs. Equipping you with this knowledge allows you to gain a better understanding of harmful, invasive and even beneficial insects located in the area. Continue reading

Prevent Fire Ant Infestations With These Helpful Hints

Prevent Fire Ant Infestations With These Helpful HintsIt is that time of year again. Heat waves and dry spells are common, but when the rain finally does fall from the sky again, it seems as if ant mounds pop up all over your yard. Running over them with the mower sends them flying, but all it really appears to do is relocate them to another area of the yard. Then you are left with two ant hills, or more, to try to avoid or treat. Continue reading

Are Your Allergies Acting Up? These Common Pests Could Be To Blame

Are Your Allergies Acting Up? These Common Pests Could Be To BlameWhile most of us look forward to the changing of the seasons, allergy sufferers often despise these times of the year. Itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, and asthma flare-ups are all common occurrences, so it is understandable why they would feel this way. Traditional and alternative forms of medication are available to help you keep some of the symptoms at bay but others are persistent. Continue reading

Insects That Look Like They Belong In A Science Fiction Movie

There are a lot of strange and crazy looking insects, bugs, and other pests on this planet. Watching a National Geographic special can show you a wide array of them, but perhaps there are some a lot closer than you think. Insect identification is not always one of the simplest tasks to accomplish, however, these out-of-this-world looking insects do not need any help with it. Continue reading

Here Are 3 Harmless Ways To Keep Mice Away And Out Of Your Home

Unfair or not, a lot more people care about the lives of mice, rats, and other vermin than they do about mosquitoes, termites, ticks, and other pest insects. Part of the difference is the fact that even a large mouse infestation will have much fewer mice than a small termite infestation, plus it’s harder to remove pest insects from a home permanently without killing them. Continue reading

4 Tick Species Marylanders Should Watch For

The heat of summer brings out all the insects, including those that benefit our environment and those that suck blood from humans and pets alike. While you should certainly go out and enjoy the warm weather and green surroundings of a Maryland summer, you should also protect yourself against ticks by wearing long pants, using bug repellents good against ticks, and always checking your pets when you take them with you. Continue reading

Common Cockroaches Of Maryland And How To Keep Them Out

While cockroaches aren’t parasitic and don’t pose a direct danger to humans, they do track diseases and dirt wherever they go and contaminate any food supply they manage to find. So while it’s technically possible to get along with roaches, the fact that they live in the dirty and hard-to-reach parts of your home and the fact that they can and will eat human food makes them impossible to live with. Continue reading