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What Do Termites Do In Winter?

What Do Termites Do In Winter? - Termite Control servicesWhen it comes to natural environments, the seasons mean everything. The temperature, the availability of food, the amount of light by which diurnal organisms can see are all dependent on the time of the year, and what that means for the immediate surroundings. Even for something that is primarily a subterranean insect, like the termite, this can have an impact. So goes on when winter arrives? How does this change termite behavior? The answer to this depends on the environment. Continue reading

Are You Providing Free Meals To Bugs?

Are You Providing Free Meals To Bugs? - Maryland Pest Control ServicesIt’s a vicious cycle. If you see a lot of spiders in your home, this means that you probably have a lot of bugs getting in that they are feeding on. If you get rid of all the spiders, you’re now getting rid of the predators that are helping to keep the bug population under control, but why do you have a bug population to begin with? Continue reading

Seasonal Insect Problems in Maryland

Maryland Seasonal Insect Problem Most People Face In Their HomesSeasonal pests in Maryland can be a short-term nuisance, so it is important to learn how to spot them and learn what to do before they take over your home or business. The following are a few of the most common seasonal insect problems you can find in Maryland. Continue reading

Is Your Home Sealed Against Pests?

Is Your Home Sealed Against Pests? - Pest Control ServicesWinter is the true test of how well you take care of your home. If you’ve been a diligent homeowner, looking after your home’s structure and ensuring there are no vulnerabilities like breaks, or cracks, winter will come and go without an issue. Continue reading

How Do Rodents Get Into Your Home?

How Do Rodents Get Into Your Home? - Pest Control ServiceThese days, science and common sense are a lot more advanced than they were for our ancestors, and people now know that when you find rodents in your home, and need pest control service for mice or rats, that’s not because those rodents “magically appeared in your home.” In the past, our superstitious ancestors believed mice would “spontaneously generate” from wheat. Today, of course, we know that mice are attracted to grain as a potential food source, and simply find their way into a building. Continue reading

There Are Some Pests You Can’t Kill

There Are Some Pests You Can’t Kill - Pest ControlPests come in all shapes and sizes. Some pests, like termites, are tiny, invade the wood of your home, and it can potentially be years before you even know they’re in the house. Others, roaches will make their presence known very quickly, once you see them scuttling away from you in your kitchen or bathroom when you turn the light on. Mice will make themselves known after some time, usually when you hear them moving around in the walls, or see mouse droppings in kitchen cabinets. Continue reading

Will Mice Leave On Their Own?

Will Mice Leave On Their Own?The most common time of the year for homeowners to realize they have a mouse problem is in the winter. The reason for this is simple; it gets cold outside, and mice find a structural flaw in your home that allows them to enter. Once they do, they realize how warm it is, and they stay for the season. Continue reading

Attics Are A Favorite Spot For Mice

Attics Are A Favorite Spot For Mice - Pest Control Service For RodentsWhen people realize they might have an issue with rodents in the home that need a pest control service to deal with it, there are only a certain number of places that those rodents can feasibly take shelter. For homeowners where an attic or large roof crawlspace is a part of the home, this is often one of the most popular places for rodents like mice to decide to take up residence. But why? We’re going to take a closer look at this home space to find out what the appeal is for rodents. Continue reading

How to Treat and Prevent Tick Bites

How to Treat and Prevent Tick Bites - Exterminate TicksDid you know that five species of ticks can be found in Maryland? All of these species are also capable of transmitting diseases; therefore, it is imperative that you learn how to treat current tick bites and prevent future attacks. Continue reading