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Top Reasons That DIY Mosquito Elimination May Not Work

Top Reasons That DIY Mosquito Elimination May Not WorkMaryland residents are proud, and their commitment to their homes means that in many instances they’ll adopt a DIY attitude, handling repairs and maintenance on their own. There’s nothing at all wrong with this, but some things are simply better left to the professionals. A good example of this is mosquito control, which is important for anyone in the state to take care of. Continue reading

Things To Know About Highly Organized Carpenter Ant Colonies

Things To Know About Highly Organized Carpenter Ant Colonies


As people hear the name ant, they often envision the pests leaving behind painful, itchy, raised welts, with puss pockets on the skin. These symptoms typically present themselves when fire ant mounds become disturbed. Carpenter ants do not sting, but it is not entirely unheard of for them to give a sharp pinch with their strong jaws. They have colonies that consist of a queen, and hundreds, if not thousands of workers. While subterranean termites garner much of the attention in Maryland, especially when it comes to harming wooden structures, carpenter ants can leave lasting damages that weaken buildings too, and the population needs to be dealt with accordingly to protect your home. Continue reading

The Battle Against Bed Bugs

The Battle Against Bed Bugs “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” It’s a common saying, told to kids over the years with plenty of humor and affection. But for anyone who has ever experienced bed bugs firsthand, it’s no laughing matter or anything cute at all. Instead, bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate and once they establish themselves in your home it is vital that you get rid of them quickly. Continue reading

Silverfish Don’t Harm Humans, But They Can Ruin Your Belongings

Silverfish Don't Harm Humans, But They Can Ruin Your BelongingsMaryland’s wintery weather can cause different types of pests to relocate into your home. Mice, rats, and other rodents attempt to get inside to beat the chill, but particular insects also look for warm places to rest their weary heads. Silverfish are not known to be harmful to humans, but they are nuisances that tend to get on a homeowner’s last nerve. Much like termites and other insects, silverfish are drawn to moisture. Therefore, an underlying plumbing or drainage issue may be present, which will need to be dealt with accordingly to keep the pest population in check. Continue reading

Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

Raccoons Can Be Dangerous Generally, raccoons are timid creatures that avoid confrontation. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Raccoons around your home can become aggressive, especially if they are in search of food. An aggressive raccoon can cause serious harm. If you think you may have a raccoon problem in your home, it’s important to address it immediately. Continue reading

Pest Extermination And Your Financial Future

est Extermination And Your Financial FutureWhen most people think of Maryland pest extermination and the main reasons to hire a professional pest control service, the reasons that come up in their mind will likely be things like being able to enjoy their backyard again or improving their ability to relax knowing that problems like termites, bed bugs, ants, and more are all taken care of. Continue reading

Maryland Pest Control Matters In Cold Weather Too

Maryland Pest Control Matters In Cold Weather TooWhen most Maryland homeowners think about controlling and managing pests, they think of summertime pests that show up outside in the warm weather. But while they may not be as visible, pests are very much alive and well during the winter months as well. Even with Maryland’s cold weather, pest control is something you have to focus on during winter – and in fact, it may even be more important than in the summer. Continue reading

Not Doing Anything About Carpenter Bees Is A Recipe For Disaster

Not Doing Anything About Carpenter Bees Is A Recipe For DisasterCarpenter bees are an intimidating-looking species. They are big at anywhere between 1/2 to 1-inch in length, and the pests are similar in appearance to bumble bees. If you ever find yourself in need of identifying one, pay close attention to the abdomen. Those of carpenter bees are shiny and bare, while the bumble bees appear hairy. They both have vivid yellow and black coloring. One tends to build its nest underground, while the other wreaks havoc on wooden structures. People tend to stay away from all kinds of flying insects because they have a fear of becoming stung, and while it is possible for female carpenter bees to inflict a painful prick, they seldom do unless provoked. Continue reading

Minimizing Damage From Moles This Winter

Minimizing Damage From Moles This Winter Many people assume that moles hibernate in the winter. In reality, they dig deeper to avoid the frost and cold, continuing to eat throughout the season. Because we tend to go outside less during the cold season, and because the snow often covers up their mounds and hills, it can be difficult monitor mole infestations during the winter. But it’s important to do so, as moles can still cause significant damage. Continue reading