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Be Careful Which Tick Pesticides You Use In Your Crofton Home

Be Careful Which Tick Pesticides You Use In Your Crofton HomeCrofton, Maryland is a suburban town, but it’s far enough from Washington and Baltimore that you can go for a walk through the woods and wetlands of central Maryland whenever you like. However, sometimes those walks bring back unwelcome passengers. Ticks are common all throughout the state, and unlike many insects they stay active whenever the outside temperature is above freezing. Since the Baltimore area has mild winters, that means you’ll need to worry about ticks throughout the whole year, especially if you bring your dog along when you head out to the trail. Continue reading

Are Pesticides Or Predators Better For Maryland Pest Control?

Are Pesticides Or Predators Better For Maryland Pest Control?Pesticides are dangerous chemicals. While they certainly kill the pests you want them to, many can also kill or hurt other animals and plants—including humans. DDT was an effective pesticide in its day, but the EPA banned it because the chemical collected in fish and wound up harming both them and the birds of prey that ate them. Bleach can kill just about every pest species out there, but we don’t use it as a pesticide because it kills just about everything else, too. Continue reading

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiders

Your Friendly Neighborhood SpidersMany people shudder at the thought of spiders existing inside or outside of their homes. But in reality, some spiders are good to have around. Good spiders will feed on other common indoor pests including cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies, and even moths. They are a natural form of pest control that you might have in your house. Continue reading

Why You Want to Keep Flies Off Your Food

Why You Want to Keep Flies Off Your FoodFlies are definitely a nuisance and are a pest you don’t want to have flying around the home, but were you also aware that they carry several different kinds of bacteria as well? For this reason, fly control is necessary especially in areas that have food. Continue reading

Why Is My Basement Full Of Cobwebs?

Why Is My Basement Full Of Cobwebs?Cobwebs are a classic sign that nobody has been around for a while, especially not to clean anything. It can sometimes feel like cobwebs appear automatically with time, but that’s far from being true. Spiders have to build every strand of what we call cobwebs, and even then it takes more than just spiders for cobwebs to appear. Continue reading

Why Does Humidity Matter To Pest Management?

Why Does Humidity Matter To Pest Management?In central Maryland, Chesapeake Bay and the many wetlands contribute to a high humidity that sticks around through most of the year. This can make it tough to go outside during the summer, and it leads to mild but wet winters where the air only really dries out when the temperature dips below freezing. Of course, this humidity has an effect on more than just people. Continue reading