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Pets Are Not Always The Best Choice For Keeping Pest Populations At Bay

It would be a lie to say that dogs, cats, and some other animals are not good at catching rodents, insects, and nuisances. Anyone that owns a pet, along with a doggy door, can attest to this statement. Stories of companions bringing in lizards, frogs, moles, and different pests are not uncommon. Sometimes household pets act in this way out of love, so it is hard to get mad at them, even when they dump it right by your side on the couch. However, the whole point is to remove the pest from the inside of the home, not bring more in from the outside, so instead, turn to a professional exterminator as a reliable solution for these matters. Continue reading

If You’re Trapping Rodents, Don’t Make These Mistakes

The decision to go to a store, buy retail product mouse traps and deal with the problem yourself is not actually an idea that, we as professionals, would discourage. In fact, we strongly advise many homeowners to try to deal with a rodent issue by themselves if they know they’ve caught it in the early stages. It’s more cost effective for homeowners to deal with a few mice by themselves than it is for an entire team of pest control experts to try and deal with such a small problem but then charge expensive rates. Continue reading

Don’t Let The Ants Come Marching In By Utilizing A Reputable Extermination Company

Regardless of the species, having ants inside the home, or even in the yard for that matter, is never a good idea. Fire ants bite and leave behind venom that produces itchy, painful pustules on the skin. Various over-the-counter ointments and sprays are available to combat the symptoms, but they often offer very little relief. Sugar ants are tiny, and more of a nuisance than anything else, but they too are capable of biting to protect themselves. However, these stings rarely require attention, unless the recipient is highly allergic. Carpenter ants being present may indicate that your structure’s integrity is at risk, but disturbing their nest may send them into defensive mode and result in a painful bite. Continue reading

How Do Cockroaches Make You Sick?

How Do Cockroaches Make You Sick?When it comes to an infestation of cockroaches, this is one of those situations where we advise people to seek professional help immediately. A large infestation represents a very serious threat to the health of anyone in a building and has the potential to spread. But while almost everyone knows that cockroaches present a big health threat, few people stop to think about how that threat is delivered. Why does having a lot of cockroaches in a building run the risk of making people sick? Continue reading

Don’t Do Rodent Pest Control Halfway

If you get a pest problem with rats or mice that is severe enough to want to get professional help, you’re already putting yourself in a situation where you will get effective and efficient solutions. With an experienced team assessing your home, pest control experts can quickly look at your situation, examine the structure of your home, find the areas that are causing a problem, and get the rodent population under control. Once they’ve done their job, you’ll find that your home is your own again. Continue reading

Can You Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home?

Can You Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home?While we have pest control teams that are experts in removing a variety of different insects, including spiders, for the most part, extermination is not something that is generally a big priority. Barring the poisonous spiders like the Black Widow, or very large infestations that are extremely rare, the average number of spiders in a home is not usually something that puts residents at risk. Continue reading

Even Crickets Can Be A Pest

For most people, crickets almost aren’t even considered an insect. They’re just that pleasant noise that’s heard outside as evening draws near, a soothing chirp that tells everyone it’s the end of the day and start of a quiet evening. But of course, crickets are more than that. They’re insects, and they have all the needs other insects do, including requirements for food, shelter and the need to reproduce. Continue reading

How Do You Get Roaches?

It’s become such a staple of film and television that many Americans now have erroneous perception of them; those scenes of dirty homes or apartments with roaches in them. No one likes roaches, but thanks to the effectiveness of the entertainment industry, many people now assume that it is only dirty residences that can have a roach problem. Continue reading

Watch For Ladybug Swarms In Fall

Ladybugs are very helpful to gardeners and farmers alike. The beetles are predators, and their favorite prey includes smaller insects like aphids and caterpillars that feed on ornamental plants, vegetables, and crops. But while ladybugs are no threat to humans and can definitely come in handy, there are reasons why homeowners might not be as fond of the beetles as young kids are. Continue reading