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Why DIY Pest Control Is A Bad Idea

Why DIY Pest Control Is A Bad IdeaHomeowners in the Baltimore area have plenty of pride in their ability to handle projects in and around their home on their own. But in some instances, it’s better to trust in the professionals. And when it comes to pest control, that’s especially true. Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Deer Ticks And Lyme Disease

 What You Need To Know About Ticks And Lyme DiseaseIf there’s one thing that everyone should know about ticks, it’s the fact that some of them can carry Lyme disease. Native to Maryland, the Deer Tick is the one to watch out for in our area. The Deer Tick is small, its bite is painless, and after 36 hours of feeding they can transmit Lyme disease. The experts are predicting a tick season that’s worse than ever, so the more you know about Lyme disease, the better prepared you’ll be. Continue reading

What To Expect When You Contact Pest Control Experts

What To Expect When You Contact Pest Control Experts Taking back your home from pests can be a challenge. Some pests can infest your home in a way that makes it feel as though you’re going to war to get rid of them – and in a way, you are. But having the right people on your side will make a huge difference, and getting help from pest control experts is the best step towards reclaiming your property once and for all. Continue reading

Watch For Insects To Avoid Painful Inflictions

Watch For Insects To Avoid Painful Inflictions - Maryland ExterminatorFinally, the winter months have gone away and warm, sunny days are here. Flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, and there has never been a better time to head outside than now. However, this time of year also brings specific dangers along with it, and Maryland residents must always be mindful of there surroundings to avoid unpleasant consequences. For instance, there does not seem to be a population shortage of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, or other flying insects. Continue reading

Understanding Termite Prevention

understanding-termite-preventionIt’s no big secret that termites are one of the biggest risks that any home can face. Few things can cause as much damage or leave you with as many expensive repairs as a major termite infestation. That’s why it’s so important to combat termites before they become a major issue. Continue reading

Understanding Mosquito Control

 Understanding Mosquito Control Protecting your Maryland home is incredibly important. And since the Baltimore area gets an average of more than 41 inches per year, one thing that you’ll need to pay attention to is the proliferation of mosquitoes. These insects thrive in wet weather, and our moist climate is a perfect breeding ground for them. Continue reading

The Consequences Of Leaving A Mouse Population As-Is

 The Consequences Of Leaving A Mouse Population As-IsThere tend to be two ways people look at mice. They either view them as cute, cuddly creatures or as nuisances that pose dangers to humans. While it is true that rodents have helped with medical and different kinds of breakthroughs over the years, leaving the population to run amuck is a disaster waiting to strike. For one, different types of rodents carry diseases that can become transmitted to people such as… Continue reading

Reliable Pest Control Keeps Your Home Safe And Sound

Reliable Pest Control Keeps Your Home Safe And SoundMost Maryland homeowners have at least one thing in common, which is, they do not want pests moving onto their property. Not only do mice, spiders, roaches, and other critters have a creepy, crawly appearance, but many of the nuisances can sting or bite too. Sometimes, the action only leaves a welt on the skin, which never seems to stop itching, but on other occasions, the recipient may face more severe symptoms. Continue reading

Reclaim Your Backyard And Rid Those Maryland Pests

Reclaim Your Backyard And Rid Those Maryland PestsYour home’s backyard could be one of the greatest places in the country. Maryland homes have the benefit of not only being in a beautiful part of the country, but one that offers great weather and temperature throughout the summer and spring months – and well into the fall. As such, cookouts, backyard pool parties, and other events can really turn your backyard into a place that is perfect for get togethers. Continue reading