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Established Termite Colonies Don’t Take A Break, And They Can Cause Extensive Damage To Your Structure

Established Termite Colonies Don't Take A Break, And They Can Cause Extensive Damage To Your StructureSubterranean termites call Maryland home. Established colonies often consist of millions of individuals. The headquarters is usually located at a food source such as an underground stump or log, and the workers create tunnels that connect to various other food sources. If an infestation occurs in your home, it is likely that you will not notice until an extensive amount of damage has been done. They feed on cellulose in wood, paper products, and even cardboard. Once a colony has matured, its members remain active year round. It is notable to mention though that expansion tends to happen during the warmer months. Continue reading

Could The Cold Help Kill Maryland Pests?

Could The Cold Help Kill Maryland Pests? Recent freezing temperatures could bode well for pest infestations. Many pests, such as mosquitos, have adapted survival mechanisms that make them able to withstand the cold. But that doesn’t mean every pest in safe. If Maryland continues to receive winter storms, it could prove helpful come spring and summer. However, temperatures will likely need to continue to drop if there’s any hope of aiding pest infestations. Continue reading

Common Winter Pests

Common Winter Pests As the temperatures continue to drop throughout Maryland, your home will become more vulnerable to pest infestations. Think about why you stay in your home when it is cold outside. Your home provides warmth and protection, right? Well, for these same reasons, rodents will attempt to make their way indoors. Continue reading

Bed Bugs Make A Return

Bed Bugs Make A ReturnFor adults who are a part of the “Baby Boomer Generation,” or the subsequent “Generation X,” you may remember a unique period in time for the pest known as the bed bug. For decades, this insect was almost a non-factor in pest control, even here in Maryland. We had issues with mice and rats, and of course, termites and ants, but there was a very long stretch, practically a generation, where it seemed like bed bugs had gone away. Continue reading

Do You Know What The Common Signs Of Bed Bugs Are?

Do You Know What The Common Signs Of Bed Bugs Are?There’s a misconception that some people have that you only have to worry about bed bugs if you and your family have traveled somewhere. Unfortunately, in today’s highly mobile world, that’s no longer really the case. You can pick up bed bugs from friends at work who have traveled, or even people in public transportation like buses and trains. But if you’ve brought bed bugs home, how will you know? Let’s review the big indicators. Continue reading

Be On The Lookout For Pests

Be On The Lookout For PestsMonitoring pests can be a year-round task. When dealing with pests, it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive. Once you’ve developed a pest infestation, it can prove very damaging and costly. Consider these tips to help when monitoring for pest infestations. Continue reading

Do You Know If Maryland Bats Are Bad For Your Home?

Do You Know If Maryland Bats Are Bad For Your Home?Normally, when we talk about mammalian pests in Maryland homes, the usual culprits will be mice or rats. Occasionally, there may be something bigger, though it doesn’t necessarily live in your home, such as raccoons. But then there’s the bat, and while we don’t normally classify this as a pest, some people absolutely do not want these flying mammals in their home. But is that wrong? Continue reading

Baltimore Is Again The Most Bed Bug-Infested City In America

Baltimore Is Again The Most Bed Bug-Infested City In AmericaEach year, Orkin provides a ranking of the top 50 bedbug-infested cities in the country. The list rankings are based on the number of bed bug treatments performed in each city over the course of the year. The rankings for the 2017 year were just released, and it spells bad news for Baltimore residents. For the second year in a row, Baltimore has ranked as the most bed bug-infested city in America. Continue reading

Why Mosquito Control Matters So Much

Why Mosquito Control Matters So Much When most people think of Maryland and being a homeowner here, they think of cities like Baltimore and its surrounding suburbs and commuter towns, of the rich history the state offers, and scenic beauty. What most won’t think of is mosquitoes. However, any Maryland homeowner – from Pasadena to Annapolis – needs to pay attention to mosquito control and ensure that they’re taking care of this serious issue. Continue reading