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Who Can It Bee Now?

Bees can be fascinating and scary, both at the same time. They sting, and that can be scary for anyone, especially those who are allergic to bee stings. Yet they pollinate the world and they can be very beautiful to watch. Continue reading

4 Things To Do To Make Your Kitchen Roach Free

Cockroaches do their best to stay out of your way and prefer to feed on crumbs and fallen bits of food. They’re mostly nocturnal, and they quickly hide whenever something bigger than them approaches. Compared to other pest insects, roaches aren’t much of a problem, but they do carry disease and they can contaminate any food supply they get into. Your kitchen will never be completely clean so long as roaches share the space with you, so it’s important to know how to handle them. Continue reading

The Monstrous Mosquito

Summertime is outdoor time in the U.S., and no one loves their outdoor time as much as we do in the Delmarva area. After the chill of winter and the rains of spring have finally left, we relish the summer. Beautiful evenings spent outdoors are relaxing and carefree—until we hear the unmistakable squeal of the wretched mosquito. Continue reading

What To Look For To Catch Termites Early In Your Home This Summer

What To Look For To Catch Termites Early In Your Home This Summer Termites can devastate your family’s most important investment, and in order to keep your home safe this summer, it’s important to take note of some of the early warning signs of a budding termite infestation. When dealing with a termite infestation, there are potential DIY solutions out there, but calling in the professionals is always the most recommended answer. Termites can be notoriously difficult to eradicate, and they can multiply to a damaging level with surprising rapidity. Continue reading

What To Do If You Find Yourself With Ticks In Maryland This Summer

What To Do If You Find Yourself With Ticks In Maryland This SummerOne pest that Maryland residents don’t typically take notice of until they come into contact with them is a tick. Maryland is home to 4 different types of ticks, with Lone Star and Deer ticks being two dangerous varieties, and any of the 4 types can make themselves at home on your property. Tick nests on your property cause a number of ticks to be present to feed on you or your pets, and can spread nasty diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme disease at any turn. What should you do if you find yourself with ticks on your property this summer? There are a couple of answers. Continue reading

Government Officials In Maryland Are Working To Control The Zika Mosquito Problem

Government Officials In Maryland Are Working To Control Mosquito ProblemIn May of 2017, government officials with the Department of Agriculture in Maryland began taking precautionary measures to get rid of area mosquitos and cut down on Zika exposure within the area. According to the Secretary of Agriculture in Maryland, Joe Bartenfelder, Zika continues to be a major public health concern throughout Maryland, and trying to exterminate them in the larval stage throughout main breeding grounds can help to curb the continued spread of the virus. Continue reading

4 Types Of Maryland Ticks You Should Watch Out For This Summer

4 Types Of Maryland Ticks You Should Watch Out For This Summer With summer back in Maryland, two types of pests are like to put on a damper on your summer fun. With these two pests, we are of course talking about mosquitos, who have been a big problem in Maryland in recent years, and ticks. Ticks are one of those pests that we don’t often think about unless walking through woods or tall grass, or until you find one on you, but Maryland is actually home to 4 different types of ticks, and 2 of these you should be keenly aware of. Continue reading

These Plants May Help You Repel Mosquitoes And Keep Your Family Safe

These Plants May Help You Repel MosquitoesTransmitters of West Nile, Zika, and various other viruses and diseases, mosquitoes are a problem for everyone. They love the taste of blood and plague our society. Recently, even state departments have begun efforts to repel these flying nuisances. An inconspicuous, small puddle can be a breeding ground for them and can go unnoticed until it is too late. Aside from using our effective extermination services, you may want to consider freshening up your yard with some of these plants to keep mosquitoes at bay. Continue reading

There Is Nothing Like A Nice Cool Cup Of… Bed Bugs

There Is Nothing Like A Nice Cool Cup Of… Bed BugsHave we been wrong all along? Is there such a thing as usefulness when it comes to bed bugs? Recently in the news, it was reported that a man in Maine decided to bring a cup, with around 100 of the little pests corralled inside, into the Augusta City Center. At first glance, this may not have seemed too inconspicuous, but after slamming the cup onto the counter, people probably started to take notice rather quickly. Continue reading