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Why You Need To Exterminate Ticks

Why You Need To Exterminate TicksWhen it comes to pest control measures, most people immediately think of termites and other similar pests that can infest a home and cause major damage. But another common problem for homeowners is easy to forget about at first – ticks. Learning why and how to exterminate ticks is important and can help keep your family safe and ensure that you enjoy every minute of the spring and summer months. Continue reading

Are You Prepared For The Upcoming Mosquito Season?

Mosquito Control - Prepared For The Upcoming Mosquito Season?Mosquito season is quickly nearing. Temperatures will soon be surpassing those of the winter, allowing mosquito eggs to be laid and begin hatching. It won’t be long before hordes of mosquitoes seem to be taking over your front and back yard. As such, favorite outdoor activities will have to be canceled, due to the annoyance caused by the flying insects. This is why it is important to call a mosquito control service. Continue reading

Always Be On Your Guard With Lurking Termites

Always Be On Your Guard With Lurking TermitesTermites have been known to cause extensive and extremely costly damage to homes in Maryland. So, it is so important to learn how to guard yourself and your home against Annapolis termites. To do this, you need to know where they could be lurking, what the signs of a termite infestation are, and how to get things under control. Continue reading

Preparing For Mosquito Season In Maryland

Glen Burnie Mosquito Control - Preparing For Mosquito SeasonWhile the peak of mosquito season in Maryland is during the summertime, you can still experience these annoying pests during the spring as well. To properly protect yourself and your family from these potentially dangerous pests, you need to learn all you can about mosquitoes in Maryland, including how Glen Burnie mosquito control can help rid your property of its mosquito infestation. Continue reading

Ticks In The Home? What Do You Do?

Annapolis Exterminators - Ticks In The Home? What Do You Do?When we think of ticks, we don’t usually consider them an indoor pest. They are more of an outdoor pest we often find ourselves battling. However, it is important to know that they can be outdoors as well as indoors, so there are a few things you can do around the home to help prevent this kind of infestation from happening including calling Annapolis exterminators. Continue reading

Keeping The Mosquitoes At Bay

Mosquito Control Service - Keeping The Mosquitoes At Bay Mosquitos are definitely a nuisance but they can also be dangerous so it is important to understand the importance of keeping the mosquitoes at bay as much as possible. In addition to calling a licensed and professional mosquito control service to help remedy the problem, there are also a few more natural ways you can deal with the mosquitoes at home as well. Continue reading

Avoiding Maryland Bed Bugs During The Fall Months

Bug exterminator - Avoiding Maryland Bed Bugs During The Fall MonthsBed bugs are definitely an annoyance and one of the biggest fall pests you may have to contend with in Maryland. There are also very few pests that are as disturbing as bed bugs too. Our bug exterminator service finds that these pests in your home can cause panic and rightfully so. Continue reading

Getting Rid Of Ticks This Fall

Annapolis exterminators - Getting Rid Of Ticks This FallMany people think that ticks disappear during the fall months because of the cooler weather conditions. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth according to Annapolis exterminators. Some species of ticks may not be as active during the fall and winter months but they don’t just go away. Continue reading

The Trouble With Maryland Mice During The Spring

Pest Removal - The Trouble With Maryland Mice During The SpringWhen you suspect that mice have made their way into your Maryland home, then you may be scratching your head as you search your mind for the best way to eradicate the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future. While we feel as if the winter months are the most problematic when it comes to mice and other pests, we need to remain vigilant as homeowners because they can also cause trouble during the spring months as well. It is important to call the right pest removal company. Continue reading