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Five Tips From Maryland’s Local Pest Control Experts To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Fall

Five Tips From Maryland’s Local Pest Control Experts To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This FallAs the weather gets cooler, we spend more time indoors. Sadly, so do pests. Pests see our warm Maryland homes as a place of shelter with food sources galore during the colder months. However, no one wants to spend the winter season with pests. To help you keep these pests out of your home, there are some things you can do this Fall. As your local pest control company, here are some steps we recommend you take this Fall to keep the pests away: Continue reading

Exterminate Ants And Protect Your Investment

Annapolis Exterminators - Ants And Protect Your InvestmentAnts live in colonies. Seeing one in your home might indicate that there are more of them somewhere inside your property. Once ants find their way into your home, they might stay there for good. You might think that you can live with them, but you should be careful because they might not be as innocent as you think. Carpenter ants are as damaging as termites. They tend to nest in wooden parts or the insulation of homes. These insects can cause structural damage if they build their nests near the foundations. To prevent further damage, one can either get rid of them or hire Annapolis exterminators. Continue reading

Do You Need A Mosquito Control Service In The Winter?

Do You Need A Mosquito Control Service In The Winter?With the first snow of the season hitting the ground in Maryland, most of us are relieved that we won’t see mosquitos again until next summer. However, mosquitoes aren’t like the leaves on the trees, they don’t die off in the wintertime. They just become less active. Even though you can’t see them buzzing about, it doesn’t mean they are gone. That is why you need a mosquito control service to help. Continue reading

Do Not Let Pests Take Over Your Maryland Home

Maryland Pest Services - Do Not Let Them Take Over Your HomeOne of the worst things that can happen to your house is to have unwanted guests. We are not just talking about unannounced visitors here. We are referring to pests. Pests do not just stay in people’s houses for days. They can completely take over the whole property if the inhabitants fail to exterminate them properly. Maryland homes can be vulnerable to possible pest attacks. Among the animals that every Maryland resident needs to look out for are mosquitoes, termites, ticks, mice, roaches, bees, ants, bed bugs, and rats. That is why one should find a Maryland pest services company as soon as you find an infestation. Continue reading

Do I Have To Worry About A Mole Infestation In The Winter?

Do I Have To Worry About A Mole Infestation In The Winter?With winter finally rearing its head in Maryland, many people think that their outdoor pest control problems are gone until the spring. Unfortunately, not all pests hibernate during the cold months, many stay active including moles. Moles do not hibernate at all. So they can spend the entire winter, unbeknownst to you, tearing up your yard and creating a mole infestation. Most Maryland homeowners don’t discover these issues until it is too late. Continue reading

Bed Bug Facts Every Glen Burnie Resident Should Know

Bed Bug Facts Every Glen Burnie Resident Should KnowBed bugs are common pests that attack residential areas. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have declared bed bugs as a public health pest. This is why you need Glen Burnie bug exterminators. Continue reading

Why You Should Be Worried About Termites

Glen Burnie Termite Control - Why You Should Be WorriedTermites are very common in the Glen Burnie suburbs. These small but terrible insects are the cause of broken furniture and unstable foundations. People tend to ignore a termite problem once they see one but that’s a big mistake. If you see more than a few crawling on your walls, it is the perfect time to call Glen Burnie termite control experts such as ourselves. Here’s why you should be worried about these nasty biters. Continue reading

Why Turning A Blind Eye To Rodents Is A Big Mistake

Glen Burnie rodent control service - Why Turning A Blind Eye To Rodents Is A Big MistakeWhen people hear the word “pest,” they immediately associate the term with bugs and other creepy crawlies. What they don’t know is that mammals like rodents are considered as pests as well. In fact, rodents are some of the most destructive and most dangerous pests out there which makes our Glen Burnie rodent control service a must for infested homes. Continue reading

Top Pests That Keep Bugging Glen Burnie

Glen Burnie Exterminators - Top Pests That Keep BuggingGlen Burnie is a place that’s split between nature and urbanization. As much as we love the wild and natural wonders of the world, we can’t help but feel annoyed by the pests that come with it. Luckily, for Glen Burnie exterminators such as ourselves, these pests can be dealt with easily. Just what are the common pests that you can see in this CDP in Maryland? Continue reading

The Three Household Pests That Are A Danger To Your Health

Maryland Exterminators - Three Household Pests That Are DangerousPest problems aren’t just about keeping your home and belongings safe from pesky bites. Our duty is mostly dedicated to protecting our clients from the various health risks that come with certain pests. If you see one of these pests in your home, then it might be time to call the best Maryland exterminators possible to avoid an unwanted trip to the hospital. Continue reading