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Don’t Spend Your Summer Vacation With The Kids Fighting Pests

It’s that time of year again. The little ones will soon be home all day for rest and relaxation. No more getting up early and spending the day in a stuffy classroom. Of course, after a few weeks, parents may be wishing it was time for them to go back again, but that is beside the point. Backyard bar-b-ques, sleepovers, and family nights are great ways to create strong and lasting bonds. The point is that you should be spending your time doing something fun and exhilarating, not fighting pests and becoming annoyed. Continue reading

Follow These Simple Tips To Help You Pest Proof Your Home

A pest can come in a variety of species, shapes, and sizes. Bigger ones can consist of squirrels, rats or mice, while smaller ones can include ants, roaches, and even bees. There is no sure fire way to stop all pests from coming in your home, but there are ways to prevent most of them from gaining access. Health factors, safety issues, and structural integrity become a concern when many of these pests are present. These tips are designed to help you stop pests from having an entry point into your home, as well as being budget friendly so you don’t have to break the bank. Continue reading

An Invasive Type Of Ant That Maryland Residents Should Familiarize Themselves With

An Invasive Type Of Ant That Maryland Residents Should Familiarize Themselves WithThere is just something about the Spring and Summer seasons that make ant colonies thrive. It seems that if you happen to run over 1 ant bed while mowing your grass, 3 more will pop up the next morning. Ant hills start appearing in your yard and as soon as you treat that hill, instead of the colony dying, it relocates to a different location. If you are not careful, they can find their way into your home and become a real nuisance. Continue reading

Common Reasons That Mice May Move Into Your Home This Summer

We all know that feeling that you get when you see something scurry across your floor. Your stomach seems to jump into your chest and panic starts to set in. Insects and bugs are one thing, however, mice and rats are a completely different ball game. They chew items such as wiring, which could increase the risk of a fire occurring, leave holes in your drywall, and find their way into food that has not even been opened yet. This not only poses a threat to your health and safety, but it can also have a huge impact on your budget. Continue reading

How To Avoid Chigger Bites With These Helpful Tips

Hunters, birdwatchers, and outdoor enthusiasts have likely had the opportunity to meet chiggers up close and personally. These are the larvae of mites in the genus Eutrombicula, and their bite can make you want to scratch the affected area for an extended period of time. This can often remove the mite, but in many instances, it may also cause a secondary infection. Continue reading

An Emerald Ash Borer May Be To Blame If You Start Noticing Dead Tree Branches

Emerald ash borers are an invasive species that pose a threat to Ash trees in Maryland as well as other parts of the United States. If an infestation occurs, even large trees can die in approximately as little as 3 years time. Although this may not affect you or your home directly, it can have drastic and overwhelming consequences on your landscaping. Once Ash trees die they become very brittle, so it is important to treat for this invasive species while your trees are still healthy. Continue reading

These Stinging And Biting Insects May Cause You To Need An Exterminator

Some of the most common symptoms associated with insect bites or stings are pain, itching, and swelling. However, in some instances, severe allergic reactions can occur, which may pose a risk to your overall health. There are a variety of different insects in the Maryland area that bite or sting. When these guys start building nests in, or on, your home you may want to consider having an exterminator take care of the problem for you. Continue reading

Why Can’t We Get Along With Rats?

Not everyone reacts to rats, mice, and other vermin with surprise and disgust. For many people, these animals are downright fascinating, and others would say they deserve to live and make their way through the world just as much as any human. And that’s a fine philosophy to have. However, there are some very good reasons why wild mice and rats should not live in the same spaces as humans. Continue reading

The 4 Stages Of An Ant’s Life Cycle

Ants are some of the most unique insects in the animal kingdom. When you think of the word “insect,” what comes to mind is most likely a fly, mosquito, or beetle, flying bugs that show up in swarms but otherwise don’t work together unless they’re mating. But while some ants can fly, they usually stick to the ground and tend to burrow into the ground to create communal nests. And the ant’s life cycle is directly tied to this community. Continue reading