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Environmental Friendliness Is Not Just A Sales Gimmick

Environmental Friendliness Is Not Just A Sales GimmickIn today’s data-overloaded world, with advertising, marketing and promotion just about anywhere—and often in the palm of your hand, thanks to modern phones—it’s getting hard to take anything at face value. Between the debates over what’s fake news, and what’s truth in advertising, when a company now makes a claim, it’s pretty understandable that you’d show some skepticism about supposed perks or benefits that come with a product. Continue reading

Don’t Wait Until Summer When Mosquitos Are Out Of Control, Prevent Them This Spring

 Don’t Wait Until Summer When Mosquitos Are Out Of Control, Prevent Them This SpringMosquitos are more than just an annoyance. They can carry and transmit very dangerous diseases. Preventing them from getting on your property is an important way to keep your family safe. If you really want to prevent them this summer, don’t wait to start treatments. They live all year long, they are just mostly active in the summer. So if you really want to keep your yard mosquito-free all summer long, now is the best time to begin treatments. Continue reading

Should You Try To Take Down A Hive Yourself?

Should You Try To Take Down A Hive Yourself?If you find that a bee hive, hornet or wasp nest has built up somewhere around your home, your first instinct is that you want to get rid of it. This is understandable, especially with wasp/hornet nests, since these insects can be especially aggressive and cause a lot of harm. Continue reading

Keep Mosquitos Out Of Your Gutters

Keep Mosquitos Out Of Your GuttersWe’re moving full steam ahead into spring now, and that means that the weather is going to get warmer, sunnier, and a lot of insect life is going to be preparing to breed and make full use of the great summer weather when it arrives. Unfortunately, while people look forward to the birds coming back, and the plants turning green, no one really welcomes the mosquitos, even though they are “part of the package” that the arrival of summer will bring.

If you don’t want to make yourself more vulnerable to mosquitos, the last thing you want is for them to become your neighbor. That can happen in many areas around your home, but one of the most common is your roof, and it’s easy for this to happen if you do just one thing; neglect your gutters in spring. Continue reading

A Clean Apartment Keeps Out Pests

A Clean Apartment Keeps Out PestsOne of the things that can make life in an apartment or condo building a bit more complicated is pest problems. If someone else in the building has pests, this can quickly spread to other units in the complex, thanks to the interconnected nature of plumbing, wiring, insulation and other structural elements. Continue reading

Choose A Top-Notch Extermination Company To Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes

Choose A Top-Notch Extermination Company To Protect Your Family From MosquitoesMost of the media attention surrounding flying insects these days is given to mosquitoes. Maryland is home to 59 different species, which occupy diverse habitats. Some live in the salt marsh, and others call the mountains home. They vary in color with many portraying shades of gray, black, green, or blue. Most people consider mosquitoes nuisances as they fly around creating buzzing in the ears. Plus, when females feed on blood, they leave behind a welt on the skin that becomes very itchy. Of course, no one can blame them for acting this way. The females cannot produce eggs without the blood meal, which would cause their species to become extinct. However, that does not mean that Maryland residents should let them feast as they please. Continue reading

Businesses Can Benefit From Hiring A Reputable Pest Control Technician

 Businesses Can Benefit From Hiring A Reputable Pest Control Technician There are a variety of different benefits that business owners can receive from hiring a pest control company to exterminate nuisances. Firstly, it is of the utmost importance for establishments to create a comfortable, healthy environment for visitors to enjoy. Rodents transmit diseases like Lassa fever, Asian Tiger mosquitoes can pass along the West Nile virus, and roaches cause allergy flare-ups along with asthma. Plus, if rats, mice, or insects become seen by patrons in a fast-food or fine-dining restaurant, the location will lose repeat business because word of mouth advertising travels fast. Continue reading

The Hibernating Habits Of Bats

The Hibernating Habits Of BatsBats eat a lot of insects, and for that, we are grateful. In the summertime, you’ll see them flying and weaving through the air, consuming a feast of pesky mosquitos. Having a healthy appreciation for the work they do, however, does not mean that you want them wintering in your attic. Continue reading

The Difference Between Bad And Beneficial Beetles

The Difference Between Bad And Beneficial Beetles It might technically still be winter, but in Maryland, it’s never too early to start planning your garden. In fact, most of you have probably already started your indoor seeds and are just waiting to get them out into the sun. Planning a garden takes more than seed and soil prep, however. Having a plan to keep the creepy creatures form destroying the verge should be the next thing on your list of things to do. Continue reading