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Pest Control Service – How Your Apartment Can Benefit

Owning an apartment building can be both rewarding and a hassle. On the one hand, there is a constant flow of money coming in from rent, and on the other, there are a lot of expenses that come along with the territory. Plumbing, electrical, and regular maintenance often top the long list of items that require regular upkeep, but they are necessary to keep renters happy and healthy. Managers and owners should also consider adding general pest control to their usual routine, and in turn, various benefits will come their way. Continue reading

Exterminate Rodents Before They Drive Your Customers Away

Exterminate Rodents Before They Drive Your Customers AwayMaryland restaurant and business owners should call our professional team at the first sign of a rodent’s presence to avoid the consequences associated with customer’s seeing them. Watching a mouse or rat scurry along the baseboard while enjoying a delicious meal does not do much for return business. In fact, it will have the opposite effect and send consumers to other locations for their needs. These types of instances may even result in lawsuits, health code violations, and more, so keep your business thriving and exterminate these pests as quickly as possible. Continue reading

Rising Flood Waters Might Leave You In Need Of General Pest Control

First off, let us start out by saying that our thoughts and prayers go out to the Texas residents dealing with the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey. A brief glance at the news or social media over the past week has shown the devastating impact that rising water can have on communities. Although this recent horrible act of mother nature does not necessarily affect Glen Burnie, or other areas of Maryland directly, it does show us how vulnerable any location can become. Continue reading

Could Venomous Fire Ants Find Their Way To Maryland?

If you’ve been turned into coverage of Hurricane Harvey, one of the phenomenon’s you may have seen is the survival instincts utilized by fire ants. These ants bond together within their colonies, which can reach 100,000, to stay afloat. Their floating nests have caused problems for Houston residents attempting to recover from the flooding. Continue reading

Consider Mosquito Control When You Hear Buzzing In Your Ears

Pesky and annoying are two of the most common words used to describe mosquitoes. They feed off of blood, transmit diseases, and leave behind an itchy raised bump on the skin. It takes all of one’s will power not to scratch the area, but the action is nearly impossible to stop. Most mosquito bites do not result in the recipient needing medical attention, but in some cases, they cause illnesses and even loss of life. Various species call Maryland home, including the dangerous Asian Tiger Mosquito, and residents should remain vigilant in their quest to stay healthy by using our mosquito control service to keep the population at bay. Continue reading

Allow Our Extermination Team To Put A Barrier Between Your Home And Pests

One of the best methods for keeping roaches, ants, spiders, and other pests out of the home is preventative pest control. Sprays become applied around foundations, entrances, and other locations to create an impenetrable barrier that when crossed kills the nuisances quickly to prevent them from infesting the structure. Baiting systems are another proven technique that eliminates termite, ant, and other populations. Your yard is the first line of defense against insects, rodents, and so much more. Continue reading

Pesticide Ban Recently Stuck Down

A Maryland County Circuit court recently struck down a decision that would have prevented pesticide use on private properties. The decision may set an important precedent moving forward for surrounding Maryland counties. Continue reading

Don’t Touch Those Rodent Droppings In Your Home

This is one of those messages that bears constant repetition as a matter of safety for yourself and any children you may have in your household. If you’ve got rodents in your home, there may be times when you’ll need a professional to deal with the problem. But, there may also be times where, if you catch the problem early enough, you can deal with it yourself. Continue reading

Do Ultrasonic Devices Really Work For Pest Repellents?

It’s probably because they are small, furry, and, with the right presentation, cute, but rodent pests like rats and mice often get a more compassionate reaction from people than cockroaches or termites in the home. Maybe that’s just a matter of sympathy for a similar species since people, dogs, cats and rodents are all mammals, but it sometimes results in people wanting to be a little more humane in dealing with rodent pests. Continue reading

Achieve Repeat Business By Giving Customers Mosquito Free Areas

Mosquitos are annoying nuisances that leave behind itchy, raised welts on the skin. Humans and animals alike are food sources for them, and they are notorious for transmitting diseases like Zika and the West Nile virus. Shoppers are turning to online retailers for clothing, groceries, and almost every other necessity, so giving them a comfortable environment to shop, eat, or drink is essential for repeat business. Continue reading