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Three Signs You Have A Fly Infestation

Baltimore Fly Control Experts - Three Signs You Have A Fly InfestationDid you know that female house flies lay 100 eggs at a time and they all hatch within 24 hours? Flies reproduce quicker than almost every other household pest and can quickly infest your home. Having flies buzzing around is really annoying, but it can also be dangerous for your health. They crawl on almost everything and whatever they land on, including rotting food and feces they pick up and carry on their legs, allowing for disease and infections to spread. Here are three signs that you are dealing with a serious fly infestation and you should call Baltimore fly control experts. Continue reading

Should I Be Worried About An Old House Borer Infestation?

Should I Be Worried About An Old House Borer Infestation?Maryland residents have a lot of pests to be concerned about entering their home. Across Baltimore County, there are widespread infestations of bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites. One of these damaging pests is often overlooked, the old house borer. These wood-eating beetles can cause Baltimore County homeowners just as many problems as the more known pests. So it is extremely important that you understand what these pests are and how they can damage your home. Continue reading

How To Tell The Difference Between A BudBug And A Flea Bite

Maryland Exterminators - Difference Between BudBug And Flea BiteBed bugs and fleas have a lot in common. They look pretty similar, they both feed on blood, and they are both difficult to get rid of when they infest your home. As a result, often times when customers call us they don’t know if they have fleas or bed bugs infesting their homes. So here’s a guide to help you determine if you are being attacked by bedbugs or fleas. Continue reading

How To Identify A Cockroach Egg

Baltimore Roaches Control - How To Identify A Cockroach EggA roach infestation isn’t always apparent to a Baltimore homeowner. Roaches are infamous for hiding in crawl spaces, cupboards, and under furniture. They only come out when they think it is safe and will scurry at the first sign of danger. One of the most obvious signs of a cockroach infestation is the presence of eggs. However, very few people know what a cockroach egg looks like and how to identify them in their home. If you need help, contact Baltimore roaches control experts at once.  Continue reading

Four Ways To Keep Moles Out Of Your Yard

Mole Infestations - Four Ways To Keep Moles Out Of Your YardThere is nothing that will ruin your pristine yard faster than mole infestations. Though they are often unseen when they are borrowing, their damage will be apparent in a few days. Moles don’t just cause your lawn to die in areas where they dig their tunnels, they can cause serious tripping hazards that can lead to bad injuries. The best way to get rid of moles is to keep them out of your yard in the first place. Continue reading

Are Flea Bites Dangerous?

Annapolis Flea Control - Are Flea Bites Dangerous?Many people think that fleas only attack our pets. Though cats, dogs, and our other furry friends are their ideal host, fleas will often attack humans. Some species of flea will even settle on humans. If you find yourself covered in flea bites, you may be wondering if they are dangerous. Continue reading

Why Fly Swatters Work

Baltimore Fly Control - Why Fly Swatters Work To Get Rid Of PestsThe fly swatter is a standard household tool throughout most of the United States. Flies are big, noisy, and distracting, and worst of all they spread diseases by landing first on trash and then on food you plan on eating. Flies are also hard to pin down or swat with your hand, which is why the fly swatter can be so useful or you can call Baltimore fly control. But what makes it more effective than usual? Continue reading

When To Call In Pest Control?

Glen Burnie Maryland pest services When To Call In Pest Control?When you own a home, it’s your responsibility to keep it in good shape. That can mean taking care of basic maintenance, repainting the walls, cleaning the floors, dusting the shelves, and a whole lot more. You can save a lot of money each year by learning how to inspect and maintain home appliances and repair basic structure damage, but there are times when the average homeowner needs to let the professionals take over. Here are some of the times homeowners in central Maryland should call for Glen Burnie Maryland pest services. Continue reading

Ways That Roaches And Rodents Could Wreak Havoc On Your Business

Glen Burnie Maryland pest services Ways That Roaches And Rodents Could Wreak Havoc On Your BusinessMany people, even those right here in Maryland, try their luck at opening their own business, and why not? They get to be the boss, pick what products or services they sell and create the schedule. Not to mention, when proprietors are successful, they reap the reward of having plenty of money in their bank accounts. However, when insects or rodents are present, things can go in a downward spiral quickly. The only thing you can do is call Glen Burnie Maryland pest services to help. Continue reading