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Can You Get Rid Of Termites By Yourself?

Can You Get Rid Of Termites By Yourself?When it comes to rodents, most professionals will recommend that if the infestation is in its early stages, and you don’t have many mice or rats in the home just yet, you should try to contain the problem yourself. After all, if you can save on the significant investment of an exterminator by being early and diligent with rodent traps, why shouldn’t you do this?

But what about when it comes to termites? Is it possible for you to take care of this issue yourself, or should you call in some expert Shady Side termite control for help?

Location Matters

Unlike a rodent or bed bug infestation, where the numbers are smaller, and it’s possible to exterminate every last pest, the big issue with termites is their ability to reproduce. Termites appear in huge numbers, and this is all thanks to a queen termite that lays all the eggs that mature into more termites for the colony. As long as the queen survives, the termite colony can recover from reduced numbers.

This means that whatever termite extermination method you use needs to reach the queen somehow. Professional Shady Side termite control has different techniques to achieve this. General consumer products and techniques are a bit more limited and may run into real trouble if the queen is not actually in the home, but is still situated underground, as one example.

The Degree Matters

Another factor is how widespread the infestation became before you realized you had a problem. Termites can, potentially, be in a home for years without getting noticed. If the infestation has proliferated through a wide area of a building, you may need to call professional Shady Side termite control to help assess how compromised the structural integrity of the building may already be.

Termites are one of the most difficult pest infestations to deal with. So while it may be possible to address this situation yourself, this is often the most challenging choice to make, with a significantly lower success rate.

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