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3 Simple Steps To Protect Against Termites

3 Simple Steps To Protect Against TermitesAs far as household pests go, none cause as much worry or concern as the termite. These collective insects eat dead trees, and while that’s a valuable service in a forest full of fallen logs and branches it’s a serious danger when you live in a house built from dead trees. Continue reading

3 Bite Marks (And The Bugs That Leave Them)

3 Bite Marks (Mosquitos And The Bugs That Leave Them)There are a lot of parasites out there, insects and other creatures that drink your blood in order to survive and thrive. Each species has its own techniques and strategies, and so protecting yourself from them and removing infestations from your home often demands that you know what kind of parasite you’re dealing with. Continue reading

What Happens To Termites In Winter?

What Happens To Termites In Winter?Some insects live in annual patterns: hatching in spring, growing big in summer, and then maturing and laying eggs of their own in fall. Other species hibernate during winter, entering a low-energy state that lets them conserve their calories until they can start finding food sources again. However, some insects never become inactive even during winter, and unfortunately, the subterranean eastern termite is part of that last category. Continue reading

What Fall Means For Pest Insects?

What Fall Means For Pest InsectsIf you’re not fond of pest insects or arachnids like mosquitoes, ticks, or biting flies, then fall is a great season for you. Not only does the weather cool down from the humid heat of a Maryland summer, the bugs all either die off or go into a months-long hibernation until the weather warms back up again. However, not every insect goes away at the same time, and different species have different strategies for surviving the winter. Because of that, fall can be a bad time for insects getting into homes and warm businesses. Continue reading

Watch Out For Rodents In Search Of Warm Nests

 Watch Out For Rodents In Search Of Warm NestsWhen the weather starts turning cold, both plants and animals change with the seasons. Deciduous trees lose their leaves, insects either hibernate or dig deeper nests to avoid the frost, and rodents look for a warm place where they can build a nest to wait out the lean winter months. All of that is just a part of nature when you’re looking at the forests and marshes of the wild parts of Maryland, but rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels can be a real problem if they decide your house is the best place to hide when it’s cold out. Continue reading

Tips To Keep Pests Out This Fall

Tips To Keep Pests Out This FallAs we move into the heart of fall and winter begins to approaches, it’s essential that you take time to evaluate your pest control measures. The fall months are when you’ll likely begin to see an uptick in rodents and pests. Consider these tips to help keep pests out of your home this fall. Continue reading

The Winter Moth Caterpillar May Be Becoming Less Of A Problem

The Winter Moth Caterpillar May Be Becoming Less Of A ProblemThe winter moth caterpillar is an invasive species that has caused problems throughout the Northeastern United States for years. Although the pest has not been that problematic for Marylanders, there were signs that the caterpillar’s population was growing as it expanded the Eastern seaboard, where it would have likely wreaked havoc on maple and white oak trees in Maryland. Continue reading

Preventing A Termite Infestation

Preventing A Termite InfestationTermites can be a problem for any homeowner. They are silent workers who can destroy the internal structure of your home without you realizing it. Before you know it, termites could have caused tens of thousands in damage. In fact, the pests are responsible for more than $5 billion per year in property damage across the United States. Consider these tips to prevent a termite infestation in your home. Continue reading

Lanternfly Populations Are Becoming A Huge Problem

Lanternfly Populations Are Becoming A Huge Problem


A few years ago, farmers in Berks County, Pennsylvania came across an invasive species known as the spotted lanternfly. Although officials have made efforts to control the spotted lanternfly, there’s a growing concern that populations are set to boom as the pest spreads across the United States. Continue reading