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Seeing Home Maintenance In A New Light

termite controlRegardless of whether a person owns a commercial or residential structure, most individuals will comment on the fact that sustaining a structure can become an overwhelming task. Although commercial building owners are more apt to retain professional help for maintenance chores, homeowners do take great pride in being able to uphold the beauty and functionality of the home on their own. However, as most Glen Burnie residents also know, there are many times that household tasks will begin to pile up. Continue reading

Negotiating With Mother Nature

Negotiating With Mother NatureFor Maryland residents, being close to nature is one of the positive aspects of living on the Chesapeake Bay. However, this also means that a certain balance between the human and the wild animal populations is always a consideration. This can become even more difficult with insect pests, since their presence is not always noticed, and the process of balance can be more complicated. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning For Anne Arundel Homes And Properties

termite infestationAs the weather appears to finally be evening out to consistently warmer temperatures, residents in Anne Arundel County are also emerging from their homes to begin the spring cleaning of property and house. Although many people will start their indoor cleaning just as soon as the climate allows for the opening of windows, spring yard work may not start in earnest until summer is just truly getting underway. Continue reading

Planning Ahead For Comfort And Safety Through Maryland Summers

pest control companyAs the fluctuations from this spring have shown us, it can be difficult to predict the weather. However, meteorologists can still forecast general trends that will affect Maryland throughout the remainder of the year, based on changes in the Gulf Stream and other major air and water currents. This has led to the general consensus that a fairly hefty hurricane season could be about to hit. Continue reading

Keeping Maryland Properties Vermin Free

Keeping Maryland Properties Vermin FreePests in the home can quickly become a cause for concern, since the damages that may be caused by rodent or by insects can be significant. However, at BUGOUT we often find that once Maryland homeowners realize they have an infestation in their dwelling, much of the harm has already been done. This also means that catching the presence of vermin at an earlier point in time, and taking precautionary measures, can result in a less worrisome solution to the issue. Continue reading

Hire Pest Control Services To Fight Pests And Insects

pest control servicesAs the weather warms up across the state of Maryland, many residents seem to be appearing in their yards at the same rate as the daffodils rising through the dirt. One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in coastal Maryland is the fact that we have such splendid nature so close at hand. For many residents, this can be as close as the backyard, especially on properties that border the wetlands. Continue reading

Get Vermin Control Professionals, Call BUGOUT Pest Control

vermin controlWhile residents of Howard County should certainly be concerned with keeping their home and property pest free, they are also concerned about safety when it comes to eliminating vermin. With the many wetlands in this region, mosquitoes are not only a major problem, but extermination methods also need to pass a rigorous standard to reduce any possible environmental impacts to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

At BUGOUT, we are also highly concerned with the safety of Howard county residents and their companion animals, regardless of what type of extermination measures are required. For this reason, we also utilize our extensive knowledge of the different species in order to find the solution that will fit everyone’s needs. Continue reading

Call Maryland Exterminators To Manage Bug And Pest Threats

Maryland ExterminatorsAs the evenings continue to stay lighter and warmer, many residents of Severna Park are beginning to have backyard get-togethers with neighbors and friends. Although the slight chill in the night time air makes it ideal for sitting around a fire or grilling, that slight chill is also masking possible troubles that could arise as it continues to get warmer.

For people who are already spending more time outdoors, this part of the year can be a treat for yard work, since being plagued by constant mosquitoes is not yet a part of the equation. However, as the temperatures begin to rise, these insects can not only ruin a perfectly good time outside, they can also cause greater harm from disease. Continue reading

The Little Things That Add Up To Major Home Repairs

pest controlAt BUGOUT, we often find that many Maryland residents adopt the attitude that as long as insects and vermin stay outdoors, then there is nothing to worry about. The problem with this perspective is that it is based on the concept that as long as pests are not seen in the home, then all is well. However, most major infestations that we have dealt with have been situations where insect activity was not immediately apparent, until we dug deeper.

One of our clients had actually contacted us after they had accidentally discovered that their home was infested with ants. Although the customer had never seen any indication of ants in the home prior to contacting us, this individual had been noticing that they were experiencing electrical problems throughout the home. This had apparently been ongoing for several months, and it was only when all outlets in the home started acting up that the homeowner decided to call for help. Continue reading

The Dangers Of Coming Out Of Hibernation

pest companyAs it appears that the summer has finally arrived in Pasadena, MD, many residents are dusting off their gardening tools and hosing down their lawn furniture to prepare for the season. However, it should be noted that this time of year is also one that reports the highest amount of spider bites and bee stings for acute care. Although it may be understandable that this will occur as people begin to spend more time outdoors, it is actually an indoor problem that can be the source of this situation. Continue reading