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Why Preventative Pest Control Is The Right Call

Why Preventative Pest Control Is The Right CallMaryland is one of the most famous states in the country. Often considered the birthplace of religious freedom, it’s home to more than 6 million people and some of the most historic locations in the nation. No matter where you live – Howard County, Baltimore County, Arundel County, or the surrounding areas – it’s important that you take steps to protect yourself and your family from all the negative things that can impact them.
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What To Expect From A Pest Control Service

What To Expect From A Pest Control ServiceMaryland is home to nearly 6 million people, lots of historic locations, and plenty to see and do. However, it’s also home to countless pests, and dealing with them is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your home. Areas from Severna Park to Columbia, from Catonsville to Pasadena, and beyond can face infestations of a wide range of different pests including:
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Maryland Pests Include Much More Than Just Insects

Maryland Pests Include Much More Than Just InsectsIf you’re one of the almost 6 million people who live within the state of Maryland, you’re already fully aware of the fact that the state is home to plenty of natural pests that can ruin an otherwise great day. Whether it’s in your lawn, on your deck, or in your home, a pest can have a tremendously negative impact on your property in a wide range of different ways.
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Understanding The Risk Posed By Mosquitos

Understanding The Risk Posed By MosquitosAsk most people what the world’s biggest killer is and you’ll likely get a wide range of responses. What many people don’t realize is that when it comes to animals, the lowly mosquito has actually caused more deaths than practically any other creature on the planet. The reason is simple – mosquitos can transmit a wide range of diseases.
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Removal And Prevention Are The Two Steps To Effective Pest Control

Removal And Prevention Are The Two Steps To Effective Pest ControlMaryland residents have plenty to love about the state they live in. It’s historic, beautiful, and filled with plenty to see and do – this probably explains why almost 6 million people live within its borders. However, homeowners here do have some issues that they have to deal with and one of the biggest is certainly the management of pests. At Bugout Termite and Pest Control, Inc. we’ve been helping Maryland residents for more than two decades, and we serve a huge service area that includes Severna Park, Annapolis, Arnold, Baltimore, Columbia, Pasadena, and more.
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A Closer Look At Termites

A Closer Look At TermitesWhen most people think of pests that can impact their home, it’s likely that they will think of termites. Few insects can have quite the same lasting effect on your home, and that’s a key reason that it’s important to take a closer look at this pest and understand what you can do to prevent them from destroying your house. Whether you live in Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, or the surrounding region, Maryland homes are susceptible to damage from termites and as such it’s important that you learn more about them.
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What Is Preventative Pest Control?

What Is Preventative Pest ControlWhenever a discussion focuses on the control and eradication of pest infestations, we are oftentimes reminded of the age-old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Granted, Benjamin Franklin was probably not thinking about controlling household pests when he coined the phrase. However it still applies here in that preventing this problem from occurring in the first place will save you a great deal of effort, time, and most importantly, money. So it follows that preventative pest control can go a long way to preventing any problems in the future.
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Mosquitos And The Threat Of Disease

Mosquitos And The Threat Of DiseaseThere are literally thousands of species of mosquitos that inhabit our planet. However, even though there are only about 150 of them here in the US, Maryland sees their fair share of them, especially in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard Counties. Although these pests feed on some nectar, animal and human blood is their primary source of nutrition, especially during the egg-laying stage. For the most part, mosquitos are relatively dormant during the daytime while their most common feeding times are around dawn and dusk. Continue reading

Seasonal Pest Control In Anne Arundel, Baltimore, And Bowie Counties

Seasonal Pest Control In Anne Arundel, Baltimore, And Bowie CountiesMany residents living in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard Counties and cities such as Annapolis, Arnold, Bowie, Glen Burnie, Catonsville, Columbia, Pasadena, and Severna Park have a need for pest control services throughout the year. No matter what type of pest has invaded your home, they each pose a different type of threat to you, your family members, and your pets. Despite the fact that battling with pests is an on-going task throughout the year in many of these areas we have listed above, there are different concerns that arise with each different season. Continue reading

Insects And Other Pests You Might Find In Your Maryland Home

Insects And Other Pests You Might Find In Your Maryland HomeWhether you live in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, or Howard Counties, you may have a variety of insects living in your home with you. What’s worse is that you may not even be aware of their presence. Homeowners in these Maryland counties are oftentimes shocked when they discover that they are infested. In many cases, DIY and over-the-counter products will not be sufficient enough to control and eliminate these infestations and hiring a professional pest control service is the recommended course of action. Continue reading