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Termite Control – Saying Goodbye To White Ants

Termite Control – Saying Goodbye To White AntsTermites are a widely studied insect. There are 3 designated types of termites. These are : Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Formosan Termites, and Dampwood Termites. All of these insects pose a great threat to your home and when given the chance they will do damage rather quickly. Here in Maryland we frequently combat Subterranean Termites. Continue reading

Maryland’s Top 5 Pesky Summertime Pests

Maryland’s Top 5 Pesky Summertime PestsWith the gorgeous warm weather of another Maryland summertime approaching, you’re probably thinking about days spent lazing in the sun and enjoying all that the season has to offer. Unfortunately, with this season also comes some of Maryland’s most dangerous, destructive, and pesky pets, and it’s wise to know just what to look out for before the summer goes into full swing. The summer season can also be thought of as the pest season, and Maryland’s top 5 pesky summertime pests are: Continue reading

5 Tips On How to Lessen Mosquitoes Around Your Home

5 Tips On How to Lessen Mosquitoes Around Your HomeWith summer quickly approaching, mosquitoes are about to be a big problem all around Maryland. Homeowners know the common ways on how to lessen mosquitoes around the house, such as emptying standing water pools and taking away obvious breeding grounds, but there are actually other ways to lessen the mosquitoes that come around your home as well. At Bugout Inc we want to help you to control your mosquito problem before it becomes a big one, and the 5 ways to lessen mosquitoes around your home are: Continue reading

5 Ways To Tell If There’s A Mouse In Your House

5 Ways To Tell If There's A Mouse In Your HouseMice tend to live and thrive within the walls of your home, which makes them particularly difficult to spot until the problem has grown to an infestation level. “As quiet as a mouse” is a phrase that rings pretty true when it comes to a couple of mice finding their way into your home, and their location will make them nearly impossible to see and even more difficult to hear unless you’re listening for them. With mice, a few rogue mice making their way in may not seem like a big deal, but these few can multiply incredibly fast, and before you know it you could be dealing with a full blown mouse takeover! 5 ways to tell if there’s a mouse in your house before the problem reaches infestation level are: Continue reading

The Basics On Termite Management

The Basics On Termite ManagementAt Bugout Inc, we feel that the best way to fully appreciate the seriousness of termites, and to learn the key to termite management or control, is to learn a bit about them first. While many know that a termite can cause expensive and sometimes irreparable damage to their home, they may know little else about these very common and very pesky little pests, but the best way to fully appreciate the termite is to get a bit better acquainted with them first. Continue reading

3 Types Of Maryland Spiders To Keep Out Of Your Home

3 Types Of Maryland Spiders To Keep Out Of Your HomeMaryland spiders come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties, but it’s important to know which are harmless and which can cause some serious problems. Finding a spider or two in the home isn’t a necessarily rare occurrence, but finding the wrong spider in the home can lead you to some serious complications. It’s never pleasant when spiders take up residence in your home, but it is best to know when it should be considered an emergency pest control situation and when it may not be too big of a deal. The 3 types of Maryland spiders you want to keep out of your home are: Continue reading

Learning How To Protect Your Home Against Mice

Learning How To Protect Your Home Against MiceAlthough mice are most likely to make their way in during the fall and early winter months, it’s never too early to protect your home against mice for the seasons to come. As spring and summer are upon us, and mice are living as they should be in fields and woodland areas around your home, the time will come again before you know it when they try to make your home into their own. At Bugout Inc, we want to help you to prepare your home before mice become a big problem, and a few ways on how to protect your home against mice infestation: Continue reading

How To Tell If It’s A Bed Bug Bite

How To Tell If It’s A Bed Bug BiteWith bed bugs, it can be difficult to tell if you have a bite or just another type of minor skin irritation. Bed bug bites do have distinct properties, however, and knowing if you have a bite early on can mean the difference between catching a bed bug problem early or waiting too long until it becomes an infestation. At Bugout Inc, we want to help you to discern bed bug bites from other bites or minor skin irritations, as we know that this can help drastically in eliminating bed bugs quickly. Continue reading

Solving Termite Problems: Baiting Vs Treatment

Solving Termite Problems Baiting Vs TreatmentBetween homeowners, professionals in pest control, and just about anyone else who deals with termites, there is a long ongoing debate as to which method is more effective between baiting or liquid termite treatment. While both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, many homeowners and professionals alike may swear by one method over the other for any myriad of reasons. We at Bugout Inc. want to clear the air about the difference between baiting and using termite treatment, and about what benefits each method holds should they be used in your home. Continue reading