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Are Spiders Actually Dangerous?

spider infestationSpiders have been a favorite target of monster and creature films thanks to the multiple eyes, eight legs and predatory nature of these creatures. When they’re blown up in size in film and television to be as big as a person, the alien nature of their appearance in comparison to ourselves and favorite pets is terrifying. But as monstrous as spiders may appear to be, in reality, most of them are quite small, and while it’s true that some of them are venomous, just how harmful are spiders to people? Continue reading

Why Are Ticks Dangerous?

Why Are Ticks DangerousUsually when we talk about pests that you bring exterminators in for, the usual suspects are roaches, termites or smaller rodents like mice and rats. Then there’s the tick, which doesn’t seem like it would be a big problem, and most of the time, it isn’t. But it’s those rare instances when an infestation becomes significant that you’ll probably want some professional help. Continue reading

You Can Stop Ants From Invading Your Home

how to stop ant infestationMost ants that come into a home are looking for one thing; food that you’ve left lying around. Ants have just one goal when they leave a colony, and that is to find the food to keep the colony growing. While a scout may randomly enter your home to check the area out, if they find nothing, they will leave. If they find a food source that’s suitable, however, the whole game changes, and they will leave a trail of pheromones back to the colony that other ants will be able to follow in order to continue exploiting this new food source. So what can you do if you find ants in your home? Continue reading

The Truth About Flea Infestation

flea infestationThe flea is not an unfamiliar pest for people with pets. Those that own cats or dogs know that these animals can pick up one or more fleas that can then proceed to make their life very uncomfortable. Usually, a simple treatment like a flea collar or a thorough bath with appropriate shampoo is enough to deal with small flea problems, but sometimes fleas can actually infest a home, especially if there are a lot of animals in the household, and the conditions are right. But how does this happen? Continue reading

Termite Prevention Tips

Termite Prevention TipsBy the time you notice termites in your home, it may be too late; they’ve probably been in your wooden structures for quite some time and the infestation is already heavy. But there are actually many steps you can take to discourage or prevent termites from invading your home in the first place. Continue reading

The Ant That Lives Like A Termite

The Ant That Lives Like A TermiteOf all the ants in the insect kingdom, it is the Carpenter ant that is the most damaging to people. It acts like most other ants in that it’s not hostile, and doesn’t pose much of a threat to humans, physical or even health-wise. Carpenter ants simply work for the good of the colony, searching for food, carrying it back, and caring for the young. Unfortunately for people, it does all this in the confines of wood, including that used for the construction of homes. Continue reading

What Happens If My Ant Problem Is Serious?

What Happens If My Ant Problem Is SeriousIf you find yourself in a situation where retail or do-it-yourself solutions to getting rid of ants aren’t working, then the only safe thing to do is call in a team of professionals, like those of us at BUGOUT, and deal with the situation. But what will happen if you decide to take this step? Continue reading

Know The Difference: Wasps, Hornets, And Bees

pest controlOften when one of these stinging insects fly into a room, you can find several people running out of the very same room. It’s no wonder people are afraid! These stinging insects have a pretty dangerous reputation and some are incredibly aggressive. However, many are unaware of the difference between them. This makes it hard to know whether the stinging insect your faced with is as dangerous as you think. So what is the difference between wasps, hornets, and bees? Continue reading

Exterminate Pests At Work, Prevent Office Mess

exterminate pestsNo one wants to share their home with a pest no matter how “friendly” they might be. However, your home isn’t the only place that can become infested with pests. You may not be sharing a home with pests, but you might be working along side them without knowing it. Pests like cockroaches, mice, and even bed bugs are especially common to find crawling around your workplace. But how did they get there in the first place? Continue reading

The Pests With Stingers

The Pests With StingersPests are not a subject most are eager to talk about nor to have living in your home. Sometimes even the pests outside can be a nuisance. Though there are many pests in Maryland, some of the most frightening are the ones with stingers. Whether it’s their large numbers or the stinger they wave around, stinging insects instantly fill us with a feeling of fear and fright. This only gets worse when we realize these pests are living comfortably in our own backyard. Continue reading