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Learning How To Protect Your Home Against Mice

Learning How To Protect Your Home Against MiceAlthough mice are most likely to make their way in during the fall and early winter months, it’s never too early to protect your home against mice for the seasons to come. As spring and summer are upon us, and mice are living as they should be in fields and woodland areas around your home, the time will come again before you know it when they try to make your home into their own. At Bugout Inc, we want to help you to prepare your home before mice become a big problem, and a few ways on how to protect your home against mice infestation: Continue reading

How To Tell If It’s A Bed Bug Bite

How To Tell If It’s A Bed Bug BiteWith bed bugs, it can be difficult to tell if you have a bite or just another type of minor skin irritation. Bed bug bites do have distinct properties, however, and knowing if you have a bite early on can mean the difference between catching a bed bug problem early or waiting too long until it becomes an infestation. At Bugout Inc, we want to help you to discern bed bug bites from other bites or minor skin irritations, as we know that this can help drastically in eliminating bed bugs quickly. Continue reading

Solving Termite Problems: Baiting Vs Treatment

Solving Termite Problems Baiting Vs TreatmentBetween homeowners, professionals in pest control, and just about anyone else who deals with termites, there is a long ongoing debate as to which method is more effective between baiting or liquid termite treatment. While both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, many homeowners and professionals alike may swear by one method over the other for any myriad of reasons. We at Bugout Inc. want to clear the air about the difference between baiting and using termite treatment, and about what benefits each method holds should they be used in your home. Continue reading

Effective Mosquito Population Control Around Your Home

Effective Mosquito Population Control Around Your HomeAs the weather warms up in and around the Maryland area, mosquitoes are something we’re going to have to keep our eyes out for. While they may seem like a simple nuisance, they can actually do quite a bit of harm especially when left unchecked. The warm moist air that comes in the spring and lasts all the way through fall is perfect for breeding and bringing mosquitoes, and just one bite from the wrong one, and you can find yourself in a whole heap of trouble. Continue reading

Protect Your House From Termites This Summer

Protect Your House From Termites This SummerWhen it come to Maryland’s pests, termites are far and away the most expensive when one considers the sheer amount of damage they can do to a home. An unchecked or unnoticed termite population living in your home can result in thousands of dollars in damage, or even losing the structural soundness of your home itself, so it’s always best to keep your eye out, prepare yourself, and to call in the professionals should you spot the first signs of a termite presence. Continue reading

Guarding Your Home Against Spring And Summer Ants

Guarding Your Home Against Spring And Summer AntsWhile typically pretty harmless, ants are one of the most frustrating spring and summer pests invading Maryland homes this spring and summer. If you find yourself with an ant infestation in your home, it won’t be just the warm weather seasons you have to worry about, and they can thrive within your space all year round when given the proper food sources. At Bugout Inc we want to help you to take the steps necessary to keep spring and summer ants from invading, and these can save you from the headache of facing an ant infestation problem. Continue reading

Getting Acquainted With Bed Bugs

Getting Acquainted With Bed BugsThe best way to understand bed bugs is to learn a little more about them, and while people don’t often look forward to getting acquainted with bed bugs personally, it doesn’t hurt to learn a little bit about them just in case you’re ever faced with a bed bug problem. Bed bugs are small flat bugs who feed on the blood of people and animals as they sleep, and what makes them particularly unique is that they can live for months without food or a food source. Because they can live so long without sustenance, they can travel quite well from place to place, and this is one bug that you never want to allow into your home. Continue reading

The Dangers of Bed Bug Bites

The Dangers of Bed Bug BitesBed bugs are a nuisance that has become more common in the news in recent years. With bed bugs, the simple act of travelling can bring them into your home, and they’re notoriously difficult to eliminate from your space. When you suspect bed bugs have found their way into your home, your best course of action to avoid bed bug bites is to call in a professional pest control service immediately to have your home properly treated. Continue reading

When Am I Likely To Find Mice In My Home?

When Am I Likely To Find Mice In My HomeKnowing just when you can expect mice to begin entering your home can give you a leg up when it comes to finding the signs of mice before the problem turns into an infestation. A couple of mice can turn into a lot of mice rather quickly, and the numbers will continue to multiply until the problem itself is solved. In Maryland, mice tend to make their way into residential homes during the fall, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take measures to stop mice that may want to get a head start or those that are looking for a warm place to sleep as the weather grows cooler. Continue reading

How Do Bed Bugs Travel?

How Do Bed Bugs Travel?One thing that many already know about is how well bed bugs travel, but when you bring bed bugs into your home you may be puzzled as to how they made their way inside without drawing your attention. While you may have packed your bags carefully, looked over everything while unpacking, and made sure to keep everything neat and tidy, bed bugs can still make their way virtually undetected until it’s too late and you’re facing an infestation. At Bugout Inc, we can make the bed bug travel mystery a bit less puzzling, and your likelihood of finding yourself with bed bugs has nothing to do with how diligent or tidy you may be. Continue reading