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Tips On How To Prevent Cockroaches In Your Home

Tips On How To Prevent Cockroaches In Your HomeCockroaches are disgusting. Sadly, they are also an extremely common and resilient house guest. Once cockroaches have made themselves at home, they can be near impossible to kick out. Before you find yourself stuck with some unwelcome house guests, you should follow these tips to keep your home a cockroach free place! Continue reading

Fleas vs Ticks: What’s The Difference?

Fleas vs Ticks What's The DifferenceFleas and ticks. Two pests you hope to never meet, but that seem to be very alike. However, these two are actually quite different in their hunting tactics, host choices, and even in the diseases they bring to the table. In order to protect yourself and your pets from theses parasites, you may want to know a little more about them and what makes them so different.

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3 Pests To Look Out For This Fall

3 Pests To Look Out For This FallAutumn can cause a lot of pest problems in Maryland due to the colder weather. As fall and eventually winter starts to settle in, so do many bugs, rodents, and other vermin. Here are a few pests that you should look out for this fall.

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Ask Professional Exterminators To Get Rid Of Rodents

Ask Professional Exterminators To Get Rid Of RodentsThere’s no getting away from mice and rats. These highly adaptable rodents have made their way into every part of the world, and highly urbanized areas are even more appealing environments to these animals than rural areas. Maryland, of course, is no exception to this, and both rats and mice can potentially be found everywhere, from the fields and forest to the average home or workplace. While not every structure is at high risk of rodent infestation, and not every infestation is serious, there are still a few things people should know about how and why rodents move into an area. Continue reading

Are Mosquitos Actually A Health Risk?

mosquito control?There’s no denying that mosquitos are capable of transmitting diseases to humans. A look at the history of disease transmission shows that illnesses like Yellow Fever and Malaria were the direct result of mosquitos biting people, with mosquito saliva entering the human bloodstream as the chief culprit in causing illness. However, most of the time when we hear about mosquito-borne disease, it takes place in tropical climates, like Southeast Asia, or South America. If most outbreaks of mosquito-borne disease are in warmer, more southerly parts of the world, then does that mean that temperate zones in the world like the USA are free from infection? Continue reading

Mosquito Control In Maryland

Mosquito Control In MarylandEven though mosquitos have not historically been a big problem for the Maryland area, the situation has been changing since the 1980s. Thanks to the introduction of the Asian Tiger Mosquito to America in 1985, this newer, more resilient, less water-dependent breed of mosquito has infiltrated all parts of the continent and raised mosquito activity considerably, even in Maryland. As a result, what used to be a minor annoyance in the summer is now a major inconvenience that even carries with it health risks like West Nile fever and St. Louis encephalitis for humans, and heartworm for cats and dogs. Continue reading

Black Widow Spiders In Maryland

Black Widow Spiders In MarylandThe spider has an unfortunate knack for being regarded with fear and squeamishness by people. Most spiders are in fact harmless to people, and in many ways, they can even be helpful, as they are natural predators of small insects, keeping the population of “bugs” under control in most homes or gardens where they are allowed to inhabit. Continue reading