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Black Widow Spiders In Maryland

Black Widow Spiders In MarylandThe spider has an unfortunate knack for being regarded with fear and squeamishness by people. Most spiders are in fact harmless to people, and in many ways, they can even be helpful, as they are natural predators of small insects, keeping the population of “bugs” under control in most homes or gardens where they are allowed to inhabit. Continue reading

Do You Have Bedbugs?

Do You Have BedbugsContrary to popular perception, the presence of bedbugs in a structure is not actually a reflection on the cleanliness of a home, hotel or building. Bedbugs are not inherently attracted to dirty places, and any location, whether it’s a mansion or a cottage, can play host to bedbugs because they are not looking for dirt, mold or brackish water to live in, they are looking for blood. And as long as people inhabit an area, bedbugs have everything they need, clean premises or not. So what are bedbugs, where do they come from, and how do you determine whether you now have them in your home? Continue reading

You Can Stop Pest Infestations Before They Start

You Can Stop Pest Infestations Before They StartWhile you should definitely call in our experts at BUGOUT when you have a serious pest problem, there are actually steps that almost any home or business owner can take to dramatically reduce the risk of infestation in the first place. Preventative measures for your home or workplace are just like anything that people would do or follow for the sake of health; taking careful precautions to make sure a problem never has a chance to occur. Here are a few of the things you can do with any structure to keep the pests out. Continue reading

The Asian Tiger Mosquito Has Taken Over Maryland

he Asian Tiger Mosquito Has Taken Over MarylandUnlike many of the pests that are found in the Maryland area, such as the Eastern Subterranean Termite or the Black Widow, the Asian Tiger Mosquito is not native to the area, and is, in some ways, a recent immigrant. As the name suggests, the Tiger Mosquito actually comes from Asia, but made its first appearance in the continental USA in 1985. Since then, it has spread to many other areas of the country, and Maryland is one of those regions that this new species now calls home. Unfortunately, unlike its local cousins, the Tiger Mosquito in some ways is more adaptable, and better suited to the Maryland region than the native insects. Continue reading

The Termite Maryland Should Really Worry About

The Termite Maryland Should Really Worry AboutThere are many different kinds of termites that can be found all over the continental USA, but the kind of termites in different regions changes based on the temperature and the availability of suitable food sources. The termites of Texas, for example, would never survive here in the Maryland area for the simple reason that they need warm, constant temperature throughout the year, and our Maryland winters would be lethal. Maryland does have its own brand of termite to contend with, however, and in some ways, they can be trickier to deal with than their more delicate southern cousins. Continue reading

Creatures Of The Night Might Be In Your Attic

Creatures Of The Night Might Be In Your AtticIt’s usually insects, mice and rats that get the lion’s share of attention when it comes to talking about pests. But bats are another extremely hardy species that has made a very successful transition to living alongside humans. The Maryland area, unfortunately, is no exception to playing host to these small, flying and resilient mammals. Continue reading

Maryland Local Ants That Target Your Home

ant infestationThe ant is found in almost every part of the world, and the Maryland area is no exception. However, the type of ant you encounter varies from region to region—and even in some cases areas within different regions—so while Maryland has its fair share of ants, there are three types of ants in particular that local residents should keep an eye out for in terms of risk and potential problems. Continue reading

Termite Control: Treatment & Baiting

Termite Control Treatment & BaitingTermite infestations can be incredibly damaging in any structure, whether it is a residence or workplace. The wood eating nature of these insects causes billions of dollars in damage in the USA every year. Because termites in the Maryland area belong to a subterranean species that rarely ventures out into the open, it can be quite some time before an untrained eye finally realizes that there’s an infestation in a structure and by that point the damage can be quite extensive. Continue reading

Common Maryland Garden Pests That Can Wreak Havoc On Your Plants

Common Maryland Garden Pests That Can Wreak Havoc On Your PlantsFew things are more beautiful than a well-tended garden in full bloom. Unfortunately, Maryland is home to a variety of common garden pests whose sole purpose in life seems to be chewing unsightly holes in your favorite ornamental shrubs and flowers. While some insects and arachnids can actually be beneficial, eliminating garden pests or pollinating plants, others cause nothing but trouble. Continue reading