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What You Should Know About Stink Bugs

get rid of stink bugsIts winter time and you can still see holiday lights and decorations all over. Though it may be cold out, there is nothing better than cozying up to hot cocoa and watching the snow fall. However, that also means that many pests are still sneaking in your home for warmth. One of the most common pests that you are probably finding in your home this year are stink bugs. Continue reading

What Should You Know About Carpet Beetles

get rid of carpet beetlesIn Maryland, there are three primary species of carpet beetle that may be causing trouble in your home. That includes varied carpet beetle, the common carpet beetle, and the furniture carpet beetle. However, it isn’t necessary to learn the difference between these three species because they pose the same dangers to your home. Here are just a few things you can expect when you find carpet beetles in your home.


Adult carpet beetles aren’t too bad. That is if you don’t mind having insects crawling around. When carpet beetles are adults, they tend to fly around your home and have no problem bumping into you while doing so. They mostly feed on pollen and nectar, but they may get into pantry foods such as rice, cereals, and flour. If these foods are sealed properly, you don’t have too much to worry about. But if they are unprotected, you may get an unpleasant surprise in your cereal.


Yes, these little buggers get their own section because there is a lot to say about the larvae alone. These caterpillar-like children of the carpet beetle. Here are some of the unpleasant things they may end up doing to your home:

  • The larvae of carpet beetle tend to feed on natural fabrics which includes clothing, carpets, and blankets. If you have not seen adult carpet beetles in your home and are finding holes, there is still a chance you may have a few larvae hanging around.
  • Carpet beetles tend to be attracted to the essential oils found in your hair which can cause them to crawl in bed with you and nibble on your hair. Creeped out yet? If that wasn’t bad enough, these beetles tend to leave an irritating rash for a few people.
  • Talking a bit more about that irritating rash. Both adult and young carpet beetles have a tendency to crawl in bed with you at night. Often the carpet beetle can be confused for bed bugs because the rash will have a similar appearance to bed bug bites.
  • Carpet beetle larvae will feed on dead insects, milled products, pet foods, crumbs, lint, felt, soiled clothing, and more. This large variety of food sources make them challenging to control with basic pest prevention skills.

If you find yourself with an infestation of carpet beetles, make sure you call in the experts at BUGOUT. These insects are not only challenging to control, but they are especially gross and creepy too. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to see what we can do for your pest control problem!

The Bed Bugs We Fight Are Getting Tougher

bed bug extermination serviceEvolution is about one thing; finding new ways to rise to life’s challenges and be better prepared to tackle them, hopefully finding ways to pass on that hard fought experience to a new generation in order to make their lives better. While this is an understandable behavior that we try to encourage in ourselves, our family and our societies in general, it’s something that also extends other species, even ones we view has hostile or harmful to us. After all, everything wants to live, and everything wants to find better ways to live. Continue reading

Sometimes One Bed Bug Is All It Takes

bug infestationBed Bugs have become a growing concern in recent years, not just in Maryland, but in almost every part of the world. One of the biggest problems when it comes to keeping Bed Bugs under control is their ability to breed. Bed Bugs, in similar fashion to cockroaches, can thrive and grow through in-breeding, that is, when the offspring of a single parent organism mature and reproduce with each other, rather than finding new mates outside of the immediate family. Continue reading

Your Plumbing Keeps Pests Under Control

Pest Control IncWhen people talk about pest control in the home, plumbing is not a factor that immediately comes to mind. However, despite the fact that people don’t give their plumbing much thought with how it relates to insects or rodents in the home, the state of a residence’s plumbing can play an absolutely crucial role in the survival of unwanted guests. Bad plumbing can be a source of water that keeps pests alive and healthy. Continue reading

Termite Damage Requires Professional Help

Exterminate TermitesThings are already bad when you realize you have termites, but they become considerably worse if it’s discovered that the termites have been in the home for a substantial period of time. And if they’ve been there for years, it can be potentially dangerous to the structural integrity of your home. Continue reading

A New Maryland Arrival: The Stink Bug

stink bug repellentBecause of the increased globalization we enjoy in the modern world, travel has become easier than ever. That’s a fantastic opportunity for growth and personal development when it comes to human tourists and immigrants, but unfortunately that same ease and convenience has benefited some unwelcome visitors. Maryland, for example, now plays host to the Asian Tiger Mosquito, a visitor from Japan that is now overtaking the local species as the dominant pest. But the Asian Tiger Mosquito isn’t the only visitor to Maryland. There’s another new arrival that, while not as dangerous to homes, is a new threat to Maryland’s farmers and gardening enthusiasts. Continue reading

Do You Have Silverfish?

Get Rid Of SilverfishMost pest infestations in the home will pose a threat to either the general health of the people in the home, or perhaps the actual structural integrity of the home, as termites eat the wood that makes up a home’s architecture. But there’s one insect pest that poses a unique threat. Although it feeds on starches and sugars that you can find in ordinary foods, this particular insect is the bane of book and wallpaper lovers everywhere. It is called the Silverfish. Continue reading

Maryland’s Resident Rodent: The Norway Rat

Maryland’s Resident Rodent: The Norway RatThe common rat, or brown rat, is the rodent that appears more frequently not just in Maryland, but most of continental America as well as Europe. Its full scientific name is “Rattus Norvegicus,” or “Norwegian Rat,” but despite the fact that this rodent is scientifically cataloged as a Norway Rat, that name is actually not accurate. Continue reading