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Helpful Advice For Preventing Tick Bites

 Helpful Advice For Preventing Tick BitesPeople and pets can get exposed to ticks year round, but the pests tend to be the most active between April and September. The creatures feed on blood, but because of their minuscule size, and thanks to a painless bite, most folks don’t even realize they were bitten. Most ticks find the homes of humans uninhabitable. However, the American Dog Tick, a species commonly found in Maryland, does not mind laying its eggs indoors. Continue reading

Health Risks Rodents May Pose

Health Risks Rodents May PoseRodents are one of the most devastatingly annoying and potentially dangerous pests you may face. They may be especially problematic during the cooler winter months when they are desperately searching for food and a warm place to live. Continue reading

Have Bed Bugs Hitchhiked Home with You?

 Have Bed Bugs Hitchhiked Home with You?As their name implies, bed bugs are typically found in beds and can also be found in small cracks. They can hitchhike on used furniture or linen you may have purchased. You may also find that they got a ride on some luggage, a backpack, clothing, or any other soft material you may have brought into your home recently. Continue reading

Maryland Foxes Could Save Us From Ticks

Maryland Foxes Could Save Us From TicksLyme disease has been on the rise in the USA in recent years, and even neighboring countries like Canada are reporting expectations of increased Lyme disease infection rates for 2018. But surprisingly, scientists, specifically biologists and ecologists, have found that Maryland may have a solution to keeping Lyme disease infection rates under control, and the answer may be the humble red fox. Continue reading

Store Your Left Overs For Greater Pest Control

Store Your Left Overs For Greater Pest ControlThe long, hot and humid days of summer are here, and that means that it’s the “high season” for a lot of pests. Home and business owners can expect “invasions” from just about any source, whether it’s termites moving into the woodwork of a building, or roaches investigating the kitchen of your home. Continue reading

Eradicate Outdoor Flying Insects To Start Enjoying Going Outside Again

 Eradicate Outdoor Flying Insects To Start Enjoying Going Outside AgainWhile many people look forward to the spring and summer months each year, other folks dislike the time because of flying insects. Men, women, and children alike can’t wait for the temperatures to warm so that they can swim, play games, or do their other favorite outside activities. However, their plans sometimes become thwarted thanks to bees, yellow jackets, mosquitoes, and wasps. Continue reading

Debunking Common Pest Control Myths

Debunking Common Pest Control MythsMany home and business owners feel that they know enough that they can perform their own pest control on their properties. Some also feel that if they don’t see these home invaders, then they can save the cost of hiring a pest control company. Continue reading

A Pest-Free Structure Makes For A Happy Home Or Office

A Pest-Free Structure Makes For A Happy Home Or OfficePeople have varying pest-related needs worldwide. They never know which type, when, or how many nuisances are going to invade their structures. When roaches, mice, rats, ants, or other pests bunker down inside, they start reproducing quickly, and the property can become overrun in a hurry. Not only do most of the insects and rodents have creepy appearances that send shivers down a person’s spine, but some species can even transmit diseases to humans and pets. Continue reading

You Don’t Need To Have A Pet To Have Fleas

You Don’t Need To Have A Pet To Have Fleas Think that you’re safe from flea infestations simply because you have no pets? Think again. Fleas are mysterious little creatures that can live for up to 100 days without a blood meal, giving them time to wait for a new host to feed on. They can get into your house a number of ways, begin feeding on you, and then take up residence in your carpeting, bedding, or yard. Continue reading