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For A Business, Pests Are More Than Inconvenient

For A Business, Pests Are More Than InconvenientFor a homeowner, when there’s a case of bed bugs, or mice in the home, it can be a nuisance, and, in some cases, can even pose some health risks. But it’s largely a personal matter that is contained to the home and the family. For anyone that’s running a business, however, whether it’s a start up at home, or a small, owned and operated business in your commercial or retail space, it becomes a much bigger problem. A pest issue for a business that is trying to remain profitable and establish good relations with customers and clients can have its livelihood threatened by the presence of pests. Continue reading

Not All Spiders Are Dangerous, But That Doesn’t Mean That You Have To Live With Them

Not All Spiders Are Dangerous, But That Doesn't Mean That You Have To Live With ThemInsects, spiders, rodents and other pests don’t abide by lines drawn on a map. They can become introduced into an area in various ways, and if the environment proves to be suitable, the nuisances tend to stick around. Two of the most dangerous arachnids are the black widow and brown recluse. They both have distinct characteristics that make identification a breeze. The female black widow has a red hourglass shape on the underbelly that tells people to stay away. Meanwhile, the brown recluse wears a dark-colored violin-shaped marking on its back. Both spiders have a potent venom that can cause the bite recipients to become ill. The inflictions often require medical attention, and on occasion, a bite can even lead to death. Continue reading

Moth Infestations Can Be Troublesome

 Moth Infestations Can Be TroublesomeHave you ever stepped outside at night and seen insects fluttering near a light? Many of these pests are moths, which can be problematic and difficult to get rid of. Often confused with butterflies because they are winged creatures similar in size and shape, moths are generally considered pests that can cause extensive damage both indoors and outdoors. Continue reading

Bed Bugs Can Follow You Across The World

Bed Bugs Can Follow You Across The WorldIn the USA, we’re pretty good these days about looking up a hotel that we’re about drive to in another state or city, to see online whether there are reports of bed bugs. If we see a report, we’re smart and we stay away, and there’s a good reason for that. If we’re just driving to the next city, or state, any bed bugs that get in our luggage are getting an easy trip to a new home. Continue reading

Keeping Pests Away From Your Indoor Plants

Keeping Pests Away From Your Indoor PlantsMany people believe that pests can only be harmful outdoors, but that’s not the case. In fact, many pests and rodents cause most of their damage indoors. If you are like most Maryland residents, you likely have at least a few plants inside of your home. If you have recently noticed that there are pests invading these plants, consider these tips to help manage the infestation. Continue reading

Is There Anything Worse Than A Roach Infestation?

Is There Anything Worse Than A Roach Infestation?Roaches are nasty, disease¬carrying creatures that can seem impossible to kill. Seeing one or two is not always a big deal, and homeowners are more than happy just to squish them with their shoe or swat them dead with a flyswatter. However, when a person turns on the light in the kitchen only to find what seems like a million of the nuisances scurrying about, they may need help from a professional to eliminate the infestation. Four types of roaches typically invade Maryland homes, which are the German, Brown¬Banded, Oriental, and American cockroaches. Each species has characteristics that set them apart from the rest, and they have different habits that send some to warm locations inside the home, others to wooded areas outside, and many prefer the comforts of commercial buildings. Continue reading

Instead Of Sharing Your Home, Let Our Team Eliminate Pests From The Premises

 Instead Of Sharing Your Home, Let Our Team Eliminate Pests From The PremisesMost homeowners make every attempt to seal cracks, keep a clean house, and maintain a well-manicured lawn. Their property looks beautiful because of these actions, but sometimes, they are not enough to prevent different kinds of bugs and rodents from invading. Mice tend to thrive in almost any type of environment, but as wintertime approaches, and frigid temperatures set in, these nuisances look for a comfortable place to lay their head. The location will have a food source readily available, but water is not always a necessity. These creatures retain most of the moisture they need for survival from the different foods that they eat. Continue reading

Do You Know Where Pests Like Mice Might Live?

Do You Know Where Pests Like Mice Might Live? If you’ve got pests in your home like rodents, termites, or bed bugs, one of the surest ways to deal with this issue is to bring in experienced professionals, like Bug Out! However, in the run up to helping a home or business deal with a pest problem, pest control teams will have to do some inspection and investigation. Here’s where you can help to reduce the time required for this phase of the pest control procedure, and fast track the treatment phase. Continue reading

Why Was DDT Banned?

Do You Know Why Was DDT Banned? - Maryland Pest ControlToday’s 21st century pest control experts are extremely conscientious about the types of pesticides used to control insect and rodent populations. We have to be, because after decades of rigorous use, experimentation and data collection, we now have a much better idea of what works effectively, and what doesn’t. More importantly, however, we also have a much better idea of what works at the cost of health, safety and environmental preservation. The tale of DDT is one such cautionary story in our industry, and why we no longer use this chemical. Continue reading