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4 Common Myths Associated With German Cockroaches

We have all heard the horror stories dealing with German cockroach infestations. Foggers and baits are available to homeowners, which sometimes reduce populations, but rarely eliminate them. Consumers will try just about anything to get rid of these creepy, crawly nuisances. A quick search on the web gives people results for as-seen-on-TV electronic devices, which emit a high-frequency sound to drive pests away, and various other home remedy solutions to combat roach infestations. However, not all of these methods are proven, and you might just be throwing your money down the drain. Continue reading

A Trip To The Hunting Lease Might Leave You With A Home Infestation

It is that time of year again, when hunters everywhere, start heading to the lease to prepare for the upcoming hunting season. The trees, high grass, and brush are a welcoming home for a variety of different pests. Many of them feed on blood and welcome the new food source into the area. Of course, it would be impossible to exterminate all of these creatures from the land, as well as harmful to the ecosystem, but you should take extra precautions upon returning home to prevent it from becoming infested. Continue reading

Spotting A Camel Cricket For The First Time Can Surprise And Frighten The Onlooker

Almost alien-like in appearance, the sight of a camel cricket can leave first-time viewers shocked and staring in disbelief. The insects have protruding legs, which make them look like spiders. However, instead of having eight legs like arachnids, camel crickets only have six. These appendages also have a muscular appearance and allow the pests to jump extremely high and far. Their survival instinct sends them leaping towards attackers, instead of running away like other insects, and the action often catches many people off guard giving them quite a fright. Continue reading

Exterminate Spider Populations To Prevent Them From Decorating Your Home For Halloween Year Round

Spiders are arachnids equipped with eight legs, and most members of the species have eight eyes. Unlike the big bad wolf, their eyes do not help them to see better, as many spiders are almost blind and rely on touch and smell for navigation. They are creepy and can send a shiver down the spine of even the toughest person. However, not all of the pests are harmful, and many of them are even friends to the gardener because they eat appropriately sized insects and other spiders to keep populations maintained. Continue reading

How Do Termites Change House Values?

Termites And House ValuesTermites will eat the wood that makes up your house if they can reach it and get back to their nests safely. Sometimes they’ll even set up their nests in your home. But while this certainly sounds like a problem (and it’s definitely something you should address as soon as you can), they won’t make your house value sink unless you let them. Continue reading

Always Be Careful With Your Insecticide

When you have a major infestation in your home, such as termites, ants or even mosquitos breeding somewhere on your property, this is the kind of situation that is best left to experienced professionals that know how to quickly, efficiently deal with the problem. But not every insect issue is going to be on the scale that you’ll need to seek professional help. Continue reading

Summer Doesn’t Mean Safety From Rodents

Summer Doesn’t Mean Safety From RodentsIn the eyes of most homeowners, different seasons mean different pests. When summer rolls around, people expect mosquitos to come out and distract people outside. But when winter arrives, the insects tend to disappear, and what a lot of people encounter are rodents, which may be rats or mice. But while there’s a greater chance for rodents to take up residence in a home during the winter, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about them in the summer. Rodents are strategic opportunists and will seize a good chance regardless of the time of year. Continue reading

Store-Bought Wasp Solutions Can Hurt Birds

One of the things that no one enjoys during the summer is the irritation that comes from aggressive wasps flying around in the area. A wasp is more aggressive than a bee, and, unlike a bee, does not die after stinging a victim, so it can be very unnerving and painful when wasps are in the area. Continue reading

How Safe Is It To Let Cats Hunt Mice?

One thing that is generally expected when a home has a cat in it is that this is great deterrent against mice. The mouse is the natural prey of the cat, and so even a domestic house cat is often still wild enough to be an effective hunter, catching and killing mice. Of course, where cat lovers frequently disagree with their cats is in how our pet felines show their love for their owners; by presenting the kill as a gift! Continue reading

The Benefits of an Annual Termite Inspection

When you own a home, then you are faced with many new responsibilities including property taxes, yard maintenance, and other regular home maintenance issues that you may not have had to deal with before. One of the most commonly overlooked maintenance aspects of a home is the annual termite inspection. Continue reading