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Common Flies and the Threats They Pose

Glen Burnie Fly Control - Common Flies and the Threats They PoseFlies may seem like just an annoyance, but the truth is these small pests can actually pose many threats. The house fly is the most common type of fly that can be found both in and around the home. They can also be found worldwide and are very widespread throughout the United States. It is time to call the Glen Burnie fly control experts. Continue reading

Making Sense Of A Mole Infestation

Making Sense Of A Mole InfestationMoles are those small, burrowing animals who have poor eyesight. They can grow to be between 6 and 12 inches in length and are mostly known as being annoying garden pests that tear up the lawn and cause damage. This is why early detection of a mole infestation is key to preventing significant damage as well as saving your sanity. Continue reading

Interesting Facts About Cockroaches for Homeowners

Glen Burnie Roach Control - Interesting Facts About CockroachesDid you know that a cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes and can even survive being submerged underwater for a good 30 minutes? These are just two interesting facts about cockroaches that homeowners should know. Why should you know this information, you ask? Because your Glen Burnie roach control efforts may depend on the knowledge you possess regarding these nasty little household pests. Continue reading

Protecting Your Four Legged Friends from Ticks

Glen Burnie Exterminate Ticks - Protecting Your Four Legged FriendsWhen it comes to our four-legged friends, fleas and ticks are two of the more common pests we will find ourselves dealing with at some point or another. While they may be annoying pests, we also need to understand that they can cause our four-legged friends a good deal of discomfort, and they can effectively spread disease. Continue reading

Mosquito Control For Inside Of The Home

Mosquito Control For Inside Of The HomeWhen we talk about mosquitoes and prevention, we often discuss methods of keeping the mosquitoes away from us outdoors. However, they can also become a problem indoors as well. So, today we will talk about mosquito control inside of the home and what you can do to protect yourself. Continue reading

Tracking The Activity Of Annapolis Termites

Tracking The Activity Of Annapolis TermitesDid you know that termites can live undetected on your property for an extended amount of time? They are capable of burrowing deep within the wood structures of your home and can cause significant damage before you even notice they are there. To help combat this, you need to learn how to track the activity of Annapolis termites while also learning the different ways to identify whether or not you may have an infestation. Continue reading

Fall Tricks for Fall Ticks

Exterminate Ticks - The Best Fall Tricks for Fall TicksTicks come out in full force even during the cooler months when fall is getting going. For this reason, it is important to stay diligent all year long to help avoid these nasty pests from taking over your yard. Below you will find some fall tricks to exterminate ticks that will give you more peace of mind when you, the family, and your four-legged friends are outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Tips and Pest Control in Maryland

Pest Management - Spring Cleaning Tips and Pest Control in MarylandSpring is that time of the year when we find ourselves clearing out the clutter and cleaning out our homes to make it a more organized and peaceful environment. When spring cleaning, we also can’t forget about the spring pests the beautiful weather brings as well. So, as part of your spring cleaning schedule and for better pest management, you also need to come up with a plan of action to help control those Maryland pests.

Continue reading

Mosquito Control Service: The Best Way To Arm Yourself This Season

Mosquito Control Service: The Best Way To Arm Yourself This SeasonWith the warmer weather upon us, we are going to be spending more and more of our time outdoors playing, barbecuing, and just enjoying being outside. However, our fun time outdoors can quickly take a turn for the worst when we find ourselves battling against mosquitoes. Today we will provide you with some helpful information on the best way to arm yourself this season, especially with a mosquito control service. Continue reading