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The Lifecycle Of Termites

Just like ants, termites are colony insects with castes and a queen that produces all the eggs the colony needs to grow. The way they develop and reproduce is very interesting, and it can help to understand how their lifecycle works when you aren’t sure if termites are infesting your house. Continue reading

Complete Pest Control Services for the Home

Whether you are performing maintenance to help prevent future pest infestations or you are treating a current infestation, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional and experienced pest control service for the home rather than attempting to do the work yourself. Continue reading

Maryland Scientists Have Strengthened A Mosquito-Killing Fungus

Mosquitos aren’t just an annoying pest that sucks your blood and leaves itchy welts behind, they’re also a well-known vector of some very serious diseases. Malaria is the most famous, but they can also infect you with the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, and more. That’s why mosquito population control and protection are serious industries throughout the world. Continue reading

Diseases That Pest Control Prevents

By now you’ve probably heard of Lyme disease. You probably also know that it’s carried by ticks and can cause a lot of health problems if you become infected with it. But how much do you know about the other diseases that are carried by various pests that you might have living right in your backyard? Continue reading

The Truth About Cats And Rodents

The Truth AbouThe Truth About Cats And Rodentst Cats And RatsCats and rodents have been enemies since the beginning of time. In fact, you might even remember the old cartoons where the cat and mouse were always at odds. Ask any farmer and they’ll likely tell you they have a cat or two in the barn that keep the rats from indulging in the hay for the horses. Continue reading

The Right Plants Can Keep Mosquitos At Bay

Mosquitos are everywhere in Baltimore during the summer. It comes from being so close to a quiet bay like Chesapeake and all the nearby wetlands. There are plenty of ways to control mosquito populations, both on your property and in your community, but there’s one method you might have overlooked. Plants have been dealing with mosquitos and other insects for millions of years, and more than a few of them produce chemicals that keep unwanted pests at bay. Here are a few of the garden plants that have mosquito-repelling properties:
Continue reading

Time For Termite Termination

Termites do not care where they infest. As long as there is wood, or paper, or anything that they can eat or destroy, consider them to be there. Any building is fair game; just look at the recent tenting of the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, Florida. The tents and tarps were put up to protect the outside from the termite termination happening inside. When termites begin to munch on priceless artifacts housed in a building, there’s no other option. Need further proof how much termites can cost? A bill to the city of $385,000 for this one fumigation says it all. Continue reading