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5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Bed BugsBed bugs—yuck. These creepy creatures can be found all over the country, but have made special visits to Baltimore and surrounding areas in recent years. Is Maryland in for another bed bug party this year? It might be too early to tell, but there are steps you can take to avoid the hassle no matter where you live. Prevention is the key to eliminating infestation. Continue reading

Termites: Not What You Thought

Termites: Not What You ThoughtIt’s quite well documented that amongst the pests that can invade a home, termites—although not necessarily the most physically dangerous—are among the most expensive threats. We all know that termites eat wood, and since many homes have key architectural components made of wood, this poses a big structural threat. As a result many homeowners are always alert to threat of termites and usually don’t hesitate to take action if they suspect there’s a termite colony in the home. Continue reading

Keeps Mosquitos Out Of Your Water Features

 Keeps Mosquitos Out Of Your Water FeaturesFor some homeowners, the front and backyards are more than just places that you’ll lay out some grass, and maybe a tree. Some people treasure their yards, and turn them into sumptuous gardens, or even landscaped areas with swimming pools, fountains, and other water features that turn these areas into an oasis of fun and recreation for the entire family. Continue reading

The Temperatures Are Rising So Know Who To Call For Mosquito Control

 The Temperatures Are Rising So Know Who To Call For Mosquito ControlThe rainy period has finally almost come to an end, providing that hurricane season does not pummel the United States again this year. Temperatures are steadily rising while bringing in Spring, and it is time for people to unbundle and enjoy the great outdoors. However, melting snow and rainfall have the ground holding water, and mosquitoes will inevitably become a problem. Everyone knows the traditional implications of receiving a bite. They will be left with a raised welt on the skin. The blemish will turn red and become extremely itchy, so much so, that regardless of how much ointment you apply, the sensations will continue. Continue reading

Spring Means Different Kinds Of Pests

Spring Means Different Kinds Of PestsWe’re now “over the hump” for winter weather in Maryland, and the weather is going to be warming up soon. That’s good news for everybody, including, unfortunately, certain types of pests. As things change, if you pay close attention you’ll also see some changes in the insects and pests that can trouble a home. So what can you anticipate in terms a “pest changeover?” Continue reading

Do Roach Traps Work?

Do Roach Traps Work?One of the things that we urge all residents to do is be alert to the early signs of a pest infestation. Whether it’s rats or roaches, if you see the signs early enough, and take definitive actions, you can often stop these invasions yourself, before they get out of control and need professionals like us to step in. Continue reading

Research Hotels Thoroughly To Prevent College Students From Bringing Home Bed Bugs After Spring Break

Research Hotels Thoroughly To Prevent College Students From Bringing Home Bed Bugs After Spring BreakThe time is almost upon us again where college students nationwide will set out for a week of fun and adventure. Many high schoolers are granted much of the same freedom, so before letting your young adult head out, research their hotel thoroughly to ensure that it does not have issues. Modern technology has given people information readily available at the swipe of a finger. Apps are available that allow a person to review previous guest experiences. So, utilize the smartphone attached to your hand for more than just accessing social media, and instead, look for testimonials having to do with bed bugs to avoid the destinations. Continue reading

Rats And Mice Are Nightmares For Restaurant Owners

Rats And Mice Are Nightmares For Restaurant OwnersThere are many different ways that people get into the restaurant industry. Some people choose to go with a franchise while other folks show their true entrepreneurial spirit and build a brand from scratch. Regardless of how they get into the business, the dreams and aspirations revolve around success, not a failure. Countless things can lead to organizations getting in hot water. For instance, pest infestations result in owners getting into trouble with health department officials. Individuals often receive steep fines, and if the problem is too significant, the restaurant even becomes shut down until after the issue is addressed. Continue reading

Rats vs Mice In Your Home

 Rats vs Mice In Your HomeMost of the time if you find out you have rodents in your home, the immediate reaction is to start laying out traps and trying to get rid of them. But whether you have rats, versus whether you have mice in your home can mean very different things for how you—or a professional—is going to go about treating this pest problem. Continue reading

Professional & Store Bought Pesticides: What’s The Difference?

Professional & Store Bought Pesticides: What’s The Difference?When you decide that a pest problem is serious enough that it’s time to bring in the professionals, you’re making a decision that secures the safety, convenience and peace of mind of your family. But what is it about professional pesticide experts that makes them different? After all, an insect isn’t particularly hard to get rid of, people do it all the time. So why is it that sometimes, even when you go to the store for a can of insecticide, it’s not getting the same results as professionals with their pesticides? What do we use that you don’t? Continue reading