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Is Baltimore’s Rat Infestation Improving?

Is Baltimore’s Rat Infestation Improving? - Preventative Pest ControlOver the past few years, we’ve shared many blog posts highlighting growing rat infestations in Baltimore. The city has taken many measures to help eradicate infestations, from issuing trash cans with secure lids to beginning an extermination campaign. It appears that months of hard work are starting to pay off and that the rat problem in Baltimore is improving. Or is it? The answer depends on who you ask. Continue reading

How Much Damage Can A Squirrel Really Cause?

How Much Damage Can A Squirrel Really Cause?Squirrels are an often overlooked pest that can cause some significant damage to a home once they find their way in. Not only do they attack your wood framing, but they can also shred your insulation and chew through the electrical wiring of the home which can ultimately lead to a fire. Continue reading

Have You Noticed An Opossum In Your Yard?

Have You Noticed An Opossum In Your Yard? If you’ve recently noticed an ugly, furry rodent in your yard, it may not be a rat or a raccoon. It could actually be an opossum. These creatures are known for their long snouts and sharp teeth. They tend to get a bad rap, often associated with other disease-spreading pests. But are opossums worth worrying about? Below, we’ll provide a breakdown of everything you need to know and the pest control services that you should call if you happen to find one that you’d like removed. Continue reading

Controlling The Emerald Ash Borer Population In Maryland

Controlling The Emerald Ash Borer Population In MarylandDuring 2018, we’ve heard from many Maryland residents who were concerned about two invasive species, the spotted lanternfly, and the emerald ash borer. While the spotted lanternfly has only recently made its way into the state, the emerald ash borer has become much more problematic. Homeowners should be diligent in monitoring for the emerald ash borer and taking preventative pest control measures to stop its spread. Continue reading

Beetles Commonly Found In The Kitchen

Beetles Commonly Found In The Kitchen When thinking of pests that cause Marylanders problems, we tend to focus our attention on things such as rats, mice, ants, and termites. However, we’ve heard from many customers who are reporting the discovery of beetles in their kitchen. Below, we’ll explain the types of beetles Marylanders are discovering and the preventative pest control measures you can take to help eliminate them. Continue reading

Are Non-Pest Insects On The Decline?

Are Non-Pest Insects On The Decline? How often do you see a non-welcome insect in your home or yard? When you do, is your first inclination to kill the pest? If so, you may want to rethink this line of thinking. While many pests are unwelcomed and can cause significant damage, other creatures are beneficial to our ecosystem. Unfortunately, scientists fear that these non-threatening insects are on the decline. Before killing the next one you see, call your local general pest control experts. Continue reading

Winter Is Termite Bait Season In Annapolis

Hordes of termites building their nest in the forestIn Maryland, the most common type of termite is the eastern subterranean termite. Just like ants, this species lives in underground colonies, but unlike ants, they forage for their food (dead trees) by burrowing out from their nest. Ants need to wander around the surface since they scavenge food from all different sources, but since termites only need tree cellulose they can survive for a long time after finding just one fallen branch or rotting stump. Continue reading

Pests Don’t Rest During A Crofton, MD Winter

Pests Don’t Rest During A Crofton, MD WinterYou might think that a cold winter gives you a chance to stop worrying about mosquitoes, ticks, termites, and other pests. To some extent you’re right: many insects and other species enter a hibernation state when the temperature drops and don’t go active until the following spring. However, not every pest animal hibernates, and many that would still be a problem if they already infest your residence. In fact, there are several reasons why you might call for a pest control service in Crofton, Maryland. Continue reading