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3 Non-Bed Places Where Bed Bugs Will Hide

3 Non-Bed Places Where Bed Bugs Will HideThere’s a reason bed bugs have that name: beds are their favorite hunting grounds. Bed bugs are crawling insects with no way to fly at any point in their lifespan, and they aren’t very fast, either, not like roaches. Instead, the only way they can get from one location to another is by hitching a ride on animal fur or human clothing, along with the occasional fabric suitcase. They’re just as slow at feeding time, and so the best time for them to feed is when their target is asleep and not about to move for a few hours. Continue reading

Follow These 4 Ways To Avoid Mosquito Bites This Summer

Zika made its way up to Maryland last year. While most mosquito species in the state couldn’t carry Zika if they wanted to, you can still catch it if you travel south, especially down to Florida, plus the West Nile virus has made its home in Maryland for nearly two decades. And even without the viruses to worry about, mosquito bites are still painful, itchy, annoying, and well worth avoiding just for that. Continue reading

What Good Are Termites Anyway? Is There A Reason?

What Good Are Termites Anyway?A termite infestation is a sure ticket to a drop in property value. Even when you get rid of them, even when you bring in the professionals to get rid of them and come back later to make sure they’re gone, you can never be completely sure they won’t come back. And it can be both hard and expensive to replace the wood the termites chewed through, especially if it’s a support wall or a floor beam. Continue reading

Carpenter Ants Can Weaken The Integrity Of A Structure

Carpenter ants can have a devastating impact on the structure of your home, garage, tree house, or outdoor shed. They do not gain any nutritional value from the wood, they merely use it as a nesting ground. Wet, decaying, and damaged wood are typically their first choice for a home. Just a few ants being seen does not necessarily mean that a nest is in the structure. These ants travel long distances from their nest to find food, so they could just be foraging. Continue reading