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Keep Mosquitoes In Mind As Hunting Season Begins

Fall is when hunting season begins throughout the United States. As deer, rabbits, and other game animals grow big enough to fend for themselves and wild animals of all kinds forage and grow fat for the harsh winter, human hunters enter the woods looking for trophies, fresh meat, or just an excuse to enjoy the outdoors for a few days. Continue reading

Here Is A List Of Pests To Be Aware Of This Fall

Here Is A List Of Pests To Be Aware Of This FallAs we begin to shift into September, we can begin to prepare ourselves for cooler weather. Although this may make for enjoyable outdoor activity, it also places a giant “Welcome” sign on our homes to the pests and rodents that have been living outdoors during the warm months of summer. Because the temperature is cooling outside, these pests will attempt to seek shelter underneath your warm roof. Be on the lookout for the following pests this fall. Continue reading

Mosquitos Still A Threat In The Fall

Fall – cool weather, gorgeous colors, football, and pumpkins. Are you excited? I know we here at Bugout certainly are. Unfortunately, you should not let the cool air fool you. Even though summertime is ending and the warmer months are leaving us, mosquitos can still be a threat in the fall. Of course, when dealing with mosquitos, West Nile virus is always a concern, and this fall should be no different. When sitting around the fire on an evening this fall, be sure to remember that mosquitos are still lurking. Continue reading

Common Myths Associated With Spiders

If these creepy, intimidating arachnids are lurking in the shadows throughout your home, you likely don’t care about spider myths. However, this refreshing change of pace is just for your enjoyment. Many of the spiders in Maryland are venomous, but not all of them pose a danger to people or pets. Seeing a few in your home is not typically a big deal, and various sprays, chemicals, and traps are available to homeowners to remedy the problem for themselves. Of course, infestations are a whole other beast. Continue reading

Spotted Lanternfly Threatens Mid-Atlantic

Lycorma delicatula, otherwise known as the spotted lanternfly, is an invasive species that first arrived in Pennsylvania in September 2014. Officials in Pennsylvania have been trying to control the pest and prevent it from spreading throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. Continue reading

Midges A Nuisance To Maryland Residents

Residents of Maryland’s Middle River and Back River know all too well what midges are. Although they are harmless, they are a nuisance that has driven business away from the area. Fortunately, the state of Maryland has stepped up to help reduce the midge population. Continue reading

The Many Benefits Associated With Preventative Pest Control

Invasive and non-invasive species of insects often find their way into homes. Regardless of whether they are dangerous or not, the intrusion can have a lasting impact on one’s overall way of life. Screaming, running, swatting, and more are unconventional ways of dealing with the problem, but even though many homeowners don’t want to admit it, these are typical actions associated with bugs becoming present in the home. Don’t let these pests send you running for the hills, and instead allow our professional team to eliminate the nuisances. Continue reading