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Be Careful When Working With Poison Traps

For homeowners, finding out that you have mice or rats in the home and then deciding to take care of the problem yourself can bring up some squeamish issues. Traditional, mechanical traps, for example, effectively kill rodents by impacting the head or neck area at lethal speeds. As you might imagine, it’s impossible to avoid very visible signs of physical damage when such forces are involved, but the sight of a dead mouse or rat in this condition may be something that people are unwilling to look at. Continue reading

Keep Crickets Out Of Your Home

Some of your best childhood memories may involve listening to the crickets’ chirp outside. This can be a beautiful sound, but this aura seems to wear off once these sounds are coming from inside. Now that summer is over, crickets will try to work their way inside your home. Continue reading

Visual Inspections And Minor Repairs Are The First Lines Of Defense Against Maryland Pests

All homeowners seem to have a never-ending honey-do list. In fact, we are all guilty of just walking past some of the items, again and again, before finally getting around to completing the tasks. However, as a preventative extermination technique, certain things should be achieved promptly to keep insects, rodents, and other pests on the outside of the home. Even with these methods, some nuisances are still able to find their way inside. Depending on which type of pest species it is, pesticides, traps, or baits are usually available at most retail stores to eliminate them on your own. If a full-blown infestation sets in, the situation gets trickier, and professional help may be needed to exterminate the population. Continue reading

Snakes In Maryland

As you spend time outdoors this fall, you should be on alert for snakes. There are a few snakes common to the state of Maryland, two of which are venomous. You should have an idea of what snakes you may come across while hiking or raking leaves, and how to handle yourself if you do come across one. Continue reading

Reasons To Have Professional Pest Control Service Before The Holidays

Reasons To Have Professional Pest Control Service Before The HolidaysPreparing your home for the onslaught of guests coming over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Years is no easy task. Dusting every little knick-knack, crevice, and corner is a necessity, and so is making sure that the floors are in impeccable condition. Of course, who can forget the cooking? Hours upon hours of preparing dressing, turkey, ham, desserts, and all of the other fixings take place. Most of us would not change a thing though, and we cherish the time together with friends and family. However, in all of the excitement and confusion, it is not hard to overlook something like pest control, that is, until creepy crawlers come out to crash the party at an inopportune time. Continue reading

When Does A Rodent Problem Need Professionals?

One of the first things we recommend to any homeowner once they discover they have mice or rats is to try to neutralize the problem themselves, especially when it’s much smaller in the beginning. We understand that engaging in professional services like ours can be a daunting task, and it can require a bit of a financial investment that’s often not necessary when a problem can be quickly dealt with, provided you take action early enough. Continue reading

Termites Affect Slab And Brick Homes Too, Not Just Pier And Beam Models

When a person hears, “termite damaged structure,” various images will pop into their mind. However, the most common thought is that of a worn out, wooden building that is sitting on blocks. While this picture is indeed a scrumptious meal for the insects, termites threaten the integrity of other places too. Bricks, tin, and other metals are great siding choices, but all it takes is a nail hole, crack in the mortar, or another small crevice for the pests to find their way inside. Studs, braces, facial boards, and roofs can all become compromised. Continue reading

Reduce Moisture In Crawl Spaces And Low-Lying Areas To Help Manage The Mosquito Population

The cooler temperatures of autumn are upon us, but they are not quite cold enough yet to make mosquitoes disappear. Humid and wet locations provide them with a suitable environment to reproduce, while animals and humans alike serve as delicious meals to keep their community flourishing. Crawl spaces of homes hold a certain amount of moisture year round, but periodically inspecting the area for broken water or drain lines can be beneficial to the efforts of creating a pest-free home. Roaches and other insects travel through the sewer pipes. P-traps under fixtures are designed to keep these critters from finding their way inside, but when they have free-range abilities under the house, alternative routes through cracks in floorboards and other areas are quickly exposed. Meanwhile, a hot water leak can create the perfect habitat that mosquito populations need to thrive. Continue reading

Use A Reputable Exterminator To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

Many people have heard of bed bugs, but most of them have been fortunate enough not to have seen one up close and personally. Sometimes these nuisances feed on unsuspecting hosts, while they sleep, and do not even leave behind any traces of their existence. If no symptoms like raised welts or itchy sensations, present themselves, the person is not made aware that they are a meal. However, the pests have been making a come-back over the last few years, and with more and more people traveling, we must always be on the lookout for their signs to avoid altercations. Continue reading

Stink Bugs Will Soon Invade Your Home

As a Maryland resident, you’re probably very familiar with the stink bug. They’re everywhere! Even worse, it seems impossible to get rid of them. The fall has been very mild this year. Although this is great for outdoor activities, it’s bad for your looming stink bug infestation this winter. Continue reading