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Protecting Your Houseplants From Pests

 Protecting Your Houseplants From PestsWhen thinking about pests in the home, one of the things that many tend to overlook is houseplants. Houseplants are vulnerable to pests. Protecting your plants from pests is as critical to their health as adequate sunlight and water. Below, you’ll find a few tips and pointers to help protect your houseplants from pests. Continue reading

Protecting Your Homes From Ants

 Protecting Your Homes From AntsWhen it comes to fighting household pests, the battle against ants may seem never-ending. This is primarily because our homes are the ideal safe-haven for ants, as they provide everything that a colony needs to survive, including shelter, food, and water. If you are looking to protect your home from ants, consider some of these tips. Continue reading

Mosquitos: Problematic In The Maryland Area

Mosquitos: Problematic In The Maryland AreaIf you’re a Maryland resident, you could be very familiar with the annoying biting and itching of a mosquito. However, you may be unaware of just how bad mosquitos are in the area and the damage that they could cause. Mosquitos are problematic in the Mid-Atlantic and are responsible for spreading diseases that could potentially be fatal. Continue reading

How Far Can Mosquitos Fly?

 How Far Can Mosquitos Fly?If there’s one thing that residents of Maryland can count on during the summer, it’s mosquitos. But while we expect them to crash any outdoor gathering during the summer season, there’s not a whole lot that the public knows beyond them being blood suckers that sometimes transmit diseases. Continue reading

Mosquitos Have Different Disease Delivery Systems

Mosquitos Have Different Disease Delivery SystemsWe all know that mosquitos have the potential to make people sick once they are bitten. There have been stories—and actual documented cases—of people contracting malaria. There have also been scares in recent years, as the Zika virus was medically confirmed to be transmitted by mosquitos, as well as have serious negative effects on the unborn children of pregnant women. So we already know that this tiny, flying, blood sucking insect can, under the wrong conditions, be far more than just an itchy irritant during the summer. Continue reading

How Often Do Mosquitos Breed?

How Often Do Mosquitos Breed?We’re now moving into the school season, and we may even start to see a decline in the temperature that signals summer coming to an end as we experience shorter days and colder nights. But even now, there’s still the occasional irritation that can come from getting bitten by a mosquito. The only time you can truly drop your guard against mosquitos is in the winter, but why are they so numerous during the summer? What is it about their breeding habits that put them everywhere? Continue reading

What Are Mice Up To During The Summer?

 What Are Mice Up To During The Summer?It’s pretty common knowledge that the most common time for a home to have a problem with mice is in the winter. That just makes sense since the cold temperatures make it less comfortable outdoors, and mice, naturally, will seek warmth and shelter wherever they can get it, which can often mean human habitations. Continue reading

Even Offices Shouldn’t Tolerate Mice

 Even Offices Shouldn’t Tolerate Mice

Every restaurant in Maryland understands just how catastrophic mice can be to the business. It’s not just an uncomfortable situation in a Food & Beverage based business, it’s actually illegal, can cost a restaurant its ability to stay open because of a violation of health codes. But while restaurants live or die based on keeping a rodent population under control, is it really that big a deal if you’ve got a non-food related business, like a typical office? The answer is yes, just not for legal reasons. Continue reading

The Forgotten Half: Male Mosquitos

The Forgotten Half: Male MosquitosThere’s no denying that mosquitos can be a big problem that may sometimes require the intervention of a pest control team if there’s a health risk of disease. But one of the most curious things about a mosquito problem is that every time an intervention is required, it’s because of female mosquitos! And that’s not sexism at work, either, there are basic, biological reasons for this in play. So what makes female mosquitos so much of a threat, while we never worry about the males at all? Continue reading

Checklist To Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Home This Winter

Checklist To Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Home This WinterThe summer in Maryland flew by. Before we know it, so too will autumn and we will be faced with another harsh winter. As you may know, winter tends to be a particularly troublesome time for homeowners because of pests and rodents. These critters tend to seek warmth inside of homes once the temperatures outside begin to drop. Below, you’ll find a checklist that you use to help keep pests out of your home this winter. Continue reading