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Unwelcomed House Guests That Cause Damage

Annapolis Pest Control - Unwelcomed House Guests That Cause DamageMice are rodents that have pointed snouts, small rounded ears, and a scaly tail. Humans come across various species of mice. Some are even popular as pets. However, not all mice are friendly. Some have turned into pests that bring problems to humans. Annapolis is one of the places that are vulnerable to pest infestation, and residents have to turn to Annapolis pest control companies to put a stop to this. Continue reading

Things Every Maryland Homeowner Should Know About Bed Bugs

Maryland Exterminators - Things Every Homeowner Should KnowThe problem with bed bugs is you may not even be aware that they are already inside your home. They are these small, brownish, flat insects. Bed bugs feed on blood to survive. The victims of their choice indoors are humans and pets. These pests can enter your property without your knowledge. They usually hitchhike and get from one place to another through people’s luggage, clothing, and used furniture. Since they are not easily visible, they can hide from you. Bed bug infestation does not only affect dirty or cluttered homes, but they can also invade clean spaces so call Maryland exterminators immediately. Continue reading

The Silent Destroyers That Attack Maryland Homes

Maryland Termite Control - The Silent Destroyers That AttackThe hardest enemies to defeat are those one cannot see. Aptly described as silent destroyers, termites can infest a home without the residents knowing. Termites look for food and move accordingly. That is why it is hard to tell their next target. These pests feed on wood. Thus, they are most likely to live in wooden structures. However, they can also feed on paper products so you need to call Maryland termite control immediately. Continue reading

Should I Still Use Mosquito Control Services This Fall?

Should I Still Use Mosquito Control Services This FallWith the cooler temperatures finally arriving in Baltimore County Maryland, many of us are letting out a sigh of relief. For many of us, Fall means that we can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about nasty mosquitoes bothering us. Unfortunately, though they may not be as apparent as they are in the summer months, mosquitoes are still very active during the Fall. In fact, Fall is one of their busiest seasons so you need mosquito control services.  Continue reading

Rodent Control Service Keeps Rats Out Of Your Pantry

Rodent Control Service Keeps Rats Out Of Your PantryIt may be surprising to learn that rats are fairly picky eaters. Not all species of rat love to raid the rotten food found in dumpsters outside of Baltimore restaurants. Most rats actually prefer to eat fresh healthy diets. That is why your pantry is their ideal feeding grounds. So what do rats like to eat and how can you keep your food safe? Continue reading

How To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Maryland Home?

Maryland Exterminators - How To Keep Roaches Out Of Your HomeThere are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches that exist. Of these, 30 species have become problems for humans. Currently, they are among the most common pests that invade homes and buildings. What makes it harder is the fact that these insects can hide well and breed fast. In the state of Maryland, four species of cockroaches infest properties. Aside from being a nuisance, these cockroaches can also carry diseases. So, you might want to contact Maryland exterminators if you suspect that you have any of these species in your home. Continue reading

How To Choose The Best Bug Control Company

 How To Choose The Best Bug Control Company Maryland property owners have a choice when it comes to pest control. There are many exterminator services in our area. However, to really ensure that you are getting rid of all the nasty pests on your property, you really need to work with the best bug control company. With so many choices, how do you decide who is the best? Here’s a simple guide to help: Continue reading

How DIY Mouse & Pest Removal Can Fail

How DIY Mouse & Pest Removal Can FailWith Fall here and the temperatures dropping outside, Maryland residents are preparing to spend more time indoors. Sadly, those residents include mice. During the winter, mice love to come into our homes. They provide warmth, shelter, and ample food sources. If you see a mouse or signs of a mouse you might be tempted to try a DIY solution. However, most DIY pest removal strategies fail. Here’s how they can go wrong: Continue reading

Get Rid Of Mosquitos And Protect Your Family’s Health

Glen Burnie Mosquito Control - Protect Your Family’s Health Glen Burnie is a beautiful suburb in Maryland. The quiet and peaceful surrounding is best to make your day relaxing. At the same time, it also welcomes opportunities for you and your family to do exciting and fun activities. However, all these perks come with a challenge. Glen Burnie is home to pests. Mosquitoes are one of these problems. That is why residents should have a trustworthy Glen Burnie mosquito control company. Continue reading