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Don’t Leave The Windows Open When It Gets Colder

Don’t Leave The Windows Open When It Gets Colder - Maryland InsectsWhen the weather cools down, people start to feel relief as the biting, stinging Maryland insects that bothered them during the summer start dying off or hibernating for the winter. Even in a state as hot and as humid as Maryland, the bugs start going to sleep as cold air blows in from the north. In fact, when you experience a mild day in late fall you might be tempted to open the windows or leave the door open to let in some fresh air even if it doesn’t have a screen. However, that’s not the best idea. Continue reading

Don’t Think Pests Are In The Past Just Because Fall Is Here

Don't Think Pests Are In The Past Just Because Fall Is HereFinally, the weather is starting to cool down across the United States. It doesn’t make you feel like you are inside an oven every time you walk outside anymore. Even though it was hot, people still did their outdoor duties and tasks to keep pests at bay. They cut the lawn, cleaned out trash receptacles, and completed numerous other chores only to come inside an hour later drenched in sweat. Still, the obligations were necessary. Continue reading

Don’t Forget To Pest-Proof These Places This Year

Don't Forget To Pest-Proof These Places This Year pest control serviceEven though the winter months have finally arrived, homeowners must still take steps to pest-proof their homes. Not only does this action prevent rodents and insects from getting inside during the cold months, but it also ensures that the structure is ready to handle the onslaught of invaders in the spring. All it takes is a small hole, tiny crevice, or a broken screen for these creatures to get in and start an infestation. Continue reading

Cold Weather Doesn’t Always Equal Fewer Fleas

Cold Weather Doesn't Always Equal Fewer Fleas - Flea InfestationsFirstly, for those that don’t know, fleas are tiny insects that feed on blood. The most common kind found in Maryland is the cat flea. Don’t let the name fool you though. These minuscule beings do not only come from felines. Rather, they are often found on dogs as well. They typically have a length of between 1/16″ and 1/8″. These fleas have a reddish-brown color and can be extremely hard to spot. Continue reading

Check For Bed Bugs While Sleeping Away From Home

Check For Bed Bugs While Sleeping Away From HomeIt is that time of year again when people everywhere are starting to travel from place to place. They are visiting friends and relatives, hanging out with old buddies, and reminiscing with everyone about the past. Unfortunately, these instances don’t happen nearly enough, but the holiday season seems to make them possible. Folks will be traveling by train, bus, and even airplane to get where they need to be. Sometimes, they sleep on these vehicles, while on other occasions, they have stay overs at hotels, motels, or bed and breakfast joints.

 Continue reading

Can A Harsh Winter Hurt Pest Populations?

Can A Harsh Winter Hurt Pest Populations?Maryland sits between the American North and South, and the climate reflects this fact. The state gets its fair share of snow, especially in the west, but mild winter seasons aren’t uncommon, either. Which one you get depends completely on the year. Continue reading

Call An Exterminator When Your Ready To Feel Safe In Your Home Again

Call An Exterminator When Your Ready To Feel Safe In Your Home AgainThere are a lot of pests that can make a person feel unsafe and insecure in their home. Heck, the nuisances can have the same effect in an office. For instance, many people are terrified of spiders, and why not? They are creepy with their eight legs, multiple eyes, fangs, and overall spooky appearance. Of course, most of them mean no harm, and they go out of their way to stay away from humans. But still, if a person’s attic or basement is overrun with the arachnids, it is easy to see how they could feel out of sorts in their own home. Continue reading

Be Prepared For The Great Mosquito Invasion

Be Prepared For The Great Mosquito InvasionToday, people seem to be more worried about mosquitoes than ever before, and rightfully so. The flying insects were once merely thought of as nuisances that drank a little blood, left a welt on the skin, and went on about their merry way. However, times have changed, and now, people must continually try to protect themselves and their loved ones against the bites. These actions must be taken because it is easier than ever before to receive illnesses from the pests. Mosquitoes are known carriers of diseases such as… Continue reading