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What Ants Do You Need To Worry About?

 What Ants Do You Need To Worry About?The ant, as a single insect, is nowhere near the threat or annoyance that some other pests can be, such as wasps, hornets, mosquitos, bedbugs, or ticks. In general, ants are very small, not heavily armored, not especially aggressive and, left to their own devices, just want to scout an area, find food, bring it back to a colony and tell others about it. Continue reading

Keeping Your Family Safe From Mosquitoes

Keeping Your Family Safe From Mosquito Populations - Professional ExterminatorsWhen it comes to insects, most are little more than a nuisance. However, termites can destroy a home quickly, leaving you with major repair costs. And just as those pests are a big risk to your Maryland home, mosquitoes are a potentially major health risk to you and your family. As such, it’s important to deal with them. But doing so can be a challenge. Continue reading

Keep Your Hotel Bed Bug Free To Avoid Getting Bad Reviews

Keep Your Hotel Bed Bug Free To Avoid Getting Bad ReviewsA homeowner often feels overwhelmed, devastated, and even helpless when a bed bug infestation overruns their house. The teeny, tiny creatures are virtually microscopic, which means that they are tough for the naked eye to spot. In fact, adults typically only measure about 1/4 to 3/8 inches in length. These pests feature a reddish brown color and oval-shaped bodies. They feed on blood, and after feasting, the nuisances become bloated while turning a dark red shade. Continue reading

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?Anyone who’s been around for a few summers, whether young or old, comes to the realization that when mosquitos bite you, you may not notice it at first. But you will later! And you’ll notice in a most uncomfortable way. You’ll start to experience itching at the spot where the mosquito bit you, and this is commonly followed by discoloration of the skin, and even swelling in the bite area. So why is all this happening? There’s some very specific biology at work here that we’ll take a closer look at. Continue reading

Helpful Advice For Keeping Various Pests Away From Your Property

Helpful Advice For Keeping Various Pests Away From Your PropertyMany different types of pests can cause property owners grief in Maryland. For instance, rodents cost people money by eating dog, cat, and livestock feed. Rather than only furnishing meals for their animals, the individuals are also contributing to mice and rats getting fat, full tummies. This action causes the provisions to disappear quickly, and the person continually has to run back and forth to the store to buy more. Continue reading

Not All Maryland Pests Are American

Not All Maryland Pests Are AmericanWhen we talk about pests, our thoughts usually turn to extremely local, extremely domestic threats. After all, insects and rodents don’t normally have everyday access to the kind of infrastructure we do, so it’s not like rats realize that Anne Arundel currently is the place to be, and hop on a bus to go Interstate and arrive here. When we find termites in a home, or mice between the walls of a home, this is usually because they are 100% Maryland residents. Continue reading

Don’t Let These Nuisances Strike Fear In Potential Customers

Don't Let These Nuisances Strike Fear In Potential CustomersMaryland is home to many retail stores, restaurants, shops, markets, and other establishments. Customers go to the organizations to purchase goods, eat meals, and get a variety of different services. Pests also often find themselves inside the buildings in search of resources like food, water, and shelter. This action can cause proprietors a lot of headaches. After all, patrons will likely head for the first exit that they see upon noticing one of the creatures. Continue reading

Do You Need Professional Termite Control?

Do You Need Professional Termite Control? Protecting your home from pests is important, and termite control solutions is one of the most vital aspects of that protection. But do you need it? And do you need the help from the pros? These are two basic questions that are well worth taking a look at. Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Contact An Extermination Company When You Grow Tired Of Fighting Pests

Contact An Extermination Company When You Grow Tired Of Fighting PestsDo-it-yourself pest control can be tricky and challenging to say the very least. Stores have aisles stacked from floor to ceiling with products for eliminating different kinds of nuisances. Baits, sprays, traps, and poisons are all available, but finding the right one to combat a specific insect or rodent is easier said than done. These establishments have representatives to assist consumers with their purchases, but they often come from another department or just don’t know the ins and outs of the items. Continue reading