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Bed Bug Facts Every Glen Burnie Resident Should Know

Bed Bug Facts Every Glen Burnie Resident Should KnowBed bugs are common pests that attack residential areas. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have declared bed bugs as a public health pest. This is why you need Glen Burnie bug exterminators.

Facts About Bed Bugs

• They do not attack dirty homes only.

Contrary to what many people think, bed bugs do not choose untidy places. These pests are hitchhiking bugs. So, they can travel with you into your home and stay there once they find a host.

• They can stay in various parts of your home.

Beds are not the only place where you can find bed bugs. They can be on sofas, chairs, and other furniture where they have access to you. Hiring Glen Burnie bug exterminators may be the best option for residents suffering from an infestation.

• You do not have to get rid of infested clothing or furniture.

Wash your clothing, beddings, and pillowcases using hot water. Use the dryer for the other stuff that you cannot wash. However, you might have to replace your mattress if the infestation cannot be solved.

• They do not transmit diseases, but they can cause health problems.

Reaction to bed bug bites vary. Most people would only have to use treatments to soothe the itchy bumps. But others have mild to severe allergic reactions. There are instances when the victim has to get medical help for treatment.

Secondary infections are also a possibility. Although these cases are rare, it can still happen to anyone. Since the bites are itchy, the victim may not be able to stop himself from scratching. This simple action can introduce germs or pathogens into the wound.

These nocturnal pests feed on their host at night. The itch from the bite can wake you up and keep you up at night. Lack of sleep can lead to various health conditions.

Glen Burnie Bug Exterminators

It is hard to determine if your home has bed bugs. These small creatures tend to stay hidden during the daytime. Glen Burnie bug exterminators might have more experience in identifying bed bugs. They know how these bugs work, so they are the best option if you want to get rid of these pests. Contact us now and learn more about bug control.

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