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Be Careful Which Tick Pesticides You Use In Your Crofton Home

Be Careful Which Tick Pesticides You Use In Your Crofton HomeCrofton, Maryland is a suburban town, but it’s far enough from Washington and Baltimore that you can go for a walk through the woods and wetlands of central Maryland whenever you like. However, sometimes those walks bring back unwelcome passengers. Ticks are common all throughout the state, and unlike many insects they stay active whenever the outside temperature is above freezing. Since the Baltimore area has mild winters, that means you’ll need to worry about ticks throughout the whole year, especially if you bring your dog along when you head out to the trail.

Getting a tick bite is bad enough, but if you don’t notice it and bring a tick or two back home they can start infesting your house. Unlike some parasites, ticks need blood for every stage of development, but they can also wait a long time between bites and hide in the smallest cracks and crevices in your home. Removing them isn’t easy, especially since you have to be very careful what kind of pesticide you use to exterminate ticks in Crofton residences.

The most effective tick pesticides are also very powerful and dangerous, and they aren’t the kind of chemicals you want to spray inside your Crofton house. This goes double if you have pets or small children, but even if it’s just adults in the house you don’t want to fill the air with dangerous chemicals.

Fortunately, there are pesticides that work well on ticks that are safe for indoor use. Residual pesticides work by slowly killing ticks that pass through sprayed areas, and they’re safer for humans and pets. You can also use growth regulators to prevent immature tick nymphs from growing into breeding adults. Still, you should only spray these pesticides near areas where you believe the ticks live.

Ticks can be a lot of trouble if they get into your house, especially since they aren’t picky about what kind of animal blood they drink. That’s why many people decide to call in the experts when they need to exterminate ticks in Crofton. So if your ticks aren’t going away and you need professional help for your Crofton home, you can call on Bugout, the pest control experts of Glen Burnie.

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