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Baltimore Bug Control Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Baltimore Bug Control Doesn't Have To Be DifficultThere are many different kinds of insects in Maryland. In fact, according to InsectIdentification.org, there are approximately 636 types found in the state. Not all of them sting nor are they all carriers of diseases. However, some of them are, so it is vital for property owners to be able to identify the correct species. If they fail to do so, they could end up with painful bites and stings that contain venom, which can impact their health.

Plus, if homeowners are attempting do-it-yourself pest control, they need to know what they are dealing with. After all, hardware and retail stores alike have products like traps, baits, and poisons stacked from what seems like the floor to the ceiling. Some claim to do this while others say they will do that. Picking the wrong one can turn into a recipe for disaster. It won’t have an effect on the specific insect, and in turn, they may come after their attacker.

For instance, spraying a wasp with an insecticide meant for ants likely won’t end well. If the treatment happens to be for a nest covered in the flying insects, one by one they will attempt to sting the person threatening them. Why? A wasp puts out a pheromone that tells others trouble is afoot. It is similar to a distress beacon and gets members of the colony in an aggressive frenzy. Baltimore bug control doesn’t have to be hard though.

Instead, residents can contact our office for a free consultation. We have been servicing Glen Burnie, Columbia, Arnold, Baltimore City, and numerous other surrounding locations since 1988. The team will exceed your expectations with friendly, respectful, and professional service, but most importantly, they will handle your pest problem promptly. So, don’t delay further and make Baltimore bug control harder than it has to be. Rather, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment today.

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