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Baltimore Bug Control and First Aid Tips for Bites

Baltimore Bug Control and First Aid Tips for BitesBugs are everywhere and running into them at one point, or another is practically unavoidable. That is why Baltimore bug control is crucial for your home. From spiders to ants to stinging insects and biting pests, there is plenty we need to watch for throughout the year.

The Importance of Baltimore Bug Control

Pest and Baltimore bug control are used to manage and eliminate pests  many of which carry diseases that can prove to be very harmful to us. Baltimore bug control is a good way to gain that protection we need from harmful pests that can cause potentially devastating public health issues and even costly damage to properties.

Common Maryland Pests

Rodents, ants, termites, and ticks are just a few of the more common pests you can find in Maryland throughout the year. Rodents can cause extensive damage to the home and property when left untreated.

Ants are very social insects, so you will quickly find that when you have an ant problem, it is never just a small problem. You will more than likely have an entire community moving in.

Termites are another pest that can cause significant damage to the home and often go for a long time undetected. This is why Baltimore bug control and preventative maintenance is so important for the home.

First Aid Tips for Bites

If you have done everything you can to avoid it but still find yourself scratching away at some bug bites, we have a few tips for you to help you get through the bites.

If you have an insect bite or sting and you are only having a mild reaction to it, make sure to move away from the location in which you were bit or stung. If there is a stinger, carefully remove it and then wash the area well with soap and water.

You can then apply a cold compress to help reduce any pain or swelling you may be experiencing. Cortisone cream and calamine lotion are also good to apply to the bite or sting several times a day.

If your reaction is more severe, however, you may experience difficulty breathing, swelling of your lips, eyelids, or throat, dizziness or confusion, a rapid heartbeat, hives, and nausea, vomiting, and cramps. In this case, you should use an epinephrine injector if you have one that is prescribed to you to help treat the allergic reaction. You should also seek medical attention right away.

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