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Avoiding Maryland Bed Bugs During The Fall Months

Bug exterminator - Avoiding Maryland Bed Bugs During The Fall MonthsBed bugs are definitely an annoyance and one of the biggest fall pests you may have to contend with in Maryland. There are also very few pests that are as disturbing as bed bugs too. Our bug exterminator service finds that these pests in your home can cause panic and rightfully so.

Bed bugs can crawl around unseen, attach to us and then feed on us while we are asleep. They are also incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Identifying Bed Bugs With A Bug Exterminator

To understand bed bugs and recognize if you have an infestation, you need to get to know what they look like during each stage of development so you can identify them. Adult bed bugs are typically brown or tan in color but the bed bugs in the earlier stages are going to be more pale looking and white.

The bed bug eggs are going to be around 1 mm long and also white in color and can be found most often in the creases, stitching, and gaps of your mattress.

What To Do

If you have indeed found bed bugs in the home, you will want to call a bug exterminator to come out and assess the problem and to see just how bad the bed bug infestation is.

The bug exterminator will also have access to specialized knowledge and equipment to help them locate an infestation and determine just how bad it is in the home.

Protecting Your Home Against Bed Bugs

To avoid bed bugs and protect your home, there are a few things you can do to help prevent this costly and frustrating infestation in the future. If you purchase any secondhand furniture or other items, you will first want to check each item thoroughly for any signs of a bed bug infestation before bringing the items into your home.

You can also use a protective cover on your mattress and your box springs and this can help eliminate any hiding spots the bed bugs may have had before. Finally, reduce the clutter in your home to eliminate even more hiding spots.

If you remain diligent and you call a bug exterminator in at the first sign of an infestation, you can avoid costly and frustrating problems in the future.

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