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Avoid Painful Stings By Having Paper Wasps Exterminated By A Professional

Avoid Painful Stings By Having Paper Wasps Exterminated By A ProfessionalGoing into an outdoor structure, or even just walking around your home can be quite the challenge when paper wasps are present. These flying insects take up residency around humans because wood is readily available to them. They use this material to build their nests, which are sometimes hidden and inconspicuous. People and pets can quickly stumble upon one, without even realizing it, and receive painful stings before they know what is happening. Unlike bees, paper wasps do not lose their stingers after a single use, and multiple inflictions can be incurred.

These buzzing nuisances are beneficial to gardeners, as they eat caterpillars that munch on the leaves of plants. However, this element alone is not usually enough for homeowners to let the population do as it pleases. Yellow jackets and hornets are far more aggressive, but if paper wasps feel threatened, they quickly switch to attack mode. Countless sprays are available to consumers for eliminating the flying insects, but not everyone is prepared to deal with the menaces. Our organization has diligently served Glen Burnie, Annapolis, and other nearby locations since 1988. We know the ins and outs of specific Maryland pests, as well as those from other areas, and our technicians will eradicate the threat quickly to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

If you choose to go it alone, practice safe techniques, and with any luck, you can eliminate the paper wasps without sustaining damages. Attempt to spray at night, when all of the workers are at home to rest, and avoid shining your flashlight directly on the nest. The bright illumination may serve as an attractant and cause the flying insects to swarm. When applicable, wear appropriate safety attire that is impenetrable to their sharp stingers. Some of the nests will be on high roof eaves, or tree branches, which need a ladder to access. It is of the utmost importance to be careful during these applications. A fall from the extended height may lead to more severe damages than the stings like broken bones. If at any point the extermination becomes too overwhelming to handle, just know that our services are only a phone call away.

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