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How To Avoid Chigger Bites With These Helpful Tips

Hunters, birdwatchers, and outdoor enthusiasts have likely had the opportunity to meet chiggers up close and personally. These are the larvae of mites in the genus Eutrombicula, and their bite can make you want to scratch the affected area for an extended period of time. This can often remove the mite, but in many instances, it may also cause a secondary infection.

These are tiny pests that are red in appearance. Adult chigger mites lay eggs in the soil. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae then climbs blades of grass, or plants, in search of a host. After finding a host, they feed for 3 days before becoming engorged and falling off. Then, they move on to the nymph and adult life cycles.

Tips To Help You Avoid Chigger Bites

Keeping your lawn cut can be beneficial, especially if you live in a more secluded area like next to a forest or another heavily vegetated area. Chigger mites tend to like moist and damp conditions. Keeping your grass short and your shrubs maintained can help make the conditions less enticing for them. In the upcoming months, it is going to seem like your grass never stops growing, and if rain is present as well, your uncut lawn could be a great place for these mites to be lurking.

Take your wardrobe into consideration if you are going into an area that is highly vegetative. Wearing pants, instead of shorts, can help your legs stay safe from stickers, thorns, and a variety of different insects. However, sometimes just wearing pants is not enough. Chigger mites can work their way under your pants leg through the foot opening. Consider tying off the bottom of your pants leg, or wearing your boots over your pants leg. This can help reduce instances of you becoming bit by them. It can also be helpful to wear a long sleeve shirt.

Using an insect repellent can also help you avoid bites. It is important that if you choose to go this route that you read the instruction carefully. If the type that you choose for you and your family does not fight against chigger mites, then it will not be of much use to you.

Contact BugOut Inc about your options for dealing with chiggers. Pesticides may not be required to fight these pests, but they still have a vast array of knowledge that they can give you to get rid of them. Topical creams can help stop itching if a bite occurs, but with any luck and the help of your exterminator, that won’t be necessary.

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