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Asian Lady Beetles

You’ve likely seen ladybugs throughout your home and think of them as nothing more than a nuisance. This winter, as ladybugs begin to take advantage of the warmth in your home, you should look closer at the bugs themselves. Although the common household ladybug is harmless, its close counterpart, the Asian Lady Beetle, isn’t as friendly.

Is The Asian Lady Beetle The Same As A Ladybug?

The Asian Lady Beetle is a type of ladybug, but there are some major differences that set them apart from the common household ladybug. The common household ladybug is harmless, and can even be seen as a good luck symbol. The Asian Lady Beetle, however, is aggressive and can bite. The Asian Lady Beetle has a white marking and a black “M” shape behind their heads, noticeably different than the common household ladybug.

Your Home Is An Open Invitation

As the weather cools down, Asian Lady Beetles will be in search of warmth. Although they feed outdoors, they prefer not to try to survive freezing winters outside, which causes them to invade your home. Outdoors, Asian Lady Beetles help attack aphids and are considered helpful for the environment. But they can cause problems indoors, where they fly around from room to room, leaving behind a nasty stench and yellowish fluid. This fluid can stain any surface they come in contact with, including your walls and furniture. The Asian Lady Beetle enters through tiny cracks and crevices in the exterior of your home, including your eaves, siding, and foundation.

It’s also possible that you could have an allergic reaction to the pests. Possible symptoms can include pink eye, coughing, asthma, hay fever, and hives.

Asian Lady Beetles Pose A Problem For Your Dog

Asian Lady Beetles inside of the home could be dangerous for your dog, especially if your dog is in the habit of catching bugs. When the Asian Lady Beetle bites, it secretes a substance that makes them stick. If your dog catches the bugs, they will bite and stick to the inside of your dog’s mouth. Your dog will become lethargic, stop eating, and could potentially begin foaming at the mouth. If you see the bugs, you can pull them out yourself. But if the bites develop into ulcers and infections, its best you bring your dog into a veterinarian.

Get Rid Of Annoying Pests This Winter

If you’re worried about the annoying Asian Lady Beetle this winter, take steps to prepare your home beforehand. It’s better to be proactive about pest-proofing your home, rather than trying to eliminate an infestation once it has already begun. A pest expert can survey your home, and identify potential entrance points that pests could take advantage of. BUGOUT is committed to providing the safest and best customer service in the area. BUGOUT will provide a free estimate, and their technicians will be happy to explain any service needs and products to you with a thorough inspection of your home.

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