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As The Weather Warms, Begin Preparing For Mosquitos

 As The Weather Warms, Begin Preparing For Mosquitos It seems as though we’ve finally broken through winter’s cold spell that lingered well into April. As we finally begin to see warmer temperatures, it’s time to start preparing for mosquitos, if you have not already done so. In fact, there’s a good chance that you may have previously encountered the pest during days that saw highs in the 70s and 80s.


Why Mosquito Infestations Can Appear Suddenly


Mosquito eggs do not need more than a stretch of a few warm days to begin hatching and causing trouble. That’s mainly to the fact that adult mosquitos lay their eggs in damp areas or areas with stagnant water. Once the temperatures break 70 degrees, the eggs begin to hatch. They laid dormant for months and were looking for the weather ideal to start hatching.

In fact, there is no real date or timeframe when mosquito eggs begin hatching. Instead, it is solely dependent on the weather. So, for example, the fact that we had a longer, colder winter could have helped delay the mosquitos from hatching. However, mosquito season in our area typically falls somewhere between the end of April and the middle of May.

Another dynamic that could help prevent an immediate population boom is that evening temperatures are currently low. Mosquitos do not do well in temperatures below 50 degrees. Our area has recently seen tremendous temperature changes, going from 70 degrees during the day to 40 degrees at night. But, you cannot expect this to last long. Once nighttime temperatures warm, mosquitos will surely be out in full force.

Additionally, the increased amounts of rain that we’ve seen over the past few months could also contribute to a sudden eruption of the mosquito population. That has less to do with mosquitos specifically, and more to do with the fact that higher rainfall typically brings out all types of insects, including termites, ticks, and ants.


Prevent Mosquito Infestations Today


If you are concerned about mosquito infestations near your home, there are multiple things you can try to prevent young mosquitos from hatching. The easiest thing for you to do is to remove all standing water from your area. To get rid of standing water on your property, we recommend

• Emptying and scrubbing the container holding the water
• Disposing of the container that keeps the liquid
• Covering the container holding the water
• Turning the container over

You can find mosquito eggs where you least expect them, such as in an old flower pot that is laying in your backyard. When it comes time to search for mosquito warning signs, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Diligence will go a long way toward keeping your property clear.

However, one of the most reliable ways to prevent mosquitos this summer is by contacting the experts at BUGOUT. Our team of technicians is highly-trained, allowing them to pinpoint the exact reason why you are having problems with mosquitos and what you need to do to stop it

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