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Are Termites Problematic During The Fall?

termite control company - Are Termites Problematic During The Fall?No matter the species of termite, they are all going to be very active during the fall and winter months. However, during these times of the year, they may also prove to be much less visible in your home or even your office. It is also less likely that you will see the worker termites of the colony working year-round throughout the building.

Fall Termite Behavior – Call A Termite Control Company

When it comes to a termite colony, there really is no stopping them. They prefer warmer temperatures and tend to nest in the soil. The soil that is ideal for their nests usually sits around 30 feet deep where the temperature of the soil is, on average, around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, all the termite colonies will need in your home is a good temperature, water, and wood and they will happily go about their business inside your home during both the fall and winter months. However, with fall, we also see cooler weather which is why you probably won’t see these swarming termites around until the warmer days of spring come around. By then, significant damage may have already been done.

What can you do? You want to keep your eyes out for the signs of termites in your home and contact your local termite control company to come in and assess the situation.

Swarming Termites

For termites to begin swarming, a variety of conditions in the home need to be met. While swarming can actually take place anytime during the year, it is more routinely happening during the fall. It all depends on what part of the country you reside as well as what species of termites you are dealing with and the other environmental conditions that exist in your area.

When swarming, the mature termites will fly away to mate and then form new termite colonies. Larger colonies may also split up into several new colonies as well, which is a process better known as budding.

As you can see, falling leaves in Maryland does not mean that your home is safe from swarming termites. Keep your eyes open for signs of an infestation in the home including dropped wings and termite mud tubes.

If you see any of this, make sure to call your local termite control company right away to avoid more significant and costlier problems in the future.

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