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Are Spiders A Pest In Your Home?

Maryland Local Exterminators - Are Spiders A Pest In Your Home?Depending on whom you ask, the spider is one of the most terrifying pests in a home, that must be eliminated on sight, or it is a benign, additional resident in the home that takes care of other pests. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between but there are instances when you might need to call Maryland local exterminators to take care of a problem.

They Don’t Want To Hurt You

First, like most insects, it’s important to remember that as alien and even frightening as spiders may appear, they have no interest in humans or even human food. Spiders are predators, and they feed on other insects like flies, mosquitoes and other bugs that we would normally consider pests.

This means that whenever you see a spider-web with a well-fed spider in it, you have a point of entry somewhere nearby where insects are gaining easy access to your home. The spider has positioned itself nearby to take advantage of entering and leaving insects. This is why spider webs are most commonly seen near windows, in ceilings, and basements or attics. These are all the areas insects are most likely to enter.

Becoming A Problem

However, while spiders aren’t interested in humans, sometimes they can pose a threat, as in the case of the black widow spider, which has venom potent enough to hurt humans if bitten. This becomes a dangerous situation if you’ve got so many insects in your home that the population is high enough to sustain a spider infestation.

If you have a combination of a high spider infestation and that spider poses a health risk, such as in the case of black widows, don’t attempt to take care of this problem yourself. Call a Maryland local exterminators, who will have the equipment and safety measures required to ensure that the problem is resolved without putting anyone at risk.

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