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Are Pesticides Or Predators Better For Maryland Pest Control?

Are Pesticides Or Predators Better For Maryland Pest Control?Pesticides are dangerous chemicals. While they certainly kill the pests you want them to, many can also kill or hurt other animals and plants—including humans. DDT was an effective pesticide in its day, but the EPA banned it because the chemical collected in fish and wound up harming both them and the birds of prey that ate them. Bleach can kill just about every pest species out there, but we don’t use it as a pesticide because it kills just about everything else, too.

Because pesticides are dangerous, and because they can drain off into the ecosystem, many people over the years have considered introducing predators as an alternative pest control for Maryland and other areas around the world. Just about every pest species there is has at least one natural predator that’s only too happy to start cutting down the local population. What’s even better is that they’ll do it all themselves, so you won’t need to worry about any expensive spraying or maintenance to keep the pest population down.

However, the predator solution has its own set of problems. If the predators are too successful, their population will explode and may end up becoming a pest themselves. That goes double if the infestation is indoors since most people don’t like sharing their living space with unwelcome guests. As for outdoor pest control, introducing a new species to an area can be extremely dangerous and unbalance the whole ecosystem.

There’s also the fact that predators are rarely 100 percent effective. They can keep the pest population in check, but if you need every last pest removed a predator is rarely your best solution.

Ultimately, homeowners, farmers, and pest control companies use pesticides because chemicals are more predictable, more effective, and easier to control. The wrong chemical can do a lot of damage to the ecosystem, but so can the wrong predator species. Still, predators can do some real good in the right situation, so sometimes it’s worth using them for pest control in Maryland.

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