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Are Humane Traps For You?

 Are Humane Traps For You?Some people love all animals, especially mammals like ourselves, and this can extend even to infestations of rodents like mice. If you have mice in your home, and you’re catching this problem in the early stages, you may have the option of using “humane mouse traps” that capture mice live, instead of the usual traps that kill them.

This may be the ideal solution to you for a lot of reasons. If you have children in the home, and you want to set a compassionate example for them, this is a great way to remain consistent. If you yourself simply can’t bring yourself to kill rodents because you know they’re just looking for food, shelter and a safe place to raise their family, then this is a great way to solve the problem without being lethal.


More Effort Required


However, choosing to use humane traps will require a bit more effort on your part than the standard lethal traps. For your own peace of mind, or as an example to the rest of your family, this may be worth it though. There are special “catch and release” traps—some of which are even approved of by the humane society—that are focused on capturing mice harmlessly.

There are a few issues you need to consider with this route. One is that these traps can only catch one mouse at a time, so this will be a slower process. The other is that you will need to drive several miles away with your caught mouse before you release it into the wild. If, for example, you just go into your backyard and open the cage, there’s a good chance the mouse will simply return to your home. So you must make sure your relocation is sufficiently far away that the mouse can’t retrace its steps back to your home.

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