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Do You Know If Maryland Bats Are Bad For Your Home?

Do You Know If Maryland Bats Are Bad For Your Home?Normally, when we talk about mammalian pests in Maryland homes, the usual culprits will be mice or rats. Occasionally, there may be something bigger, though it doesn’t necessarily live in your home, such as raccoons. But then there’s the bat, and while we don’t normally classify this as a pest, some people absolutely do not want these flying mammals in their home. But is that wrong?


No Harm To Humans


In Maryland, there are two types of bats most commonly seen in this state. They’re known, informally as the little brown bat, and big brown bat. Both of them, however, are generally harmless to humans, and they’re not even interested in human food the way rats and mice are. Bats are insect eaters, which means, especially in the summer, that they’re helping an area to remain bug free since they feed on the insect pests we hate most, like mosquitos.


Lone Wolves & Colonies


The most common type of bat encounter in a home is usually during the summer, with a lone bat seeing an open window, or some other opportunity and being curious. In this case, the bats just want to explore. If you keep your wits about you, usually the bat will leave on their own given the opportunity and you won’t have to kill it.

On the other hand, if you’ve got breaks in your home, especially around your roof, that make it easy for bats to enter, then bats may choose your attic as the perfect site for a “nursery colony.” The safety and warmth of an attic makes it a perfect place for bats to raise their young.

In this case, the bats are likely to leave once autumn arrives and their young are old enough to fly. But if you want to hasten this process, call up some animal control experts. There are some species of bat, such as the Indiana bat, that are endangered and shoult not be killed!

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