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Allow A Pest Control Technician To Inspect Your Home For Termites

Allow A Pest Control Technician To Inspect Your Home For TermitesDetecting a termite infestation is not always an easy task for homeowners. The species in Maryland are subterranean, which means they travel through excavated tunnels beneath the soil or just under a board’s surface. Often, the community has more than one headquarters, and mature colonies have complex tube systems running in many directions. Untrained professionals do not always know where to look for the issues, and termites can remain living around them for an extended period without the person even knowing. Structural concerns from these pests do not tend to present themselves until massive amounts of damages are already done.

Our organization has been eliminating pests for Glen Burnie, and surrounding area residents since 1988. During this time we have gained the experience to deal with termites and countless other nuisances. The technician will thoroughly inspect your home, as well as, surrounding structures, and the yard. If a problem exists, we will find it, and eradicate the issue quickly. However, each case is unique, and while some only need one treatment to fix, others will need numerous applications for years. Once a colony is established, it does not take a break between seasons, but instead, the termites feast on your wood non-stop. Their survival is dependent upon receiving cellulose and nutrients from the timber.

Homeowners should be on the lookout for the winged offspring of termites, which are also commonly referred to as swarmers. They have a body that is approximately 1/4″ in length, and their coloring varies between black, brown, and red. Worker termites feature a cream color, and they are also about 1/4″ long. However, these craftsmen are rarely, if ever seen. Even if live specimens are not present, finding substantial amounts of silver wings under window ledges, doorways, or other locations may indicate that you have a problem. Sagging floors, cracks in the drywall, or sticking doors and windows are just some of the symptoms that can show up after a termite colony is left alone to thrive.

Peeling or bubbling paint, dark, blistered spots on wood paneling, and dirt packed into holes and crevices are other indicators of a termite infestation. Shelter tubes about 1/4″ thick on exposed wood, foundations, or even hanging from the ceiling are also tell-tale signs of a termite presence. We offer no-term commitment service, which allows our customers to receive treatment one time, without leaving them feeling obligated to pay for more. Act now, and don’t wait until irreversible damage has been done to your home.

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