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A Strong Foundation Can Protect You From Termites

Maryland Termite Control - A Strong Foundation Can Protect YouEvery Maryland home needs a strong foundation. A thick slab of concrete gives a building something solid to stand on instead of dirt and clay that can flex and move from year to year. However, over time uneven pressures can cause the foundation and basement walls to form cracks and gaps. A good foundation can hold up a building for years even after cracks start forming, but there are important reasons to fix or even replace an aging foundation even if the structure is still sound.

Among its other functions, foundations are supposed to be waterproof. This is because water can cause a lot of damage if it gets into the wrong spaces, and even just a leaky roof can stain and weaken drywall, ruin unsealed wood, and allow mold to spread throughout a home. A leaky foundation can lead to all these problems while also weakening the foundation by widening the cracks.

Why Can Maryland Termite Control Help You?

Something else you get from a cracked foundation is an opportunity for insect pests like termites, carpenter ants, and crickets to get inside the house. Crickets create a lot of noise but are mostly harmless, but carpenter ants and termites can both cause severe damage to the wooden structure of a home. Small insects can crawl through gaps in the foundation to reach this wood, and since water can also get in it provides the moisture these insects need to thrive and multiply.

Fortunately, you can deal with these problems without spending too much money by sealing foundation cracks with epoxy and similar materials. By using a waterproof sealant with a certain amount of flex, a foundation crack can keep out water and insects and slow down the rate of growth.

However, foundation sealant can only be part of the solution when termites or carpenter ants get into your home. At that point central Maryland residents should contact a Maryland termite control company that can locate where termites are getting into your home and provide treatments that can eliminate the problem. Bugout, Inc. can provide the Maryland termite control you need, so contact us online or at our office in Glen Burnie and we can get to work for you.

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