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A Maryland Bug Spray Company To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

A Maryland Bug Spray Company To Keep Mosquitoes At BayIt is no secret that mosquitoes are nuisances. They fly around people and pets, buzzing in their ears, which is enough to drive them mad. Of course, one cannot forget that the flying insects feed on blood as well. After sustaining a bite, individuals are often left with a raised welt on the skin, which is extremely itchy. So much so, that it is tempting to scratch the blemish over and over again. However, persons must resist the urge.

If they fail to do so, the bite could become an open sore and infection might set in. Instead, anti-itch cream or ointment should be applied to the affected area. Aside from red and tender skin, incidents are sometimes much worse. Therefore, mosquito populations should never be left to do as they please. If the pesky flyers are in abundance on your property, contact our Maryland bug spray company for a free consultation today.

Health Dilemmas Associated With The Asian Tiger Mosquito

Things can become more serious when disease-carrying flying insects are part of the equation. The Asian tiger mosquito got introduced to Texas in the 80s via a shipment of tires. Since then, the species has learned to adapt to various climates. As such, the pests can be found in numerous states across the country, including Maryland. What makes this particular mosquito so dangerous? Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Asian tiger mosquitoes transmit illnesses to humans such as…

• The Dengue and Chikungunya Viruses
• Eastern Equine Encephalitis
• West Nile
• Japanese Encephalitis
• Heartworm Parasites In Dogs

Hence, Little America residents shouldn’t take having these mosquitoes on their land lightly. Not when the health and well-being of their loved ones are at stake. Rather, they should schedule an appointment with a Maryland bug spray company to eliminate the threats promptly.

Useful Info About Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

It is relatively easy to identify these pests. They have a white and black striped body. Still, there is another characteristic that sets them apart from other species. Each one has a single, silver-white stripe down the center of its back. It is also notable to mention that these mosquitoes need very little water to lay eggs. They can do so in a stopped up gutter, old stumps/tires, or even birdbaths. Not only can an exterminator eradicate the creatures, but the professional will be more than happy to discuss problem areas with the homeowner as well.

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