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5 Ways To Keep Bees From Ruining Your Summer Plans

5 Ways To Keep Bees From Ruining Your Summer - Exterminator ServiceYes, we know that bees do their part for the environment, but that doesn’t mean that anyone wants them hanging around their summer picnics and outdoor BBQs. While some bees can be relatively unobtrusive, other bees can be bossy and aggressive when it comes to food. And no one wants to feel the sting of a bee that’s crawled inside their soda can. Find out if you need to call an exterminator service today.

5 Ways To Banish The Bees

If bees have become a major problem around your home, you may need to call an exterminator service for help. If they only seem to hang around at party time, however, you might try some old-fashioned tips to keep them out of your way. Here are 5 things you can do at home to control the amount of unwanted buzzing invaders this summer.

1) Mothballs. An effective natural repellent, the strong odor keeps bees and other insects away. Simply cut the feet off a few pairs of pantyhose, toss in a few mothballs, and tie at the top. Hang them around your backyard or deck.

2) Marigolds. Potted marigolds are a pretty centerpiece, but they also naturally repel bees and other bugs who find their scent unpleasant.

3) Maintenance. Pick up and throw away empty food containers, and always cover food that’s still on the table. Keep your trash bins tightly covered. This will reduce the smells that attract bees to your gathering.

4) Mint. The strong, clean smell of mint can mask the appealing food odors that come wafting from your dinner.

5) Minimal Color. While summer is a fun time to bring out bright colors and floral patterns, this can attract bees. Anything that reminds them of a flower will bring them buzzing along, so stick to tablecloths and paper products that are white or a non-floral color.

Taking Care Of Nests With An Exterminator Service

These solutions might work for a handful of buzzers, but if you have a large bees nest on your property that contains a large numbers of bees, no mothball is going to keep them from foraging for food. Avoid getting stung, and contact us to take care of the problem. As an exterminator service that’s handled hundreds of bees in our lifetime, we know how to get rid of the nests without causing you any more trouble. Don’t wait; let us help you enjoy the summer before it’s gone.

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