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5 Insects That Can Infest Your Houseplants

5 Insects That Can Infest Your HouseplantsHouseplants can make the cold winter months more bearable in the Baltimore area. Though we all love the garden and outside flowers, it’s comforting to have a little bit of green life inside as you watch the snow fall outside.

Though outdoor plants are more susceptible to invading pests and insects, houseplants can have their own fair share of trouble when it comes to invaders. In fact, some indoor invaders can be worse, as the ideal indoor conditions can aid in their reproduction. Insects can cause disease and damage to your indoor beauties, so inspect your houseplants regularly and watch out for these five common invaders.

1) Aphids. These insects like to hide under the leaves and can be green, black, or grey. They enjoy sucking up plant sap and can cause yellow patches and distorted growth. They mass together, making it easier for you to see them. Look for sticky deposits on the plant and white or grey husks either in the deposits or on the soil.

2) Mealy bugs. As far as houseplant pests go, these insects are fairly large. They cluster together and can resemble a pile of cotton or wool. Plant damage includes leaves to turn yellow and drop off. You can usually spot the infestations before the plant shows signs of damage, so look for colonies on the undersides of leaves and in leaf joints.

3) Red spider mites. These are the most fearsome of all insects that a plant-lover can face for their difficulty to get rid of. They are related to spiders, so they spin webs all over the plants to protect their colony and multiply. They feed on the liquids inside leaves by piercing the leaf cells. Look for speckled brown leaves and lots of webbing.

4) Fungus gnats. They don’t do a lot of damage to your plants, but they can annoy you when they start to buzz around your head and hover around your plants. Look for small, black flies around the plant, or running on the soil.

5) Scale insects. Tricky to treat, they can also be difficult to identify. They look like small brown spots on the leaves of the plant, which can make you believe they are just a blemish. They have hard outer shells that lock them in place like a barnacle. You might see an abundance of sticky residue on and around the plant.

When it comes to the indoor insects that can take you and your houseplants on a series of unfortunate events, we have a really good idea on how to stop the madness. We’ve seen just about every indoor insect that Maryland has to offer, and we’ve handled their banishment since 1988. In the greater Baltimore area and beyond, contact us to keep your winter greens looking great.

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