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4 Tips For Maintaining A Rodent-Free Warehouse

4 Tips For Maintaining Rodents Free Warehouse - BugOutInc Baltimore is one of the biggest shipping centers in America. Massive cargo ships come from all across the world to accept and deliver cargo, and just about everything you can think of has passed through the port and the many warehouses it has to store goods.

Of course, it’s essential for these warehouses to stay in good condition and not allow any unexpected visitors in, whether they happen to be human thieves or hungry vermin. Regular security systems can keep thieves from getting in unnoticed, but rodents like rats and mice can be even trickier. Instead of using the door or a window, rats can gnaw their way in through a crack in the wall, or mice can end up tagging along inside a shipment. Because of this, warehouse managers in Baltimore need to protect their goods from rodents by following a few basic rules.

1. Keep The Building Sealed

Although you need to open up your warehouse for goods brought in by truck or by ship, you should avoid having any open ways in that aren’t sealed with grates, doors, or windows. This goes double for any side of the building that faces a wetland or wooded area. Also check for cracks and open seams in the wall and remember that rodents can fit through smaller openings than you’d expect.

2. Inspect Your Cargo

While it can be tedious and time consuming, if rodents have created a nest in a pallet or in the corner of a box, those rodents will have free reign of your warehouse in short order.

3. Spread Out And Rotate Your Edible Cargo

It may make things harder to organize, but by placing your edible cargo in different parts of the warehouse you make it harder for one group of vermin to contaminate the whole load. Rotating and moving this cargo can also help by potentially moving it away from vermin nests and giving you another chance to inspect the boxes.

4. First In, First Out

This should go without saying, but the food that shows up first should always be the first to leave. This avoids any rotting smell that can attract vermin and it makes sure your clients are getting the most for their money.

Still, there are times when it becomes impossible to handle things in-house, which is where companies like Bugout Termite and Pest Control come in. Our company handles pest vermin and insects for residential and commercial buildings throughout Baltimore, and if your warehouse needs help or a consultation you can contact us today to get a free initial inspection.

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