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4 Times To Inspect Your Home For Pests

4 Times To Inspect Your Home For PestsIt’s a good idea to schedule regular inspections of your property for pest insects and other unwelcome guests, but these inspections don’t necessarily need to be frequent. After all, weekly inspections probably won’t turn up much, and the expenses can quickly add up. Still, there are some reasons why you should schedule a pest inspection, including all the reasons on the following list.

1. During An Annual Inspection

Even if you don’t notice anything wrong with your home or the rest of your property, something could still be happening in a place you can’t see or hear. Professional pest control experts have the advantage of knowing what to look for and where, and they often find new insect and termite colonies the homeowner would’ve had trouble finding. Fortunately, your pest expects can do something about it right away and keep costs low while they’re at it. The best date for an annual inspection can depend on the weather, but late spring is a good choice since all the insects are waking up.

2. When You Spot Evidence Of An Infestation

No pest animal is completely clean or invisible. All of them leave traces you can find, whether they’re droppings, gnawed holes, a skin rash, or a mud tunnel. And while professionals have the best chance of spotting these traces thanks to years of experience, many homeowners can also locate these traces, especially if an infestation gets bad enough for signs to show up in obvious spots. However, it’s hard to decide the age of droppings or holes, and an inspection can help narrow down the possibilities.

3. When Buying A New Home

Not everyone gives termite infestations the attention or respect they deserve. When you buy a new home or building of any kind, a pest inspection should always be on your list of things to do. In some areas, this inspection is required by law, but either way, you should make sure it happens and choose a pest control service you can trust to handle the job.

4. When A Pet Becomes Infected

It’s possible that your pet dog picked up a tick or a flea or two during a walk, but that might not be the case and you might have missed one or two that will end up infesting your home. Either way, it’s important to inspect your living area to make sure the pet’s parasites don’t stick around and multiply in your house.

Timing is important in pest control because the longer an infestation sticks around the harder it becomes to clean up and remove it. So when you think it’s a good time to get a pest inspection, don’t delay on getting it scheduled.

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