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4 Telltale Signs Of Mole Infestation

4 Telltale Signs Of Mole InfestationMole infestation is one of the most frustrating problems homeowners encounter. These small yet strong and smart critters are highly destructive. With the ability to dig a foot into a lawn’s surface a minute, moles are virtually invisible. You won’t know you have an infestation if not for the signs of destruction that they leave behind.

Fortunately, moles are not so great at masking their tracks. There are several signs of mole infestation that you can check out for.

1. Above-Ground Little Volcanoes

Do you notice circular mounds of dirt on your lawn that are usually placed symmetrically between one another? These little volcanoes are most likely the opening to mole tunnels. When moles dig the earth to create their holes or tunnels, they tend to push out dirt, which is why it creates those tiny volcanoes.

2. Lawn or Garden Damage

Do your plants get damaged without any apparent reason? Are their areas on your lawn that looks raised and feels soft or squishy? These signs normally indicate mole infestation. However, the extent of damage to your garden is not always indicative of the size of the infestation. So, even if there’s minimal damage to your garden, you might be surprised that your lawn could be housing more than a few moles.

3. Surface Tunnels

Aside from mole holes, you might also notice surface tunnels. To distinguish mole tunnels, watch out for raised ridges that are between three to 30 inches long. These tunnels usually connect the mounds. Moles use these tunnels as passageways as they hunt for their prey.

4. Location Of The Holes And Tunnels

If the holes and tunnels are near your home’s fencing, foundation, driveway, or other paths and solid objects, it’s highly likely that they were created by moles.

If you notice any or all of these signs of mole infestation, take it as your cue to call in the experts. BUGOUT Termite & Pest Control’s team has the experience, training, skills, and resources to safely and surely get those moles out of hiding for good. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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