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4 Pest Control Myths Debunked

4 Pest Control Myths DebunkedThere are a lot of misconceptions going around pest control. This is why many home and business owners tend to not get it right. As a result, their pest infestation problems do not completely go away and continue to bug them—pun intended.

In this post, we give you a closer look at the most popular pest control myths and debunk them.

Myth #1: Cheese Is The Best Bait For Mice

We don’t know either where the belief that mice love cheese came from. Though maybe, there’s some truth in that. After all, mice are scavengers. They may eat cheese, but they also eat a whole lot of other food.

Putting cheese in a mousetrap, however, may not be as effective as you may think. A better bait would be something that has high sugar content, such as dried fruit or peanut butter.

Myth #2: If You Don’t See Them, You Don’t Have Infestation

Many property owners only consider getting professional pest control when they see the pests often and in considerably big numbers. However, you should remember that the fact that pests are starting to show themselves is a sign that the infestation is already severe. Many pests remain hidden for a long time. This is why it’s important to have your property inspected for pest infestation every once in a while.

Myth #3: Bug Zappers Are Enough To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Bug zappers are marketed as an appliance for getting rid of mosquitoes. Sadly, they don’t work as advertised. Bug zappers use UV light, which doesn’t attract mosquitoes. Ultraviolet light can attract other insects, though. The problem is, most bug zappers don’t have enough power to kill the bigger bugs they attract.

Myth #4: A Clean Space Won’t Have Pest Problems

Sure, keeping your home and business clean will help keep pests at bay. However, no place is totally pest-proof. The best way to know if your place is safe and pest-free is to schedule a professional inspection.

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