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4 General Pest Prevention Tips For Baltimore County

Baltimore County pest control service - 4 General Pest Prevention Tips For Baltimore CountyBaltimore County and the rest of central Maryland experiences humid summers and mild winters, and between the climate and the many wetlands and salt marshes it’s a great environment for many kinds of plants and animals. Unfortunately, many of those animals are pest species like parasites, scavenging insects, burrowing mammals, and wood-eating insects like termites and old-house borers. Keeping your home safe from all these invaders can be a tough job, especially since they all have different diets, ways of getting places, and favorite habitats. Still, there are a few basic tips you can follow that can protect you against a lot of invaders without having to call a Baltimore County pest control service.

1. Seal Any Cracks

The ground below you slowly moves from year to year, and as pressures move and change they can cause otherwise solid stone and sealed wood to form cracks. Water can get into these cracks and widen them, and then insects can get in through the wider gaps. To prevent this, you should regularly inspect your property, find cracks and other spaces, and then seal them with epoxy, screws, extra wood, or whatever’s appropriate.

2. Keep Water Out

Insects and mold love humid environments, especially if a humid day meets a cold water pipe and creates a ton of condensation. All forms of life need water to survive and thrive, so by keeping your basement, attic, and crawlspace clean and dry you will make your home undesirable.

3. Store Garbage Carefully

Garbage, especially kitchen garbage, can attract all kinds of scavengers. Flies, cockroaches, rats, and other pests aren’t picky about what they eat, and a kitchen trash can is like a buffet to them. A steel trash can with a closing lid is the best protection from pests that can gnaw through plastic, and once a trash bag is full you should move it straight to your outside garbage can without storing it anywhere else.

4. Trim Your Trees

Large trees are like roads for chipmunks, squirrels, and other animals. They can jump from one tree to another if their branches grow close enough, and they can jump onto your roof and find a way inside if your trees overlap your roof. Bushes, thick weeds, and gardens can also offer cover for ground pests like termites and rats if they grow right up against your walls.

If you have a pest problem or you’re worried you’re at risk, you should contact a Baltimore County pest control service like Bugout Termite and Pest Control. We have years of experience handling central Maryland pest infestations, and we can give you a consultation if all you need is advice on how to avoid a future infestation.

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