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4 Facts You May Not Know About Bed Bugs

4 Facts You May Not Know About Bed BugsIf there is one thing that everyone knows about bed bugs, it’s that you don’t want them in your home. But what else is there to know about bed bugs? Here are 4 facts that you may not know about:



1. Bed bugs don’t need a bed –

While they’re called bed bugs, they’re not limited to the bed, and in truth, they can live and thrive just about anywhere. You can come into contact with bedbugs in a restaurant, in a movie theater, and even on a city bus.


2. They don’t stick to the city –

Those who live in rural or suburban areas may think they’re pretty safe from bed bugs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that instances of bed bugs are around 3 times higher in urban regions, this is simply due to how easy it is to spread and get around in such close quarters. Bed bugs can thrive in rural regions just as well as they can in the middle of a big city, and when they latch onto you, they travel wherever you do.


3. They are tough to get rid of –

Bed bugs are one of the sturdiest types of pests out there. They can survive for months without eating, they can survive temperatures ranging from below freezing to higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and they can flatten themselves out to make them nearly impossible to “squish”. For this reason, a bed bug infestation is one that should always be left to the professionals.


4. They have evolved to feed from us –

Even the lightest sleepers may not feel a bed bug bite and for good reason. Within the saliva of bed bugs is a natural anesthetic that both numbs the area and draws blood to it, giving them a more robust blood meal that you won’t be able to feel them taking.

They are curious pests, and interesting ones if you’re studying them from afar. If you do spot signs of them in your home or suspect a bed bug presence, call a professional service like ours at Bugout Inc to eradicate the problem today.

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