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4 Facts To Better Understand Termites And Termite Infestations

4-facts-to-better-understand-termites-and-termites-infestationTermite infestations can be devastating to homeowners. When left unchecked, termites an leave homes with structural damage that can cost them from into the thousands to the suitability of their home as a whole. When one spots the first signs of termites within their Maryland home, the first step they should take should be making a call to their local pest control service for proper and effective eradication. To better understand termites and the infestations that create serious damage, 4 facts about termites include:


1. Termites are social insects with a caste system – Termites are incredibly social insect, so much so that they even observe their own social system to make carrying out their work and their feeding much easier. On the top of the termite social scale is the reproductives, responsible for repopulating the colony, the soldiers to defend the colony and the nest, and the workers. Workers and soldiers are blind, and only termites able to reproduce will develop sight.

2. Termites have just one main predator, and it’s another pest – In the insect realm, termites have only 1 main predator, and that predator is another insect you don’t want making their home your home. Ants are known to successfully attack termite colonies in search of food.

3. Workers taste test for the queen – Before the queen of the reproductive termites is given any sort of food, it is tasted by the worker caste first. Because of this, it can be tricky to fully get rid of a termite infestation using just a baiting system, as the reproductive caste repopulating the colony may not themselves be effected by the bait.

4. Formosan Termites are the most destructive – Formosan Termites, which are a subterranean species found in Maryland, are responsible for the most termite damage found throughout the entire United States.

Termites are a deceptively advanced type of pest, and they’re just as difficult to get rid of as they are destructive to your structural integrity. If you suspect termites within your space, simply call us at Bugout Inc today to get the eradication process started.

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