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4 Common Pest Species In Maryland

4 Common Pest Species In Maryland - Pest Control Services In MarylandDifferent parts of the world worry about different pests. Some pests have managed to travel with humans across the globe, including European rats and mice, German cockroaches, and bed bugs. However, others are only found in certain areas like termites and ticks. So before you look for pest control services in Maryland, it might help to know what kind of pest you’re likely looking at.

Why You Need Pest Control Services In Maryland

1. Eastern Subterranean Termite

The eastern subterranean termite makes its home in the soil and mostly hunts for wood by digging in different directions rather than exploring the surface the way an ant colony will. This means you can treat the ground between the colony and your house to get rid of the problem, but it also means it’s harder to tell that the termites are even there.

2. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs were once scarce, but they’re becoming easier to accidentally find and bring home. Remember, wash all your clothes when you get home from a trip and don’t let your luggage touch the bed.

3. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a particular problem in Maryland thanks to the state’s many salt marshes, swamps, and other wetlands. While you can’t keep mosquitoes out of the state completely, you can use pest control services in Maryland to spray wetlands with pesticide, stock ponds with hungry fish, and remove mosquito breeding grounds from your home and yard.

4. Mice

Mice are smaller than rats and don’t do as much damage, but they also breed quickly, fit into tighter spaces, and don’t need to find as much food to survive. They can be easier to find than insects since they’re bigger and sometimes make noise, but they can also dig their own tunnels through walls and floors and find new places to hide.

If you encounter any of these animals on your property, you should look up pest control services in Maryland. You could also go with Bugout Termite and Pest Control, a company based out of Glen Burnie, Maryland that has decades of experience handling infestations of every description. If you live near Baltimore or central Maryland, be sure to give us a call.

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