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3 Steps You Can Take To Reduce Mosquitoes In Your Area

Glen Burnie mosquito control - 3 Steps You Can Take To Reduce Mosquitoes In Your AreaMosquitoes are a real problem in central Maryland. There are swamps and wetlands throughout the area, and mosquitoes can lay their eggs in as little as one inch of standing water. More standing water means more mosquitoes, and more mosquitoes means more chances to catch a serious illness like the West Nile virus or the Zika virus. Fortunately, there are things that you as a community member can do to stop mosquitoes from spreading throughout your area.

1. Remove Standing Water On Your Property

Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in just about any standing water they find, and since they feed their eggs using the blood they take from humans and other animals there doesn’t have to be any kind of life or nutrients in the water. This means mosquitoes can spawn in your backyard, so check your property for the following sources of standing water:

• Kiddie pools left outside
• Buckets and other containers sitting on the lawn
• Clogged rain gutters
• Bird baths
• Tires
• Potholes
• Rowboats and canoes

2. Aerate Local Ponds

Ponds and still lakes can be perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes, especially if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water to support fish. However, communities can fix this problem by adding aerators to ponds. This disturbs the surface of the water and makes it harder for mosquitoes to land, and more importantly it helps support a fish population that will eat mosquito eggs and help control the local population.

3. Spray Nearby Wetlands

If the mosquito population in your area has exploded, the best short-term solution might be to spray the nearby wetlands with a mosquito pesticide. This will give you a chance to implement a more long-term solution without risking a hundred bites in the process. However, you should make sure you get a reliable company to handle the spraying. In central Maryland you can go with Bugout, the Glen Burnie mosquito control experts.

Mosquitoes in central Maryland are more than just a nuisance, they’re a health hazard. To keep yourself and your community safe, it’s important to work together and control the mosquito population. If your city, town, or suburb could use a professional’s help or advice, be sure to contact Bugout, and make full use of our Glen Burnie mosquito control expertise.

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