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3 Signs You Should Call An Exterminator

3 Signs You Should Call An Extermination CompanyAn extermination company can handle a lot of different infestations. Parasites, scavengers, mammals, and insects all try to get inside your home for various reasons, and a good exterminator like Bugout Termite and Pest Control can remove them all and help keep them from reappearing. Each insect, rodent, and other animal leaves a unique set of signs that can tell you what’s infiltrated your home, but then you should call an extermination company even if you aren’t sure which creature it is.

Why You Need An Extermination Company

1. Unusual Welts Or Rashes

Many parasites cause minor allergic reactions where they bite through your skin. This is why mosquitoes leave behind itchy welts, and for many people bed bugs can cause a bright red rash. If you see these sorts of marks appearing on your skin overnight, it could be the result of a parasite infestation.

2. Pellets Or Dirt Particles In Hidden Spaces

Just about every animal creates waste material, and it has to go somewhere. For instance, bed bugs create a kind of rust-red waste in the cracks between your mattress and furniture, termites create what looks like dirt near their infestation sites, and you can identify whether you have rats or mice based on the size of the pellets you find behind your furniture.

3. Unexplained Late-Night Sounds

Most pests are active at night since they want to avoid getting the attention of humans and pets. They try to stay quiet for the same reason, but sometimes they can’t help making noise. Sometimes this is because they interact with something noisy like a plastic bag, and sometimes it’s because you’re listening to several rodents or large insects scrabbling across each other. Not every pest makes a sound, but sometimes it’s worth staying up late and sitting in silence for a few minutes to check.

If you notice any of these signs, or if you notice one of the many unique traces left by bed bugs, termites, rats, and the rest, be sure to contact an extermination company right away. Infestations can be hard to remove on your own, and the faster you deal with them the less trouble they’ll be.

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